Getting in the Ring with James L Mattern

As the host of Lust for Life and Get in the Ring, A Guns & Roses Appreciation Podcast, James Mattern has spent a lot of time speaking to as many interesting people as he can. But now, the tables are turned as the comedian opens up to, giving us the deets on things from his appropriate rock and roll references to the most effective remedy for a sore throat. James has life advice to share, and an exciting plan for the future.

New Year's Eve: Joonbug Party by Personality Type

When looking for the hottest New Year's Eve parties to end 2013 we at know you're looking for tickets that can give you biggest bang for your buck, as well as provide for the best memories. With so many parties to choose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming--but not to worry, we have curated a list of parties as fitted to the four most pivotal personality types.

Whether you're a hipster, cool kid, bro or a rich kid we've got you covered on which scene is best for you!

The Hipster:

Any hipster can be easily spotted by their distinguishable outfit choices consisting mainly of threads from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or their local thrift store. Known for going against the scene and popular culture, man a hipster can be spotted flocking together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn snapping off-centered Instagram pictures and picking up new vinyls from bands we’ve never heard of. If this description seems to fit you best you’re going to want to check out the following hipster-friendly NYE parties!

Spend New Year's Eve at Some of the Most Prestigious Venues

So there you are, standing in the living room of your apartment thinking to yourself: I’ve finally made it. You got the living space, you've landed a decent job, and you’ve made a few friends with whom you can party with on Friday night.

If You're Not Tuning Into Corinne Fisher's Podcast, You're Not Living

Corinne Fisher : one half of the Guys We F*cked, The Anti Slut-Shaming podcast, dedicated stand-up comedian, writer and actor. She first hit the scene in 2010 with the debut of her one-woman show, Corinne Fisher: I STALK YOU. Since then, she's spent time on NYC's stand up scene at UCB, Broadway Comedy Club, Caroline's, Gotham, and Stand Up NY. Reflecting on her humble beginnings, Corinne noted, "Comedy has always been a part of my life in different ways. My family is just really funny. I went to film school with this idea of becoming the next Christopher Guest, I made a bunch of mockumentaries and stuff. I had a nice life till I moved to New York City and it completely fell apart. I started taking a class at UCB. Did that whole improv thing and realized I'm sort of introverted. Someone came up to me after a show asked me if I ever tried stand-up comedy. I was like, no, I love stand-up but I don't think that's my thing. But, I did it once, fell in love, and basically quit everything because I wanted to concentrate on becoming as good as I possibly could."

Comedian Justin Williams Tells Us How the Nerd Becomes the Coolest Kid in School

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, we bring you brilliant comedian Justin Williams. Williams realizes he would not be where he is today if it were not for his parents divorce, “In an odd way, I'm happy I experienced being broke, going to inner city schools, going to suburban schools. It's made me more well rounded. I wouldn't suggest having your parents go through a nasty divorce, but I had a good Mom and extended family, so it wasn't a disaster for my brother and I.” Due to his parent’s rough divorce, Williams was forced into attending a number of different schools, and this is where Williams found his comedic voice. Williams became an expert comedian by realizing being funny was his way “in” with the cool kids.

Comedian Charles McBee Gives Us the Scoop on His Show, It's a Chucked Up Life

From the Midwestern state of Ohio, to the busy city of New York, Charles McBee has made a name for himself across the US. The comedian is a jack of all trades, mastering the art of stand-up comedy, film making, and acting. How does one complete such a task? Chuck McBee chatted with us about his endeavors, plans, and intricate skill set as well as some other random tidbits.

Charles is the creator and an actor in his own show entitled It’s a Chucked Up Life. “The idea behind Its a Chucked up Life is to tell a story about a stand-up comedian who thinks he has life all figured out only to find out he's way in over his head. It’s a small take on my actual life, only in the show I get to decide the ending.” The series chronicles the comedian throughout his less than lavish life, while allowing his audience to laugh at his comical occurrences.

Nick Callas: The Cure For The Common Comedian

As far as a quality comedian goes, Nick Callas is not the prototype. Why? Because he transcends societal boundaries that have been placed between him and his goals. As a rising comic, he is steadily progressing in his field. However, unlike most comedians, he has ventured into other realms. Not only does he take the stage to present his jokes, but you can also find him onstage displaying his undeniable talent in music. This budding comic/rapper destroys labels and demolishes stereotypes in such a commanding way, you know choice to chase after the bandwagon that is increasingly growing in numbers. Catch Nick at our AMC party on New Year's Eve!

R3hab is Coming to Marquee New York on December 27th

End your Christmas weekend right as R3hab makes his way to legendary nightlife destination, Marquee New York, on Saturday, December 27th. Born Fadil El Ghoul, the Dutch DJ initially gained respect from DJs worldwide after releasing hits like 'Toys Are Nuts' (remix) and 'Mrkrstft.' Such recognition earned him a spot as one of the major players of the Dutch house music movement, and his star continued to rise with his adrenaline filled build ups paired with euphoria induced drops.

If you've ever tuned into 'I Need R3hab' on Sirus Radio, or read how concertgoers praise him for his energetic live performances online, then you already know that this savvy modern Dutch house champion will have you dancing nonstop.

Dance to the sound of the music mixed with shouts of excitement from the cheering crowd. This is a performance you won't want to miss out on.

Catch Comedian Harris Bloom on NYE at AMC 34th Street

A glance at the 'About' section of his website will tell you that, "Harris Bloom is the best standup comedian in New York and in the history of civilization." Well, you'll learn almost immediately that his mom said that but hey, moms can be right! Though, she's not far off because the 46 y/o comedian is ready to take on’s AMC NYE lineup! A huge fan of Emo Phillips, Jerry Seinfeld and, if nostalgia permits, Rodney Dangerfield, Harris has been on the New York comedy scene for over ten years now. And, alongside other names like Nicholas Callas, Alex Carabano, Corinne Fisher and more, Bloom will be bringing his clean comedic chops to bring in 2015!

Welcome in the New Year with Jeff Cerulli, Winner of Twitter

Lets follow each other on every social media site and most importantly when we walk home from the train alone.

— Jeff Cerulli (@JeffCerulli) October 9, 2014 is gearing up for our NYE party at AMC 34th Street. This year, we are bringing in 12 comedians for your entertainment, one of them being New York native stand up , Jeff Cerulli, who as far as we are concerned, wins twitter.

Time Out New York's Women of Comedy Showcase Gives the Boys a Run for Their Money

Time Out New York hosted an all-female comedy show at Greenwich Village hopost Le Poisson Rouge last night and had a front row seat to all side splitting humor. The comedians all took the stage and each commanded the audience in their own way. Thus, proving that women are indeed funny.

Emmy Blotnick

The first comic set an amazing tone for the show. Emmy’s jokes about life in the big city were both relatable and outlandish. The audience laughed as she shared stories about “how New York used to be” and her experiences in the fish section of Whole Foods, which is apparently the perfect place for a rich cat to host an episode of “Cribs.” (You had to be there.) She was an excellent way to start the show and definitely warmed up the audience for what was to come.