Late Night Eats

Whoever said nothing good happens past midnight has never dined at these late night eateries. Whether your cravings includes pizza, shwarma, tacos or dumplings this list of our ten favorite stops in the wee hours will vanquish your hunger (and hopefully curb the unwanted effects of the extended happy hour you just left).

Mamouns (119 MacDougal St and 22 St. Marks Place)

Open until 5am

As the oldest falafel restaurant in NYC, Mamoun’s has all the street cred it needs to claim our hearts as the best falafel in NYC. Whether you are looking for Lamb Shwarma ($6-11.50), Chicken Kebab ($6-11.50) or Falafel ($3.50 - 6) hot out of the fryer, Mamouns is the best stop for Middle-Eastern cuisine after midnight.

A Slice Of Vegan Heaven

In many American cities, vegans are sequestered into small pockets on the fringes of town. In Philadelphia however, if you’re vegan, your options are plentiful. And if you are a vegan punk rocker, your home away from home is Blackbird Pizzeria.

Located just off of the ever-bustling South Street, Blackbird offers a menu full of food that vegans thought they’d sworn off forever: Pizza? Cheesesteaks? Wings? All vegan?

Blackbird’s unpretentious staff takes your order, calls your name, and brings you their excellent food at a cheap price, while punk rock plays on the radio. Blackbird spurns food conventions and serves up the spicy alternatives. They also deliver to your door (in the most green, sustainable fashion) by bicycle.

This Week, The Guacamole Is NOT Extra

In August, tragedy struck when a fire broke out on the roof of Flatiron’s Tres Carnes, causing the restaurant to close for the past two months. On Monday, the beloved restaurant reopened, and not without acknowledging National Guacamole Day, which was celebrated last week. Tres Carnes will be making it up to you with a special offer. During the Flatiron location’s Grand Re-Opening Week, get your guac added to any burrito, tacos or bowl absolutely FREE! Yup, free.

The menu, prepared by Excecutive Chef Sasha Shor, focuses on a one-of-a-kind “slow-fast serve” that has inspired its ‘Authentic Mexican Fare with True Texas Smoke.’ Insomuch the restaurant’s exquisite fare is entirely unique, offering a slow-smoked Texas barbeque flare sprinkled with fresh modern Mexican cuisine, all topped by an authentic, fresh experience.

It All Happened at the Vendys

As we said before, we’ve been looking forward to the Vendy Awards--the annual food truck classic--for quite awhile, and this past weekend, the day finally arrived. We saddled up and headed across the river on the ferry to Governors Island, making our way to the fairground. We’ve got to say, even in spite of crappy weather (it was intermittently drizzling and raining pretty hard), the Vendy Awards was one of the best food events we’ve been to this year. After all, if anybody knows how to operate at the top of their game, rain or shine, it’s this crew. We left totally stuffed and totally happy.

Weekend Pick: No Middle Ground Tasting

There’s nothing we love to drink more than beer – except, maybe, coffee. Now what if those two could be united in some single, flawless beverage? Well, All About Beer Magazine, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and Counter Culture Coffee have worked together to make that dream a reality. This new beer, called No Middle Ground, has infused Counter Culture’s incredible coffee into an experimental IPA to create an amazing concoction like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

You can try out this limited edition beer completely free at a tasting this Friday. For two hours you can sip the unusual brew as well as sample hot and iced Counter Culture Coffee and light snacks. Attendees will also get a free trial of All About Beer Magazine, whose 35th anniversary is coming up soon this year.

Weekend Pick: Big Apple BBQ Block Party At Madison Square Park

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is one of the country's premiere festivals, attracting people from near and far to celebrate authentically American culinary and music traditions in Madison Square Park every June, and it's finally here!

Headlined by a swarm musical guests, including Austin, Texas soul and rock group The Roosevelts, Brooklyn-based pop punk band Black Taxi, and Rock Island, Illinois American folk artist Lissie, this block party will have every corner of the American food and music scene covered. With seventeen pitmasters representing states from North Carolina to Texas and back, there is sure to be something for you at this BBQ. The best thing about this Big Apple event? It's free for the entire weekend! That means anyone can come and enjoy all of the award-winning, Southern-inspired BBQ eats they want.

Weekend Pick: #BrunchNBeats At The Hudson Hotel

Intermixx Marketing Group is inviting you to the party of the summer, the Grand Opening of their new summer series!

Intermixx is a NYC based marketing group, full service lifestyle brand, and public relations agency. The business, which came into existence in 2012, works with clients on both national and global campaigns. Over the short span of two years, Intermixx has earned a great reputation for helping their clients communicate clearly, strategically, and creatively. With a proven track record of success, and a commitment to excellence, the agency is confident that their clients are definitely in good hands.

French Import by Suzette Debuts in Tribeca

Everyone knows that crepes are good as any meal throughout the day and now New Yorkers will have a chance to experience just that straight from Brittany, France!

French restaurateurs, Andy Rodrigues and Guillaume Blanchard, have opened a brand new creperie in Tribeca. by Suzette, as it is known is an extension of their concept in Tregueux, and will offer quick, delicious, and most importantly cheap food for all guests.

Their classic crepes and gluten-free galettes are made from imported French wheat and buckwheat flour and will ONLY cost you $3-$7 per crepe depending on your order. by Suzette’s menu will include a variety of options including Classic Crepes such as: La Normande (made with imported caramel au beurre sale); La Bonne Maman (filled with Strawberry or Apricot preserves); La Galette de la Mer (smoked salmon, crème fraiche, and egg); La Beurre Sucre (butter and sugar); or the chocolate-almond L-Amande. Even the La Galette de la Mer which includes salmon is only $7, so you can imagine the menu is super reasonable.

Weekend Pick: Pop Up Food Court at The Dreaming Building

There really isn’t anything better than food—that is with the exception of free food, of course. American Dreaming Magazine will host a pop up food court on Saturday, April 26th where you will have a chance to sample some of the best local foods from various chefs and food vendors. American Dreaming Magazine is a quarterly print publication that focuses on young entrepreneurs, hoping to create cultural leaders in the world. The Dreaming Building in Philadelphia was more than likely picked, because it is a local workplace for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bringing Italy to New York City: Da Marcella Taverna

“Why did you choose to include this on your menu?”

“...because I like it!”

This simple conversation with Alessandro Bandini, wine director at Da Marcella Taverna (142 W. Houston Street), encompasses the intimate style and atmosphere of this restaurant more than any lengthy description could. By dining at this establishment, one is able to step away from the constant rush of New York City to find him- or herself transported to a comfortable, relaxed setting where the goal is to offer a quality meal to be savored and enjoyed. Removing the aspect of fine or, dare we say, pretentious dining, there are no egos to be found. Here, all guests become family.