Valentine's Day Cocktails

Whether you’re happily shackled, newly single, or reveling in that hazy period before one of you ventures the “so, what are we” conversation, you can’t deny it: Valentine’s Day is here. Loving or cloying, for most of us, Valentine’s Day means we’re gonna need extra liquid courage to get through the day and to marathon Netflix alone in drunken dignity celebrate with a little more zing.

We’re here to help you with that. Below are some of the best Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails that restaurants and bars across New York City have thought up to set the mood for you lovebirds/make you hate your single life. If you’re one of the former, then go forth and sample these love potions at their respective establishments or make them with your darling for some hands-on fun (if you know what we're saying). If you’re one of the latter, don’t be jellz, you should still make these delicious concoctions so you can drown your sorrow/notGAF. But with class (see: rose smoke).

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FIRST COURSE The Milling Room
The Greatest Soups You'll Ever Try

With the cold and snowy weather finally making it’s debut in New York City, you’re probably looking for something to keep you warm. Lucky for you, January is also National Soup month, so let's check out some of our favorite soup-happy spots in the city.

1. The Milling Room (446 Columbus Ave.)
This brand new restaurant in the Upper West Side serves a Tuscan White Bean Soup with cabbage, tomato, and parmesan. The hearty combination comes from Chef Scott Bryan, and it is a must try for any soup lover trying to brave the chill.

We've Rounded Up NYC's Best Pizza Spots for National Pizza Week

National pizza week runs January 5-11th, so to honor this delightful holiday we are delivering you a list of our favorite pizza spots in the city. As any New Yorker knows, you never need an excuse to grab a slice from the plethora of pizza spots that dot our streets, but with National Pizza Week you have an excuse to break those New Year’s resolutions to eat out less, and taste some pie that has made New York a legendary pizza destination.

1. Julianna’s (19 Old Fulton St., BK)

2015 is Bringing in a Rush of Great New Restaurants

2015 is here, so as you are coming back down from all the New Year’s festivities, you probably want to know about the best and new restaurants to check out in the New Year. We’ve put together some of favorites that we can’t wait to check out this month or early next year.

1. Espoleta (334 Bowery)-
This brand new restaurant, from restauranteur Giulio Adriani , opened on December 4th, but if you haven’t been yet then get ready to try some of the best Mexican-influenced Spanish cuisines and tapas in the area! Highlights from the menu include: Parsnip Croquettes with Mahon cheese, smoked paprika, and panko; Chimichurri Organic Chicken with avocado and pimiento; Kabocha Squash with mascarpone, and more! Espoleta also has an extensive wine program (including sangria and Spanish vintages).

The Best New Year’s Day 2015 Brunch Spots in NYC

As 2014 comes to an end and 2015 is so close we can taste it, it’s time to think about where you’ll be recovering from your New Year’s Eve festivities this year. Whether the past year has been a series of unfortunate events for you or one of the luckiest years of your life, January 1st will be the start of a new chapter. New Year’s Day is one of the most popular days for brunch in NYC. For those of you celebrating with family or friends and looking for the ideal brunch spot to reminisce and share new year’s resolutions, we have put together a list of cozy New Year’s Day brunch spots with creative menu options and all of the cocktails your hungover heart may desire.

New Year’s Day Calls for Brunching it

Coinciding with delicious holiday favorites, Boston-area venues are prepared to ring in the New Year on a scrumptious note. Urbanites and suburbanites alike love to brunch…and New Year’s Day calls for nothing less of mouthwatering!

Toast to 2015 with a fresh, exciting outlook: Joobug’s roundup of brunch picks to continue the celebration on January 1st will certainly entice your palate to a savory frenzy.

* Earls Kitchen + Bar

(#102 – 698 Assembly Row, Somerville, MA)

Where to Reserve a Seat for Christmas Day Dinner

If clanging pots, dirty pans and sweating over a stove in a hot kitchen do not sound appealing as Christmas activities, then check out one of these New York City restaurants that providing Christmas Day dinner without the toil. Choose from a selection of restaurants that will be serving everything from the traditional Christmas goose to a refined tasting of Korean delicacies. With the cooking left up to someone else, family and friends can celebrate without the lingering doom of dirty dishes.

Get in the Holiday Spirit With These Themed Cocktails Being Served in NYC

New York City is world known for its distinct holiday charm this time of year. From the colorful lights, to the cheery disposition of tourists and pedestrians on the streets, the joyous ambience echoes all that the holiday season stands for.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones to feel this way. Some of the city’s hippest watering holes are serving up special seasonal drinks to lift guests’ “spirits.” Have a look below at what some of these places have slated on the menu:

NYC's Hottest New Bars

The only thing that will help cheer you up and keep you warm this fall/winter season are some savory cocktails. These speciality cocktails are unique, not just because of their fun names, but because all of these drinks come from brand new bars in the NYC area!

1. Arthur (18 9th Ave.)-
Several weeks ago we had the opportunity to sip on delicious drinks and eat hors d’oeuvres at Arthur, the Gansevoort’s newest bar. At this private event, we were able to try the newest cuisines from The Chester and sample several drinks all within this intimate bar. All of the hors d’oeuvres were from The Chester’s fall/winter menu, so throughout the night we dined on: Fried Chicken, Eggplant Toast, Mushroom Apple Artisanal Pizza, Pesto Pappardelle, and our personal favorite, Pork Belly. Obviously, being at Arthur means you must try their specialty cocktails all curated by famous mixologist, Esteban Ordonez. While they have plenty of drinks that will satisfy all hard alcohol lovers, we tried the Red Rum and LLC, and both drinks are refreshing and boozy so you won’t be disappointed at Arthur.