The Best of Boston: Live Music Hot Spots

Boston thrives off of young and enthusiastic crowds who are passionate about one thing: music. Within the city's awesome nightlife scene, Boston’s live music is springing from every corner. People excitedly flock to grab a tasty cocktail and get inspired by talented new artists.

Joonbug has put together a list of the very best venues to check out:


Toad in Porter Square is a unique hole in the wall bar that offers great live music, beer on tap and juicy Angus beef burgers that are served every night "until it's logistically impossible." Another great thing about Toad? No cover charge! Barely the size of a studio apartment, Toad never fails to pack in a lively crowd. A great place to sip your beer and enjoy a scrumptious burger while listening to live music, this quintessential neighborhood bar is becoming a staple for locals and new visitors seeking Boston's artistic cham.

The Best of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp. Gorgeous. Talented. Kind. The man’s got it all. Depp is one of the most influential performers of the last fifty years, an iconic piece of Hollywood that raised the bar for acting. The legend is credited in over 70 movies since 1984, when he made his debut as an unfortunate victim of Freddy Krueger’s wrath in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Since then, he has proven his artistic versatility over and over, taking roles from the dark and serious to the whimsical and giddy, totally dominating every role.

NYC's Best Easter Eats

Toqueville, the Union Square restaurant that focuses on greenmarket fresh ingredients, has a three-course prix-fixe brunch for $68. The menu has a wide variety of dishes in modern preparations with superb ingredients, and it includes such diverse options as grits, sashimi and guinea hen.

1 E 15th St., New York, NY

Stick It for National Something on a Stick Day

At we get very excited about food, so naturally, when we learned that today is National Something on a Stick Day we were beyond excited. For what is better than normal food? Food on a stick, of course.

And so, in honor of this joyous day, we present to you a list of edible things on a stick you can put in your mouth. So get excited, get hungry, and get sticky!

20 Restaurants that Need to Come to NYC, Like Now

1. Acme Oyster House, New Orleans

This oyster house is New Orleans royalty, and for good reason. Its chargrilled oysters are the most iconic, but they also serve them up baked and raw and it's all sublime. They have seven locations, including one in Florida and one in Atlanta -- how long until they bring the Southern oyster bar up north?

The Best of Spring in Beantown

It’s that time of the year to lock away wintertime blues, throw away the key and never look back. Savvy spring mojo is just around the corner with refreshing treats, and well, us city-goers surely know how to celebrate and impress with the most sumptuous seafood and ice cream around. Beantown is fully prepared to welcome its city into the best time of the year…so think and scrumptiously savorthese spring options!

The Original Clam Box

Relish the first juiciest and crispiest “famous fried clams” of the season at The Original Clam Box. This casual, lively venue is the perfect place to embrace springtime, as it is located on the gorgeous Wollaston Beach. You can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the shore, pack a picnic blanket, and order your whole belly clams takeout style, or savor succulent clam strips in house! The Clam Box also serves a delicious variety of seafood on its menu, including scallops, oysters, shrimp, haddock, calamari, clam cakes and more. Other Clam Box options include mouthwatering burgers, buffalo wings, hot dogs, steak tips, gyros and more. Why not go for a buttery Lobster Salad Sub, or how about a Steak Bomb? Whichever you choose, The Clam Box will certainly not disappoint.

FIRST COURSE Bagtelle Waffles -fraiche, cognac maple glaze
Saturday Brunch at Bagatelle LA

LA is a city built for food, we don’t care what anyone else tells you. Every year, culinary masters from all over the globe follow their dreams and find themselves in this smoggy metropolis, ready to tease and tantalize our pallets with their wares. This relentless cycle of new talent presents dazzling new trends, and we're not just talking about beet salad and the rise of the Brussel’s sprout (be warned: celery will be back). We're talking about trends in service, economics, and culture. And in keeping up with the Joneses, many of LA’s elder statesmen have lost their way, which is why we were so refreshed to learn that Bagatelle LA is bringing back brunch in a big way. A back-to-basics big way.

The Grain Game

In the grain game, wheat is losing the popularity contest as other, healthier forms take center stage: flaxseed, quinoa, steel cut oats, millet, buckwheat, barley, spelt, rye and faro, to name a few.

The industry has exploded with a whole array of whole grain manufactured foods and food stuffs made with other grains. There is a growing need for these things it seems because of the populace having either wheat intolerance or for the idea that other grains are healthier than wheat itself. Therefore, why not explore this facet of the food environment? Presenting to you some of these products currently on the market, plus some places in the city which specialize in creating dishes with these alternatives.

Dinner at The Park

It’s no surprise that The Park in Chelsea is dubbed as one of Manhattan's trendiest restaurants. Helmed by Eric Goode and partner Sean MacPherson, this West Village eatery is a restaurant and night club hybrid — it is a culmination of five different worlds: the garden, the penthouse, the red room, the atrium and the main room.

Each area has its own distinct charm and character — the garden is complete with Japanese maple trees and vines of Wisteria; the penthouse is capped by a glass ceiling and displays a gorgeous view of the High Line (perfect for sunset-watching too); the red room impersonates an old Asian speakeasy with wicker scoop-backed chairs and banquettes covered in raw silk; the atrium is a glass-enclosed area backed by a glazed brick fireplace and the main room is the typical dining room furnished with a 900-year-old red wood root bench and a 30-foot-tall cluster of bamboo.

FIRST COURSE Crispy Pork Tail with Mango Sticky Rice
Boston's 5 Best New Restaurants!

2014 looks to be a truly exciting year when it comes to eating in Boston, but with constant openings, expansions, and transformations, the culinary landscape takes some keeping up with. We figured the beginning of a new year is the best time to explore what’s hot and new in Boston’s epicurean scene, which is why we rounded up the city’s five best new restaurants for your viewing and dining pleasure.

Blue Dragon

Ming Tsai (of WGBH’s “Simply Living” and Blue Ginger in Wellesley) has opened a new location on the Waterfront, which serves Pan-Asian style tapas in a hip environment that revolves around the reclaimed wood bar. The menu offers Americanized staples like chicken wings and fried rice, but what’s really worthwhile are the more daring dishes that make it unique. Fusion interpretations like the Crispy Pork Tail with Mango Sticky Rice, the Sake-Foie Gras Terrine with House Stout Rye and Cherry Jam, or the Soy Pickled Deviled Egg with Taro Nest, are the both delicious and engaging.