Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Grab a 5 Cent Cocktail

Got a nickel? Great. This Wednesday (as in tomorrow), head on over to BFB at 55 Gansevoort St. and use that nickel wisely. That's correct--just 5 little cents buys you your first cocktail at Owl's Hour at the Pub, and when you're done with that one, enjoy $8 specials to follow. This is the very last Owl's Hour, brought to you by Owl's Brew, of the season and you do not want to miss it. After all, when will you ever get the chance to enjoy a 5 cent cocktail in Manhattan ever ever again? Exactly.

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Doctor Who, The Restaurant

British television show “Doctor Who” is stepping out of the screen and into the scene — the restaurant scene, that is. While fans are going crazy for the introduction of the 12th Doctor, New Yorkers are exploring the new Doctor Who themed eatery of Beacon, NY, The Pandorica (165 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508).

10 Things to Look Forward to at the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival

As die-hard beer lovers, we could not be more excited about the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival happening on September 27th. Insomuch, we've been stalking the event's page, eager to learn what to expect and prepare accordingly. And as it is our jobs, we also wanted to share this information, and so we present a list of our favorite beers that you'll be able to find and try at the festival. At the moment there are 39 breweries signed up (with more coming) for this day, so it will be easy enough to find your perfect brew!

Your Favorite Friends Pick Their Favorite NYC Restaurants

While the hit show Friends was cancelled quite some time ago, we thought we would try to revive the 6 vivacious characters just for the time being. So we asked ourselves, "If the Friends cast was still up and running today, “What would their favorite restaurants in NYC be?" A lot has changed since Monica and Chandler moved out of their Grove St. apartment above Central Perk, how would legendary group of pals react to the new wave of trendy eateries in the city?

1. Ross – Everybody knows Ross has a passion for academic brilliance and a soft spot for museums. What better place for him to enjoy his lunch then in a museum of modern art? A public school-turned-museum, MoMA PS1 Museum in Long Island City houses the M. Wells Dinette.(22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City) Perfect for families, this restaurant creates a unique menu daily, so proceed with an open mind. The layout of the eatery pays tribute to the fact that the building was once a school with a chalkboard and desk-inspired seating. After indulging in the creative menu, take the short walk to the large-scale museum exhibits. Ideal for both of Ross’s children, we aren’t sure
who will enjoy a trip here more, him or the kids.

August Presents: The Greatest Restaurant Openings Ever

As summer slowly winds down, and you’ve almost exhausted your list of restaurants to check out, remember you live in New York and new restaurants are opening each month. So while summer is still here, check out this roundup of several fun and delicious restaurants opening this August that are must try places for all food lovers and anyone looking for something new!

1. Bistango at the Kimberly Hotel (145 E 50th St.)-
Murray Hill’s popular Italian restaurant will be opening its third location on August 20th in the lobby of the Kimberly Hotel. Bistango has been around since 1988, and has become widely known for its popular Italian cuisine, specifically: Bistango Salad (Tuscan kale, arugula, shaved red onion, endive, avocado, drunken goat cheese, and lemon olive oil); Homemade Flatbreads with Imported Italian Gluten-Free Flour (prosciutto, arugula, chive blossoms, fresh ricotta); Stuffed Spinach Ravioli (with roasted garlic and crushed amoretti); and more since Bistango’s menus are updated seasonally. If you’re craving an intimate dining experience, or just delicious food, then Bistango is your place this August.

The Med Trend Heats Up with Simit and Smith

It is not hard to fulfill a craving in NYC. From the classic and popular, to the obscure and bizarre, there is the perfect edible concoction to satisfy your hunger at any given point, and the chances are it will also be really really good. Insomuch, it almost seems merely impossible to find something new and original in a city that has just about everything already; however, something different has recently come into the NYC food scene in the form of Simit and Smith.

A collection of cafes in the New York area that feature handmade Mediterranean Simit bread for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, recently had the chance to sit down with the District Manager of Simit and Smith, Oz Aksar, and we sampled some of the best they had to offer.

Enjoy an Authentic Turkish Brunch at Entwine

Story and photos by Shiri Lara

Tucked away in the West Village amongst boisterous neighbors like tortilla flats, you’ll find the quaint and charming Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar, Entwine. As of one month ago, Entwine ventured out of their usual expertise of specialty craft cocktails, elaborate wines, and small plates to make room for a weekend brunch menu. Specializing in Turkish Brunch, Entwine is the perfect option for crowds eager to have a fresh Mediterranean brunch in a cozy backyard space on a warm summer day.

All the Bacon You Could Ever Want/Need

Zeppelin Hall has held mouthwatering events all summer long, and they’re doing it again with their Summer Bacon Festival starting August 14th and ending August 24th. A festival dedicated to one of America’s favorites eats, and it’s not too good to be true.

The festival will allow attendees to sample bacon thirteen different ways. Options include Bacon Lobster Taco Thermidor (taco shell made of bacon stuffed with green cabbage and sautéed lobster with apple wood smoked bacon and pepper jack cheese), Bacon Sausages Trio (three types of bacon sausage-cracked black pepper bacon sausage, hickory apple wood bacon sausage, and aged cheddar bacon sausage served with arugula salad and bacon potato salad or bacon French fries), Bacon Encrusted Pork Rib Eye Steak, Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Frankfurter, and more. And the best part? They are all for under $17!

Fried Chicken in Your Bloody Mary is Now a Thing

The meat-cocktails have finally crossed the line. Sobelman’s Pub ’N Grill (1900 W St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233) has added a $50 Bloody Mary to their menu, garnishing every order with cheese, sausage, mixed vegetables, shrimp, and, you guessed it, a whole fried chicken. Yes, an entire chicken, breaded, deep fried, and set on top of your cocktail right next to two skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheeseballs…

Dan's Harvest East End Returns to McCall Vineyards and Ranch

For this perfect summertime event, HARVEST EAST END, back for its fifth year, is celebrating the special wines and gourmet cuisine of Long Island. And for the first time ever, Dan’s Papers will join the Long Island Wine Council to produce the rustic food and wine event, newly re-titled Dan's Harvest East End.

Harvest East End will feature 40 wineries and 20 top chefs coming together to celebrate the bounty of the Long Island Wineries. So if you enjoy wine and food this pairing local grapes with local flavors is an event you're not going to want to miss this wine-centric affair.

The Bacon and Beer Classic 2014

Photography by Shiri Lara

CitiField is usually a buzzing place in the summer, filled with fans from all over enjoying the games, atmosphere, concessions, hanging on to every pitch--never an empty seat in the... Ok, maybe not. The home of the Mets may not bring out the crowds on the regular, but what better way to fill the new house than beer and bacon?

On Saturday, July 26th the Beer and Bacon Classic spoiled the hearts and minds of ticket holders with a mind-numbing variety of bacon concoctions that wrapped the interior of CitiField. Dozens of participating restaurants set up booths where they prepared small plates that packed a serious bacony-punch. Participant eateries included: Macbar, Bareburger, Ottomanelli, South Brooklyn Pizza, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Whitmans, Friedman’s, Hunter’s and many others.