Bostonians Take Pride In Their ‘Anthem’

Located in the heart and soul of Beantown’s Faneuil Hall, Anthem is a popular and strictly delicious gem. Bostonians stay true to the Anthem of their city, and in this particular culinary case, it’s an awesome venue serving up mouthwatering American cuisine.

The chic interior of the restaurant presents a trendy bar scene, surrounded by tall glass walls so eaters can gaze out into the bustling cobblestone marketplace. Sit atop chic bar stools or in a comfy booth next to Anthem’s bar while savoring a luscious cocktail. Or maybe it’s the refreshing lobster cobb salad with juicy pieces of lobster you’re craving. Whatever your palate desires, Anthem’s inventive menu includes everything a hungry city-goer craves: a true taste of what Beantown has to offer. The award winner of Boston Chowderfest 2010 and 2012, Anthem is home to the “Best Chowder in Boston!”

The Ainsworth Park's New Menu Continues to Impress

The idea of an upscale, food and cocktail-oriented sports bar seems like a contradiction of terms, yet the Ainsworth Park makes it feel obvious. With an eclectic mix of top 40, dance, and retro music piping through the room, flatscreens lining the wall behind the bar, and a menu of elevated pub food, the Ainsworth feels like nowhere else: the stylish gastropub cross-pollinated with the after-work hangout bar. The careful balancing act is also applied to the décor, which has made overtures to sophistication in its chandeliers dotting the room, hipster trendiness with its exposed brick walls, and sports bar cheesiness with decorative pillars lined with fake grass.

Weekend Pick: Brunch at Hotel Chantelle

This Sunday, enjoy an elegant rooftop brunch straight out of Paris at Hotel Chantelle. Live music from Martina and the Ladybugs, a local jazz band, accompanies a delicious brunch menu which includes a $28 three course prix-fixe including stuffed French toast, banana foster waffles, and a lobster roll. Also on offer are your standard brunch cocktails for $4 and two special cocktails for less than $1.

The rooftop itself is beautiful, decorated with lampposts and greenery to mimic a Parisian garden. With good food and live jazz, this charming spot is perfect to impress anyone from a colleague to a new date.

What: Brunch at Hotel Chantelle

When: Sunday, April 13th, 11:30am-5pm

Where: Hotel Chantelle, 19 Ludlow St., New York, NY

Weekend Pick: Brunch at 1905

Head down to 1905 for an intimate, stylish brunch this Sunday.

The bistro’s brunch menu is full of modern take on breakfast staples, such as salt roasted beets with sherry-honey emulsion, truffled grits and pork belly, and chicken and waffle with cayenne honey. $15 will also get you bottomless mimosas or bloody marys.

The service and aesthetic of 1905 is all class, and it is in every sense a handsome restaurant from another era. You can make a reservation through CityEats here.

What: Brunch at 1905

When: Sunday, April 12th, from 11am

Where: 1905, 1905 9th St. 2nd Fl., Washington DC

The Buzz Around Toro

The word count on the menu at Toro reads more like a short story than a group of small plates. Extensive and potentially overwhelming, the choices at the new tapas local span from Spanish bites like pan con tomate and larger paellas, to the twists on tapas that makes Toro a coveted dinner spot. Options like miso butter in an otherwise traditional sea urchin sandwich are the ones that make Toro slightly different.

The New York outpost of Boston chefs Ken Oringer (Clio, Uni) and Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa – both with Oringer) has been consistently mentioned with intrigue since its open in September of last year. As a former Nabisco factory along the Westside highway, it provides lofty ceilings and ample natural light, something coveted in New York spaces. It holds 120 seats and with a consistent waitlist, the buzz of voices is nothing short of a crowded nightclub. Masquerading as a dining experience, the loud music and crowded nature offer a club for people who would rather taste than dance. Even two-tops are clustered together in one long table, meshing an intimate dining experience with close proximity to a social atmosphere.

Five Stars for Fung Tu

For those brave enough to journey into the frigid temps that have graced us this winter, a great reward awaits you deep in the trenches of Chinatown, and its name is Fung Tu. As huge fans of Mission Chinese (RIP), dining at another trendy, upscale Asian restaurant felt almost like cheating, but if that is the case, our meal at Fung Tu made stepping out on our significant other totally worth it.

The menu is straight forward, the service is so polite it borders on creepy, and the end results makes you glad you left your apartment, even if you did almost get hit by a biker and feared your ears would fall off from frostbite.

Pushcart Coffee

Fresh afternoon sunlight spilled through the glass windows and melted into the wooden tables at Pushcart Coffee, bathing the Chelsea coffee house in its warm, gentle glory. It wasn’t too crowded on a Monday afternoon and certainly not raving loud like Starbucks. The smell of coffee and fresh pastries hung in the air as we studied the menu board behind the counter, contemplating what to get.

Pushcart isn’t just a regular coffee shop. It’s a cozy little neighborhood spot with music playing in the background and a community board that advertises local events. It’s a place to meet neighbors. It’s a place to pop in for twenty minutes and enjoy a warm cup of Chai Latte because it’s cold outside. It’s a place to work on your projects because your Wi-Fi at the apartment is acting up again. It’s a place to relax. It’s a place to call home, regardless of whether you live several blocks down or multiple subway stops away. It’s a place for anyone and everyone, even kids.

Local Classic, The Hill Tavern

This awesome joint brings the Beantown community together with its variety of loyal customers, ranging from college students to businessmen and residents of the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

When warm spring weather begins to peek around the corner, it is truly exciting and delightful to see The Hill Tavern set up their outdoor patio. Colorful flower baskets hanging from the awning certainly portray a bright sign that spring has sprung upon the Hill. The next time you’re out and about in Beantown, walk down the bustling cobblestone sidewalks to this traditional pub for a relaxing, fun and casual outing with friends and tasty craft beer to accompany.

Green Curry Chicken at Amaze

Amaze prides itself on delectable Asian fusion food and wallet-friendly prices, with a menu that bursts at the seams with cultural cuisine from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan. Its interior verges on elegant minimalism — black tables and chairs are backed by bare brick walls and illuminated by wall lamps.

This restaurant offers a great deal for lunch on weekdays: only $10 for a choice of entrée, appetizer and sake or wine! Fans of green curry chicken will love this place. At Amaze, the green curry chicken is served in all its steaming glory — a fresh and colorful medley of vegetables is drenched in coconut-infused green curry among tender slivers of chicken and served with a small bowl of white rice. The meat is simmered in the milky curry and tastes just as flavorful as it looks.

Event Review: Caffè Storico and the New York Historical Society

Stop for a moment and look at the world around you. Have you ever considered just how quickly time passes? Already, we are three months into 2014 and the change of seasons is right around the corner. Thankfully, New Yorkers are graced with the luxury of being able to step back for a moment and walk into the world of past, all while enjoying delicious food at the same time!

Caffè Storico, located in the beautiful building of the New York Historical Society (170 Central Park West), opened its doors to us here at Joonbug.com this past Monday, March 3rd, to provide us with a delicious tasting menu of Italian cuisine, as well as exciting information about all of the events which are scheduled to occur this coming year!