The Marshal: Farm-to-Table Cuisine in the Heart of Hell's Kitchen

Imagine a world of complete transparency--a world where you could look at your dinner plate and know the exact farm from which every single morsel of food originated. At The Marshal, nestled in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, chef and owner Charlie Marshall's goal is exactly that. With the promise of serving fresh, locally sourced, unique and ingredient-driven cuisine only, Charlie champions a “back to basics” mentality, hoping that guests will leave inspired by the farm-to-table lifestyle.

Charlie’s vision for The Marshal was a result of his rural upbringing on the San Juan Islands in Washington State, where at a young age he learned every aspect of farm-to-table living. Charlie’s ten plus years of experience in the New York City restaurant industry has been a huge contributing factor in The Marshal’s success, as well. All of the food is slowly cooked using the age-old wood fired cooking method, heated by oak, cherry, apple or old vine wood, in a brick oven that Charlie built himself.

NYC vs The World

As much as we all love where we live, let's be honest: New York City isn’t cheap. It is a matter of fact that nothing is cheap here until you step outside of Manhattan, and sometimes not even then. Even if it's pretty (on occasion), convenient, and fun, NYC is significantly more expensive than almost everywhere else by comparison, and that applies to even the most basic and universal things. Check out the price differences we've rounded up for you between some of everyone's favorite foods and necessities, and see for yourself!

1. Chipotle Standard Chicken Burrito

A Little Bit of Greece in NYC

Get ready New York, the uber trendy restaurant scene just got even trendier. The Greek restaurant/party spot Nammos-Mykonos is opening up in NYC in 2015. The new NY venue will go by the name Nammos by the Sea, will be found atop the Maritime Building. The Greek restaurant will feature Ibrahim Sammy as head chef of the new spot. With the success of the original Mykonos, this will surely prove to be a smart business move.

The restaurant is known for its authentic Greek dishes accompanied by a lively atmosphere unlike any other. The NYC location is sure to attract both tourists and natives alike as the food is delicious and the vibes are unmatched. The owner plans to import Greek fish and ingredients to increase the authenticity of the restaurant.

The date for the official opening of the restaurant has not been released, so stay tuned. We are sure the grand opening will be a lavish event for the books.

Eat All the Lobster

Claws Hands down, lobster has been the crustacean of the summer. Unfortunately, since the season is almost over, there isn’t much time left to enjoy this favorite warm-weather meal! If possible, be sure to indulge in as much lobster as possible (while you still can). If you need a claw hand (sorry, we couldn't resist!) finding the best spots to accomplish this feat before summer’s end, check out these great local restaurants!

1. NYY Steak Manhattan (7 W 51st St.)-
A notable item on NYY Steak Manhattan's menu is its mixed-in Mac N Cheese. Deciding between mac & cheese and lobster could prove to be a difficult choice. Luckily, when you order this delectable double-whammy of a dish, it's one you won't even need to think twice about! The decadent specialty contains large pieces of fresh, buttery lobster tossed with orecchiette pasta, all covered in a rich, cheesy sauce! The whole makes for a great standalone dish, though, when paired with a nice porterhouse, it's simply divine!

Feel Food's Prix Fixe Menu is Total Model Material

Rev up for Fashion Week, because the designers have arrived, and they're serving full-glamour realness. That being said, the creators of America’s hottest designs aren’t the only ones dishing out something special for 2014. Keeping you full and slim for every event, Feel Food (496 6th Ave., New York, NY 10011) has created its own “Fashion Week Ready Menu”, an $18 prix fixe of nutritious options that guests won’t feel guilty about eating.

Andanada: NYC's Answer for the Perfect Wine Dinner

Story by Astrid Finch

Photos by Shiri Lara

VIVA RIOJA! We just experienced an amazing wine dinner in the chic and intimate atmosphere of Andanada--a fantastically innovative, yet ever-authentic family owned Spanish restaurant on the Upper West Side. (Fun fact: ‘Andanada’ refers to the highest seating area of a traditional bullfighting arena, which is known for attracting the most lively and enthusiastic fans.)

We indeed had the best seat in the house, as we were served Chef Manuel Berganza’s 5 course tasting menu. This was a special evening, because carefully paired with each course was a wine from Tobelos Winery, from within the heart of the Rioja wine region--one of Spain’s very best. Andanada and Tobelos have a strong connection because the owner of Andanada, Álvaro Reinoso’s father, Ricardo is the director at the winery. Both gentlemen were gracious hosts, and Chef Berganza’s cuisine complemented the wines perfectly--and vice versa.

Haru: A Term for the Sushi Connoisseurs

Haru Sushi offers the very best of modern Japanese fare, luscious cocktails, a welcoming ambiance and cordial service for all to enjoy. When your palate is craving deliciously crafted sushi and innovative drinks, Haru is the ultimate place to sip and savor.

Joonbug had the pleasure of visiting Haru’s Times Square location for dinner…and boy was it a delicious treat! We arrived just in time for Happy Hour. Of course, that meant refreshing Green Tea Margaritas to start the meal off on a spectacular note. This cocktail is completely rejuvenating to sip on a hot summer evening, and it is the perfect complement to your sushi or entrée. If you want to head over to Haru for Happy Hour, your palate will be pleasantly taken care of. Some of the featured appetizers are String Bean Tempura ($4), Fish Tacos ($7) and Short Rib Buns ($8). A taste of Haru’s Happy Hour specialty cocktails include the Elderflower-Cucumber Crush ($8) and Saketini ($8).

Cuba Brings Old Havana to the West Village

Story by Rachel Montella

Photography by Shiri Lara

It’s summertime in the city, and let’s be honest…we’re all secretly longing for an escape to some faraway paradise where we can relax with a mojito in our hand. And while we may not be able to jet down to Havana for the weekend, we can definitely experience its cuisine, culture, and music at Cuba in the heart of the West Village.

From the moment we stepped through the door, we were instantly amazed by the vibrant atmosphere. The rhythmic beats of salsa music filled the air, and at a small table in the front, there was a man hand-rolling cigars. The aromas of traditional Cuban cuisine wafted through the dining room. It felt like we had been transported, and Thompson Street had somehow become a street in Old Havana.

FIRST COURSE eggslut.com
LA's "Egg-citing" Lunch Spot: Eggslut

Ready for something “egg-celent”?

Traveling into downtown Los Angeles might be a hassle, but once there, you’ll find an astonishing restaurant that’s worth sitting in traffic for. We’re talking about Eggslut (317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013), the superstar breakfast and lunch spot of Grand Central Market where the food is just as fantastic as the name.

NYC's Trendiest Go-To Cafe

Located within the quaintness and charm of the West Village, Presstea™ is a staple to this trendy neighborhood. Not only do coffee lovers willingly convert to tea fanatics at this café; Presstea™ completely revitalizes and changes the way we look, taste and think about tea. The unique signature tea drinks are made with a creative modern technique, comparable to an espresso machine: “it presses the tea leaves to release concentrated shots, extracting more of the tea’s flavor than traditional methods.” Say goodbye to bland teas and sugary coffee drinks from chain cafes…because once your taste buds meet Presstea™, you will never want to go back!