Why Ke$ha Is (Surprisingly) An Excellent Role Model

1. She's challenges socially established gender roles.

She talks about having casual sex, partying, and drinking. She openly sexualizes guys, something that male artists do to women on a daily basis, except when they do it, nobody even bats an eyelash. In fact, 'Blah Blah Blah' was actually made as a conscious effort to try and create a song where she talks about men the way they talk about girls. When it's a female talking about this kind of stuff, everybody is quick to label her as trashy or uncouth, but the exact same things are celebrated and joked about when they come from a man. Ke$ha says it best herself, “I’m a young, responsible woman who can work and party as hard as any man. So, if I want to talk about drinking and sex, I’m going to do it.”

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Jennifer Lopez Drops "Booty" Remix Featuring Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea show appreciation for their protruding derrières on J Lo's remake of her latest single,"Booty." However, their very own bodacious assets are not the only things that Jenny from the block and the Aussie emcee talks about embracing on the vibrant electro-dance track--they also urge other women to embrace their big booties as well.

"Booty" includes Pitbull on the original cut of J. Lo's eighth studio album, A.K.A, which was produced by Cory Rooney and Benny Medina. Don't forget to click on the box below to listen to this fiery club banger!

Ariana Grande Premieres Four More Songs From 'My Everything'

When Ariana Grande announced her star studded album lineup, fans everywhere rejoiced while some critics still remained unable to take the former Nickolodean star seriously as more than just a simple tween pop star. We won't lie, even after hearing two different songs, 'Problems,' 'Best Mistake,' and 'Break Free,' we were pleasantly surprised but by no means excessively impressed....until now.

Ariana Grande has just premiered an additional four songs from upcoming sophomore album, My Everything, and they are all incredibly well-done pieces of music that we will certainly be keeping on repeat for the next weeks to come. The four tracks all feature Grande's stunning vocals and showcase her versatility of style, proving to haters everywhere that she has certainly matured into a serious musician. From the sultry 'Love Me Harder,' featuring R&B singer The Weeknd, to the two beautiful ballads 'A Little Bit Of Your Heart,' and 'Why Try,' we have officially become obsessed with Ariana Grande. 'Be My Baby' is definitely our favorite so far, with Grande taking Cashmere Cat's slightly unconventional electronic style and giving it her catchy pop flair.

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Ariana Grande Demands More Love!

Ariana Grande continues to keep fans in high anticipation for the release of her upcoming sophomore album, My Everything, featuring smash singles "Problem," "Break Free," and "Best Mistake," her collaboration with G.O.O.D Music artist and rumored boyfriend, Big Sean. Just earlier today, the young songstress amazed fans once again with her powerful vocals with the release of another collaboration from the album titled, "Love Me Harder" with PBR&B artist, The Weeknd. The track, co-produced by The Weekend himself alongside Savan Kotecha and Max Martin, showcases a more romantic side to the "Often" singer, who is known for recording raunchy tracks that are more inclined to glorifying drug paraphernalia. However, "Love Me Harder" has a lighter sound with playful lyrics filled with flirty sexual innuendos, which deems the track to be a promising effort on the behalf of both artists. My Everything is now slated to be released on August 25th. Listen to "Love Me Harder" below.

Taylor Swift Debuts New Song, New Video and You Will Be Singing it for Days

With a sound unlike any other she has presented before, Taylor Swift shows the world a new side of her musical prowess with her bouncy new hit “Shake It Off.” The first release off her upcoming album, titled 1989, the upbeat, danceable tune undeniably strays far from her designated country genre and thrusts her into the forefront of the pop kingdom.

Fun lyrics like, “Cause the players gonna play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate,” dance along to the playful melody, the result of which will no doubt be the mantra of her teeny-bopping fans, long in anticipation of a new track; her first since 2012.

Listen to it once, and the tune will no doubt be stuck in your head. You can preorder 1989 on iTunes today (available Oct. 27th) , with “Shake If Off” as instant reward.

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Maroon 5 Teams Up With Big Sean On "Maps" Remix

Big Sean joins Maroon 5 on the new remix to "Maps," the leading single on the group's upcoming studio album, V (five). On the DJ Reflex produced remix, Sean Don starts out rhyming lackadaisically about pouring it up and living the good life that he has grown to love, but picks up the pace in his flow as he gets back on track to the romantic theme of the single when he reminisces about a romance that did not work out. "Made a few plays and now everything we talked about showin’ up / And I can show forever, but I’m still getting lost on a map to your heart /So far gone, lets take it back to the start…I guess ain’t no picnic basket / Put four years in and came out a bachelor,” Sean rhymes. Reflex, blends trap with pop, implementing synthesized quick paced drums, which transcends the hit love song into a club record.

Hilary Duff Releases Follow Up To 'Chasing The Sun.'

Hilary Duff is out with a brand new song, the second single in her current attempt at a musical comeback. 'All About You' is certainly a step in the right direction for the singer, though that really isn't saying much after the overly autotuned embarrasment that was 'Chasing the Sun.'

'All About You' is definitely much more natural and down to earth, and although it's still your typical, fairly cliché pop song, we have to admit, it's pretty darn catchy. With its little bit of a country, banjo flair, you may say you hate it, but we all know you'll find yourself singing along at some point.

'All About You' is out now on iTunes.

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A Place With No Name Premieres On Twitter

Just imagine a reenactment of Michael Jackson's 1992 "Keep It in The Closet" video and you will get an idea what you are in for with the visual for "A Place With No Name," a single from Jackson's posthumous LP, Xscape. In the video, a woman clad in a revealing body suit dances freely on a dry, cracked desert floor; the sea tide from crashes violently onto to the rocks and, a man drives diligently to the middle of nowhere until he come across the dancing lady and slows down to speak with her. The two engage in a seductive dance and then drive away together. Next, the lovers go on to enjoy a night out as they are seen dancing in front of a big screen that rolls the footage of Jackson showing off his best dance moves in "Keep In The Closet." The nostalgic visual that premiered exclusively on Wednesday night at 10. P.M. via Twitter, and was released via Youtube today is another nice reminder that the legacy of MJ still lives on.

Bastille Change Things Up With New Song

If you have not already heard Bastille's 'Pompeii,' and at least five different remixes of the track, then you've probably been living under a rock for the past year and a half. With a Top 10 song in over fifteen different countries, Bastille have just unveiled their brand new song, and it's a complete turn away from the hopeful, poppy, and upbeat 'Pompeii' that launched them into the public eye. 'Bad News' is a much darker electronic song fused with some R&B to create an awesome and sultry vibe. Complete with lead singer Dan Smith's signature vocals, 'Bad News' makes bad news seem not too terrible after all.

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Iggy Azalea Debuts "Black Widow" Music Video With Rita Ora

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora reap havoc on a vile offender "Kill Bill" style in the visual for "Black Widow;" the fifth single from Azalea's debut album--The New Classic, which features Ora singing on the hook. In the video, Azalea plays Black Widow, a character similar to Uma Thurman's role (Black Mamba) from the original Quentin Tarantino directed film, Kill Bill.

Clad in curve-hugging, leather bodysuits whilst riding motorcycles in one scene and, wielding sharp swords in another; the two women comb the city looking for Ora's abusive boyfriend, played by Michael Madsen, who starred as Bud in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Grand Hustle Records founder, T.I and actor Paul Sorvino also join the cast.

This is not the first music video movie spin-off that the Australian artist has executed successfully; with the video for "Fancy," released back in March (Clueless spinoff) being her first. Can anyone guess what spin-off she'll do next?