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she+lo: Hip, Trendy, Versatile, Affordable Bags

Every woman knows, no outfit is complete without the perfect bag to compliment it. With so many lines and styles to choose from, how does one know what that “perfect” bag is? Well, we recently took a look at a new line of bags and we think might have found just what you need.

She+lo handbags are brand new to the fashion market and they will be available to the public on the 1st of August. According to the creators of the line, these bags are ideal for “a confident and fun girl, with a casual edgy style.” If you are not already this person, she seems like the perfect person to be.

All About Kimonos

Kimono tops seem to be popping up more and more at our favorite stores, launching the trend into full effect. They range from a variety of styles, prints and colors and are a flattering piece to have for your wardrobe. Plus, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 to throw on a kimono to complete your outfit. They also work perfect as a layering piece that is great for chilly summer nights to pair with your shorts and sandals. You can even transition the kimono into the next season with jeans and booties. Are you convinced of this trend? Take a look at some kimonos for your summer wardrobe that we think you’ll like.

Let's Talk About That Pineapple Trend

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s one print that has taken over this summer. What print is that!? The pineapple print! We’ve been seeing this trend everywhere from phone cases to clutches to even shoes. We’re not complaining about this fruity trend. Here at we say bring on the pineapples! This trend has been going strong and we wonder if this trend will last to the next season? Can you see yourself decorating your Christmas tree with pineapple ornaments!? Yikes. Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. Let’s first check out our top 10 pineapple picks.

Celebrate National Lipstick Day with a Look at Lipstick Through the Years

Since the dawn of time, make-up has been a way to enhance, entice, elaborate, and eliminate. Found a small 2 inch cylinder, lipstick has a way of taking your facial feature from 0 to 100. The right color can prove to be the perfect accessory for any outfit. Throughout the years, the trends related to this simple make-up element have spanned across the galaxy. In honor of National Lipstick Day, we decided to take a look at how lip color trends have changed throughout the years.


The era of pin ups and the legendary Marilyn Monroe. With that being said, bright lips were obviously the trend in the 50’s. Around this time, the voluptuous woman was the most desired woman. Make up was meant to entice. Women started to use lip liner to bold their lips and create a pouty look. This was the decade in which lipstick began to make its mark (no pun intended.) The first long lasting lipstick was invented in 1950. While make-up has always been an essential part of a woman’s daily routine, lips were never an important part until this point in time.

Ugly Shoes, A Tribute

When people shop shoes they shop style and beauty. It isn’t until they purchase and wear the shoe that they realize you can only wear shoes for so long before they become unbearable and un-walkable. This being said, comfort is the most vital factor when finding a good shoe! Though pain is beauty, people want to be able to walk in shoes that aren’t going to give them blisters. Below are some of the past’s ugliest yet most comfortable shoes that will always be semi-acceptable to wear out and about when necessary.

Crocs are always going to be the shoe that makes you wonder how they are still in style. However, seeing past the beauty in ugly these shoes make you feel as though you are walking on a cloud. The comfort of crocs will never fade out of style and people will always want to put these on whether it's just for walking around the house or running your daily errands.

Hermes Announces New Designer

French designer, Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski has been appointed artistic director for women’s ready-to-wear at Hermes. The 36-year old will be giving up her role as design director at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s, The Row. Vanhee-Cybulski will be the first woman to lead the brand’s women’s ready-to-wear business. She will be taking over for Christophe Lemaire who had been the women’s wear artistic director since 2010 and whom is taking time off to focus on his own line.

If You're a Poor Girl in a Christian Louboutin World, We Got News For You!

Christian Louboutin has taken his iconic fashion shoe line in an entirely new direction with his new nail polish line. The designer has recreated his shoe line by partnering with New York- based Batallure Beauty to create a spectacular ombre nail polish bottle. The polish was placed in a handle similar to the shape of a heel figure yet has a sharp twist to it making for an intense look and giving the bottle a vixen feel. Between the red polish and 30 other remaining shades, this line is designed to give the color varnish its own merchandising spotlight. In purchasing this nail polish one is supposed to feel rich and satisfied by having the full Loubiton experience without spending a fortune.

Men's Summer Fashion: The Best Neutrals

Summer is all about rocking lighter hues and the right pieces for a fresh look. Let’s face it fellas, you have limited options in comparison to the ladies when it comes to fresh summer looks. Here are some neutral tone pieces to keep in your wardrobe for those really warm days. Not only do neutral pieces go with pretty much anything, there’s something about neutral pieces in a man’s attire that highlights an effortless attempt at a fresh look.

The polo is such a classic and a must have. It’s versatile, as it can be dressed up or even worn on the more casual side if desired. This slim fit cream textured polo by Marc Anthony can be shopped at Khols. It brings a fresh new hue into your closet guys.

Matching Your Mani to Your Handbag

When fashion and beauty work together in perfect harmony, the best of both worlds become one. One such pairing of glamorous perfection is that of chic handbags with manicured fingers, and it’s easier than you think ladies. Here’s a batch of fresh polishes you can try to match with your fabulous handbag this summer. After all, what’s a great manicure without a great bag to match?


Gold and metallics work great if you’re going for an evening look. This gold polish up against this pretty black and gold trim clutch gives your outfit subtle accents that may not exist otherwise.

Find The Perfect Crossbody for You

Starting at $88.00 from Lord and Taylor is this Michael Kors Nylon and Leather Large Crossbody bag. With clean lines and complementary color blocking this makes for the perfect crossbody bag. Aside from being convenient, this color matches anything and is affordable. With zipper’s made all around the bag you are sure to feel secure in this easy travel bag!

The Power of Pink

Whether you prefer a more edgy city style or flirty feel to the way you dress, it seems as if pink is a universal color that all of us seem to love. Accented by leather or worn with lace -- pink is a timeless yet modern way to amp up your look. shares some of our sassy faves that will take you from uptown to downtown with ease.

Take this skirt from girly to edgy by adding a sleeveless moto vest. We are totally feeling this beautiful skirt by Frill Clothing. With a gorgeous sheen and flattering fit this skirt carries that pop of pink and can be styled a multitude of ways.