The Girls of Friends Reunite for Dinner!

This one is for you Friends fans! Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow had a girl’s night out and reunited, 10 years since their hit show came to an end.

Aniston, 45, Cox, 50, and Kudrow, 50, were all spotted leaving Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday after having dinner together. However, the night didn't end so well for ladies when the paparazzi were smarming their cars. The paps caused Aniston’s diver to scrape his Mercedes Benz against a pole.

Sighting: 2 Chainz Perfroms at 1 Oak Southampton

This past weekend was full of surprises, and this was certainly the case for the crazy crowd at 1 OAK Southampton this weekend, where 2 Chainz performed in front of an extremely packed crowd. Saturday, July 5th 2 Chainz and DJ JUS SKE took the stage as they performed live to an incredibly energized and full crowd. Between the patriotic guests whom appeared at 1 OAK and the entertainment it was no surprise that 2 Chainz was a huge hit! Being that 1 Oak Southampton is one of the most celebrated venues the New York area, it wasn’t hard to believe how large the crowd was on one of the most patriotic celebrated holidays! The combination of American pride and good beats made for an amazing night!

We’re glad that 2 Chainz had such a great audience and well-celebrated holiday!

Daniel Radcliffe Walks a Bunch of Dogs

For a second, we thought Daniel Radcliffe wasn't just an actor, but also a dog walker!

On Monday, the Harry Potter star was seen walking tons of dogs, leashed to his midriff, with a lit cigarette in his mouth in Bryant Park in New York. In the shot, dozens of ladies are in the background amused at the hilarious sight.

The 24-year-old actor was filming some scenes for his latest role in Judd Apatow's upcoming comedy, Trainwreck.

When asked on Twitter if the actor will play a dog walker in the upcoming movie, Apatow put the rumors to rest and answered, "Not true! He was just walking his dogs."

Mindy Kaling Celebates 35th Birthday In Vegas

Mindy Kaling made sure that her 35th birthday was one to remember. Well, at least she has lots of Instagram pics and Tweets to help jog her memory of what her birthday was like. The actress/comedy writer celebrated her special day in Las Vegas.

The day started with the entire “Mindy Project” writing staff surprising Mindy with a private helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. They even sipped champagne while flying high over the canyons. Mindy then moved the party to Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse for dinner and a special cake topped with an Eiffel Tower decoration.

Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Want To Start A Band

If you were a big Camp Rock fan like we were, you should be very excited about this. Ever since those Disney Channel days, we have all known that Demi and Nick have awesome chemistry, not only on the screen, but on the stage as well.

If you were lucky enough to see Nick on stage with Demi during her Neon Lights Tour, you could see that these two were always destined to perform together. We think the duo has finally realized their potential as a team, and they might even have a little project up their sleeves.

“I did write an amazing song with Nick Jonas and we want to do something with that, but we are not quite sure, so maybe we can do a side project together,” Demi told MTV News this week. “We may or may not have picked out the band name already.” Band name? What?!

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Coming Back To TV!

It's true... and we are so excited. Sex and the City fans can rejoice because Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to television!

Teaming up with the producers who brought you True Detective, SJP will be starring in a new series called Busted. Okay so, this may not be the Carrie Bradshaw-esque role we remember her in, but it totally doesn't matter because she's back!

This series most likely doesn't have anything to do with our beloved SATC, but it does have the True Detective production company Anonymous Content attached, and so we will most definitely take it. Busted, which has been optioned by Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, is a limited-run series based on the non-fiction book Busted, A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love. It is being developed as an hour-long show, with SJP meant to star as one of the two leads (the other has not been announced yet).

Pippa Middleton's First Interview Ever!

Today co-host Matt Lauer revealed live on the air this morning that he will be sitting down to chat with Pippa Middleton, the 30-year-old sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The interview will be airing next week, and will be Pippa's first-ever television interview... we're very excited for this one! The brunette beauty discussed her recent 3,000 mile, 12-state bike trip for Bike Across America, as well as what it's been like to live under the royal spotlight.

Top 10 Most Memorable MTV VMA Moments Of All Time

In 2014, a Video Music Award ceremony should feel as out-of-place as a Pog competition, but the MTV VMAs have continued to be one of the most exciting award shows of the year, every year. Bolstered by unforgettable performances, outrageous outfits and a knack for noticing the rising stars before anyone else, we would never miss this award show, or we might have missed one of these ten unbelievable moments!

10. Eminem performed his hit "The Real Slim Shady" with about 100 clones at the 2000 VMA's. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Officially Divorced

After a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge signed off on the paper work this week, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are officially divorced, nearly three years after the split first came to light.

The divorce was basically finalized in March of this year, but due to the Court waiting list, the duo's final judgment package was not entered into the system until now.

Ed Sheeran Is The Most Non-Famous Famous Person Ever

British singer/songwirter Ed Sheeran spoke to E! News recently, and basically revealed that he's the most normal, chill celebrity ever, minus the ridiculous vocal talent, famous friends, and 9.63 million Twitter followers that is.

E! asked Ed if he preferred Twitter or Instagram, and he gave quite a surprising answer. The singer revealed that he would choose Twitter, because he only follows one person on Instagram. Nope, it's not Taylor Swift, Pharell, or Harry Styles though. In fact, it's his own manager Stuart Camp. Sheeran says he doesn't like his feed to be clogged up with nonsense, we can understand that! "And I only follow him because you have to follow someone to get followers," Sheeran explained to Jason Kennedy and Jesse Giddings. "I didn't follow anyone and I was stuck on, like, 1.3 million...then I started following Stuart and it started going up again." Makes sense to us. After all, everyone wants more followers.