‘Trick or Treat’ your Palate to Delicious Seasonal Delights

Complete the gorgeously crisp fall weather with a divine pumpkin flair. Boston has every urbanite covered with savory seasonal treats to relish this beloved season…taking it one bite at a time. After all, who doesn’t go completely crazy over pumpkin spice and warm apple crisp this time of year? ‘Tis the season to trick or treat (but, mostly treat).

Brass Union

(70 Union Square, Boston, MA)

  • Brass Union is evoking a savory twist on their traditional Sidecar. The Sideshow ($10) features pumpkin-infused apple brandy, triple sec and lemon juice, in addition to a sinful rim of brown sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds. This cocktail is available from 10/27 through 10/31.
  • If you’re craving an exceptional fall dessert, Brass Union has you covered. Spotlighting a traditional favorite, Brass Union’s unique take on Apple Pie ($6) is Boston’s rave. The magnificent dessert is comprised of two frosted mini apple pies, cinnamon apple compote and burnt sugar ice cream.
  • Brass Union’s PAC MAN Spice Cake ($6) is another favorite to savor the elite tastes of the season. Splurge with sweet fig filling, cinnamon cream cheese glaze, caramel and candied pistachios.
Have The Best Oktoberfest

What screams Oktoberfest more than beer and food? Nothing. The good news is Oktoberfest has finally arrived in the city, and we’ve done all of the hard work for you! We have all of the places you need to be during this German holiday; and we promise there will be plenty of beer and food for all to enjoy.

1. Blaue Gans (139 Duane St.)-
This Tribeca restaurant will be celebrating and partying from now until the end of October! You’ll be able to enjoy their German Oktoberfest beers AND pork roast, dumplings, sauerkraut, a variety of schnitzel, Bavarian sausages, pretzels, liptauer, strudel, and smoked trout. Basically, they have everything you would want to eat at an Oktoberfest celebration! Blaue Gans is so excited for Oktoberfest they also have a float in the Steuben Parade as well, so check that out.

The Best Food Instagram Accounts Ever Created

Get out your cell phones and get ready to follow our favorite food Instagram accounts. Whether you're craving healthy, gluten-free, snacks, or fun creations; these food Instragram accounts will be ones you'll enjoy every week!

1. Healthyfitnessmeals-

The Most Inconsiderate Foods To Eat In Public

You know that moment when you’re in a crowded room or small space, and it’s completely quiet and someone decides it’s the perfect time for a snack? We’ve all been there, and no one wants to be that inconsiderate person, so do yourself a favor and check out this round up of the worst foods to eat in quiet spaces!

We Tasted All the Pancakes in America and These Are the Best

1.) Pamela's (Pittsburgh, PA)

These hotcakes from Pamela's will have your tastebuds begging for more, as they fall on the spectrum somewhere between crepes and pancakes, with all the good qualities of each. Thin, slightly spongy, and totally buttery, they get that brown lace-like design on the surface. Pretty and yummy! 2-for-1. Most say the best part is the crispy edges, they can be compared to perfectly well-done latkes. The hotcakes come rolled up two to a plate; they’re best stuffed with fresh strawberry slices, brown sugar, and tangy sour cream. Still hungry afterwards? There are six of these joints in the Pittsburgh area. No one will be going hungry!

Top-notch Wines to Savor this Season

This season calls for something savory and luscious, and Joonbug has two prominent solutions for you: Santa Cristina and Tormaresca. Complement each meal with a glass (or two) of vino, and your palate will certainly not be disappointed! Start this season off right with two elite leaders in the wine industry.

Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina’s Rosso 2010 has an impeccably gorgeous ruby red color, perfected with purple hues. Upon opening the wine, you will enjoy dynamic aromas of red raspberry and cherry. These balanced, silky flavors grace the palate with an extensive fruity flair. The Rosso 2010 contains 13% alcohol.

It All Happened at the Vendys

As we said before, we’ve been looking forward to the Vendy Awards--the annual food truck classic--for quite awhile, and this past weekend, the day finally arrived. We saddled up and headed across the river on the ferry to Governors Island, making our way to the fairground. We’ve got to say, even in spite of crappy weather (it was intermittently drizzling and raining pretty hard), the Vendy Awards was one of the best food events we’ve been to this year. After all, if anybody knows how to operate at the top of their game, rain or shine, it’s this crew. We left totally stuffed and totally happy.

Cheeseburgers Worth a Road Trip For

1. Hodads (San Diego)

First up is the Guido Burger all the way from sunny California. This pastrami burger is served with ketchup, pickles, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and spicy brown mustard. Just because it's called The Guido Burger doesn't mean you have to be a guido to celebrate national cheeseburger day with this delectable cheeseburger.

Don't Miss TomatoFest 2014 Happening this Weekend Only

Alobar’s annual TomatoFest happening today through Saturday, September 13th and it's something that you should definitely hop on immediately!

Last night we had the pleasure of enjoying their 5 course dinner tasting menu featuring ripe and red and ready tomatoes prepared in a variety of decadent pairings. We started off with a Classic Tomato Gazpacho Amuse which included a cilantro crema. This was so light, refreshing and the perfect start to a wonderful meal. The next course was an Heirloom Tomato Salad with tomatoes, avocado, basil, goat feta, charred onion vinaigrette and balsamic reduction.

Mad. Sq. Eats Returns to NYC

Last week we had the pleasure of attending opening day of Mad. Sq. Eats. It's open daily from 11am-9pm and features amazing items such as agave wine margaritas, local craft beer and wine, braised pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs with kimchi and seaweed flakes, and fresh coconut water, and macaron ice cream sandwiches. Curated by UrbanSpace, and featuring 30 of New York's most enterprising chefs this is definitely not something you're going to want to miss!