NYC Restaurant Week 2014, A User's Manual

From Monday, July 21st to Friday, August 15th a grand total of 314 restaurants will offer NYC their best prix fixe menus at $25 for lunch or $38 for dinner. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down your search by selecting a few favorites, old and new, which are sure to give you a great dining experience worth remembering.

Returning Spots


Where to Find New York's Best Gelato this Summer Season

MarieBelle (484 Broome St.):

This adorable little shop located in SoHo is already well known for its individually-handcrafted chocolate ganaches and hot and iced chocolates, even called "divinely decadent" by Oprah! But the chocolatier Maribel Lieberman has expanded her cafe and just introduced gelato to the summer menu, which is already proving very popular thanks to its unique flavors. The rose petal, which is made by infusing real rose petals, tastes just like a rose freshly plucked from a bush, and the lavender somehow tastes just as the flower smells. More interesting flavors of the perfectly-thick gelato include the matcha green tea and espresso, as well as pistachio, mint chocolate chip, hazelnut and vanilla. Their espresso (both gelato and brewed drinks) use an exclusive brand of coffee; MarieBelle was handpicked by the marketer. MarieBelle also introduced a line of sorbet with the gelato, including powerfully strong flavors of fruits of the season such as passion fruit, lychee, mango and coconut.

The Best NYC Eateries for a Birthday Bash

Birthday celebrations can certainly get redundant, how much cake and ice cream can a person indulge in before enough is enough? Every year you live is a unique occasion you'll never experience again -- and shouldn't your parties be equally unique? Well we have compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants to spend your birthday, for those who want to put an end to the traditional B-Day once and for all!

1. Lips (227 E 56th St., Brooklyn, NY)

With a location in Las Vegas as well, Lips is a very popular restaurant that grants its attendees the chance to enjoy a full-blown drag show during their meal. With a reservation, the guest of honor can sit alongside the stage or become the star of the show for their own 15 minutes of fame. Performers treat their guest with grand hospitality, and the birthday girl (or boy) gets the star treatment. With a souvenir photo and enough memories for a lifetime, this birthday will provide laughs and entertainment that can’t be found at any other establishment.

Dopo East's New Italian Brunch

Brunch is by far the best meal of the day, so it's always exciting when a yummy restaurant comes out with a new brunch menu.

Dopo East, an Upper East Side Italian Restaurant has recently introduced an Italian brunch menu available on Saturday's and Sunday's. Choose from an assortment of salami and cheese, silky spaghetti carbonara, or a traditional frittata di cipolle with beautiful cooked onions. Dopo East even bakes their own bread in the restaurant, making it the freshest bread you could possibly get!

With brunch, comes mimosa's, obviously. Dopo East offers an array of tasty mimosa's with flavors like blood orange, passion fruit, mango, and kiwi. If these sound good enough to drink all day (or morning), Dopo East offers the option of bottomless mimosa's!

Enjoy your mimosa(s) and brunch on the pretty private, outdoor patio.

Brunch from 12pm-4pm on Saturday's and Sunday's!

10 Reasons/Restaurants to Leave Manhattan For

Everyone knows that Manhattan is the mecca for all things food related. Anything you can think or dream of you can undoubtedly find it in right here within the city. However, when you’re in the mood for something exploration, and want to try your hand at tasting something that can’t be found in Manhattan, then you will want to check out our 10 picks on the other side of the city walls. Or bridges and tunnels, rather.

1. Mother Kelly's (490 Chestnut St., Cedarhurst)-

Summer Staple: Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple ingredient for a variety of summertime recipes, so let Cobram Estate help you make this season a strictly savory one.

  • Cobram Estate’s Premiere Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate introduces a zesty flair to the term Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only does Cobram Estate's Premiere taste sensational with many different pairings, it is completely delicate and smooth…with a delicious fruity hint. Olive oil comes in a plethora of unique textures, aromas, flavors and shades. This ‘medium style blend’ and versatile oil has a distinct aroma of fresh green grass. It brings together delicious hints of green apples with medium bitterness and ‘late pungency.’ This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is notorious for deliciously improving herb and tomato based sauces used in authentic pasta dishes. It also pairs great when drizzled over a refreshing salad or on a summer mix of roasted veggies.

Cocktails And Cuisines From Around The World Cup: Part 1

We love food and drinks here at and we also love the World Cup (if you couldn’t tell). In honor of the 32 teams playing their hearts out on the field in Brazil, enjoy a roundup of popular drinks and dishes from some of your favorite teams. These cuisines and drinks will get you one step closer to being an ultimate fan of several World Cup playing countries!


Apparently the average person in Germany will consume up to 134 lbs. of meat in a year, so when you visit Germany remember to try their bratwurst (the most common food in the country). A bratwurst is a sausage composed of veal, pork, or beef and is usually grilled, pan fried, or cooked in broth or beer.

Weekend Pick: Big Apple BBQ Block Party At Madison Square Park

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is one of the country's premiere festivals, attracting people from near and far to celebrate authentically American culinary and music traditions in Madison Square Park every June, and it's finally here!

Headlined by a swarm musical guests, including Austin, Texas soul and rock group The Roosevelts, Brooklyn-based pop punk band Black Taxi, and Rock Island, Illinois American folk artist Lissie, this block party will have every corner of the American food and music scene covered. With seventeen pitmasters representing states from North Carolina to Texas and back, there is sure to be something for you at this BBQ. The best thing about this Big Apple event? It's free for the entire weekend! That means anyone can come and enjoy all of the award-winning, Southern-inspired BBQ eats they want.

Coffee Bean it up in Beantown

Coffee: it’s what fuels most city-goers and gets them through the day. When a hot cup of coffee meets your lips in the morning, it’s truly liquid heaven. Many of us are dedicated Starbuckians or Dunkin Donuts diehards. A regular morning coffee joint is a daily ritual, and when the employees there know local patrons by their names, you know you are truly at home.

Joonbug is here to help you savor every morning in Boston with our list of Beantown’s best coffee venues. You can switch up your morning coffee, latte or macchiato…or stay true to tradition. Whatever you may choose, it’s time to coffee bean it up in Beantown. Check out our top picks!

Where to Get your Tapa-Fill in Beantown

You don’t need to travel all the way to Spain to discover delectable tapas. When it comes to these small, extremely delightful treats, Boston offers the very best…and Joonbug is here presenting them all to you. So prepare your palate!

If you have never experienced tapas before, you are in for an absolute delight. Tapas are generally small plates of cheeses, meats, vegetables and fried food…perfect for ordering a few favorites and sharing. The Joonbug team has scouted out five trendy venues in Boston where you can discover first-hand the deliciousness of the word tapa.