Wondr is the Social Network that Gives Back

The endless tide of novel social media trends has most young people with more social apps than actual friends. What if that boundless networking energy could be harnessed to achieve something truly meaningful? That's what Evin Schwartz is trying to do with his new company Wondr.

Wondr is a social network that aims to connect twenty-somethings and the nonprofit organizations that might interest them, and also give them the chance to participate in a unique charitable raffle system.

The first raffle prize will give one lucky fan a unique Vegas vacation where you and a friend can get backstage and meet Tiësto before his performance at Hakkasan Nightclub on June 20th. The prize includes a comped round-trip flight and hotel stay, so you can relax and enjoy the exclusive VIP experience.

The Big Egg Hunt Comes to NYC

If you’ve passed by Columbus Circle lately, then you’ve seen the big, beautiful eggs displayed outside! These ornately designed eggs are each unique and doing 'eggs-cellent' work for our community. Held in previous years in other cities around the globe, like Dublin, The Big Egg Hunt, presented by Faberge, is going strong in NYC! During the month of April, 260 eggs have been hidden around the city.

Get Comped for a Good Cause!

Start 2014 on the right foot by making a reservation at Virgola, the hidden gem of the West Village. Special for the month of February the Italian Wine and Oyster bar has partnered with God's Love We Delivered and will donate 5% of all sales generated to the charity. Additionally, diners with reservations during this time will be given a bottle of Prosecco.

Make a reservation online and enter Promo Code "GLWD" when prompted.

The Leaping Bunny Program: Cruelty Free is The Way To Be

Many major companies that we are very familiar with hide many truths from the public. With their eyes set firmly on the prize, and that prize being profit, they neglect morilty, lie to consumers, and produce goods that hurt others, and for the purpose of this article, those "others" are innocent animals. For instace, M.A.C used to be cruelty-free, but that has changed and many consumers have not a clue about it.

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics' (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program is on a mission to change this by enforcing a recognized Leaping Bunny Logo for all companies participating cruelty-free product development.

Cute, Stylish, and Delicious! Products to Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness Cause

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and below is a list of some featured items you can purchase to sweeten up your day and hopefully the day of someone overcoming breast cancer.

Crumbs' Pink Ribbon Cupcake, $3.95

Mouthwatering Watermelon Beverage Helps Support Breast Cancer Research

It’s been an unseasonably hot October this year; summer just doesn’t want to end the party! Well we aren't complaining, because with the hot weather comes the most refreshing drinks! One of which is Chef Richard’s, of Richard Sandoval Restaurant, Pink Ribbon Agua Fresca. Made of fresh watermelon and saturated in antioxidants, this drink is as delicious as they come.

This beverage is one of Chef Richard’s favorites since it was served at his grandmother’s dining room table and, in that way, honors one of the most important women in his life, while also paying homage to his Mexican roots.

Volunteer Travel, Free Travel: 5 Best Undercover Programs

There are literally thousands of organizations that provide opportunities for travel—most of which include fees or other cover costs—and as honorable as those charities may be, the list below offers insight into lesser known programs that cost nothing. So, let's takeoff!

1. HFHoliday Walking Leader, UK & Europe
This is your chance to explore Europe as a volunteer guide for walking tours. Once volunteers are appointed to one of their 40 European resorts, they are then provided with gratis meals as well. Tours are mostly conducted in the summer months, during which leaders will spend 2 to 8 weeks showcasing their touring skills. All HFHolidays asks in return is for you to share your passion and knowledge with your groups.

Date Night Salvation

“Dinner and a movie tonight?” This is the typical question one partner says to the other on when that sweet Friday comes around. Sure, dinner and movies are fun, once in a while, but they are also costly and can be, well, stale.

Studies show that engaging in new activities with your partner can bring you emotionally closer to one another. So, let’s bring you two closer and feeling good about yourselves with these 5 new and fun date ideas:

Modern Methods of Giving for the Hip Young Adult

In most matters “adult” we tend to look to our parents for guidance. But, our poor parents lacked the most incredible and expansive medium for knowledge transmission: the Internet! Our parents were hassled by telethons, snail mail, and blind calls from various organizations pleading for monetary donations.We no longer have to rely on these methods; in fact, we can give donations all while having some good fun!

Now that we are making some money—even if it is barely enough to pay our rent and happy hour lifestyle—it’s time, as young adults, to start considering our options for charitable donations. Luckily, our current times offer us busy urbanites many easy and comprehensive options for philanthropic fun.

Step it Up!

The world can be an isolating place sometimes. And in this fast-paced world of ours, mindfulness, and acts of kindness are ever-more necessary to brighten, beautify, and strengthen our human bonds with one another. Here are some nifty ways to get the kindness rolling:

Treat Someone to the Movies
The price of a NYC movie ticket is somewhat horrifying--even for a mantinee. Such steep numbers usually leave us saying, "I guess I’ll watch it on my computer screen." Therefore, as a special act of kindness (both to yourself as well as whoever you invite), get tickets to go out to a movie and enjoy briefly pausing time, along with any concerns or stressors. Enjoy a laugh, and a little cry, at Woody Allen’s new film Blue Jasmine.

It’s Pouring; Share Your Umbrella
We have all been in this situation: we simply forgot to check AccuWeather in the morning and, alas, it is raining outside. Now your blownout hair or newly pressed polo is in imminent danger of ruin. How amazing would it be if someone (hopefully cute!) came up to you and asked if you would like to share his/her umbrella? That’s what we thought, pretty damn amazing. So the next time you are stuck in a rain shower, check out who might be in need and help a sister (or brother) out.

Give Up the Gossip
It’s an interesting dichotomy: it's alright to talk about so-and-so’s ridiculous haircut or that pretentious t-shirt your roommate keeps rocking, and yet it is unjustifiable and distressing to think of anyone gossiping about us. We get it, we're not entirely innocent either--gossip seems to slip so innocuously into conversations we don’t even notice what we are doing. It is impossible not to discuss mutual friends and acquaintances in conversation, but this can be used as a perfect opportunity to be kind and feel good about yourself as well. Just say positive things; all of a sudden the tone of the conversation switches to a much more meaningful, fun, and *fuzzy* place.

Ask Someone About His/Her Culture with Genuine Interest
NYC’s immensely cosmopolitan population isn’t just advantageous for our cuisine selections; it’s also auspicious for expanding our cultural and historical knowledge (and bone up on our Jeopardy trivia while we are at it). Asking someone about themselves in a non-superficial way—not that “where’d you get that cute dress?” is superficial, per se—but discussions about a person’s family and traditions will make them feel special, interesting, and bring up those nostalgic memories of family traditions. Aren’t you kind?

Public Poetry for the Brave
This is a little bit of a controversial one, but we bet you’re a bit of a rebel anyway, so here we go: read a poem or two out loud on public transportation vehicles (i.e. bus, train). Here us out: us New Yorkers are all too familiar with the, uh, outbursts of opinions on the train, but what if someone (read: you) were to deliver a mini poem for your cart to hear? How delightful! And ok, public speaking is not for everyone, isn’t that right Bashful? But we have an adorable solution for you: consider bringing sticky notes with you and posting a couple poems or just nice quips in random places like a public bathroom mirror, car windshield, or a Duane Reade shelf. Nothing beats happening upon an anonymous love quote in this whirlwind city.

Leave a Used Book in a Public Domain
We are guilty as charged of pursuing this kindness with books we have read and really enjoyed. Instead of lugging these treasures around, why not donate them or be a little sneaky and leave them on a bus/train for someone else to enjoy on those long commutes? They will have an emotional journey while on their physical journey: Got ‘em!