REBEL Without A Pause

Despite its status as a major bar crawl hub, new bars in San Francisco do not appear as often as one would think.  So, when one opens, it make somewhat of a splash in the community.

Out of the ashes of the former Triple Crown bar comes Rebel. Situated at Triple Crown’s former location on Market  Street, across from the end of Valencia Street, Rebel Has done away with the feeling of its predecessor’s limited vibe and opted for a more open atmosphere. Decorated in a classic but sophisticated biker theme, Rebel stands out against the many of the other bars lining Market Street.

“We wanted the theme to be like a classic biker bar, but with a twist,” says bar owner Paul Miller, who operates this bar along with the other bar he owns, Truck. “We wanted Rebel to be glossier; shinier than Truck but to still [kept] in the same concept.”

Rebel does just that. Decked out with actual motorcycles and mirrors that stretch from ceiling to floor, Rebel balances edgy and tasteful with ease. Where as Triple Crown always felt closed and crowded, Rebel feels open and inviting. Among the other changes made include barbecue cuisine, complements of Sneaky’s in San Francisco.  What really sets Rebel apart from the number of other bars in the area though is the atmosphere. While Triple Crown seemed to have a segmented clientele, Rebel’s patrons are as varied as the city it serves.

“We wanted to create a space that wasn’t exclusively for the Castro,” Miller says. “We wanted something that everyone could access and that everyone could enjoy.”

As far as the people of the city go, Rebel has succeeded. “It’s nice to be able to come in here aad grab a drink without feeling uncomfortable,” says Mike Illgon, 28. “Some bars in the Castro are weird to go to if you’re straight, but here is alright.”  Local Sharon Hu agrees. “I don’t have to come here with someone who’s gay to feel comfortable. I can come here by myself, with a friend, whatever I want.”

Despite being the new kid on the block, it seems as though Rebel can rest comfortably in the fact that it is one of the coolest new places in San Francisco.