Weekend Pick: Ariana Grande at The Wells Fargo Center

With an absolute galaxy of classic pop hits, Ariana Grande is gradually taking her place as one of the biggest female pop artist on the planet. Unless you spent the entirety of last summer in some remote Amazonian tribe, chances are you've caught yourself absent-mindedly humming along to one of her tunes at some point.

With her latest album My Everything featuring a smorgasbord of high profile collaborations, Ariana Grande has achieved equal success with both her audience and her peers. The former Nickelodeon star is now embarking on a sprawling tour of the U.S and Europe, so don't miss the opportunity to see one of the biggest names in pop in venue near you.

Ellie Goulding Releases New Track for Fifty Shades of Grey

British songstress Ellie Goulding has released a song for the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack and it's just as sexy and fun as you'd expect.

The sensual track, entitled "Love Me Like You Do,” has Ellie singing "I'll let you set the pace / Cause I'm not thinking straight" over a pulsing synth beat. It's clear that the track fits in well with the source material.

New Music Release: Upcoming Singer/Songwriter Brooke Forman's Soulful 'Paper Planes'

A heartfelt ballad is born from the ashes of a tragedy with Brooke Forman's new song, "Paper Planes, co written and produced by Lyon Hart. The tragedy happened on July 17th this summer, when an international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was shot down during transit. The crash killed all passengers and crew on board. It was a shocking and devastating tragedy that left the family and friends of the victims at a loss for words.

Brooke Forman, upcoming songstress based out of NYC, lends her penetrating voice to a cause for this tragedy. She released the song "Paper Planes," for a beloved friend she lost on the flight. The flight was transporting some of the world's leading AIDS experts. Broadway Cares, Equity Fights AIDS has teamed up with Brooke to donate proceeds from any iTunes purchase of the soulful ballad as charity for the cause.

Top 10 Viral Music Videos of 2014

These songs have been stuck in your head for the past year, but the obsession can all be traced back to these explosive music video. These videos popped out on the scene and brought landmark aesthetics and memorable dances that became synonymous with the songs. After all what's a catchy tune without a contagious dance to go with it? This isn't a ranking, but a celebration of the hit songs that shaped the look and sound of 2014.

10. Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX - "Fancy"

As soon as a blonde Iggy Azalea threw on her yellow plaid outfit and knee socks, we all knew 90s throwback was in full swing. Iggy's sassy rendition of the classic movie, "Clueless" for this music video struck exactly the right chord for her and Charli XCX to go off and remind us that they're "in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo."

DJ Earworm Releases 'United State of Pop: Do What You Want to Do'

Earlier today, Billboard.com debuted DJ Earmworm’s “United State of Pop: Do What You Want to Do,” the 2014 edition of his annual commemoration to the year’s greatest pop hits that he began in 2007. Coming in at 4 minutes and 10 seconds, the track is packed with catchy hooks, dance beats, and seemingly, supported by Taylor Swift’s and Meghan Trainor’s smash hits, one strong message: all that matters is music. The video seen below provides the perfect visual for the mashup as the culmination of song and video provide for that uplifting feeling of a year well spent as we prepare for 2015.

Read more about DJ Earworm’s creative process on Billboard.com

One Directions Wins Big at the American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were held Sunday November 23rd on ABC, with Pitbull as the host. One Direction was the big winner of the night, but of course, like any other music award show, the performances are what people are talking about. Let’s take a look at the some the best and worst moments from the show as well as the full list of winners.

Best Moments:

Taylor Swift: Swift opened the show with her song ‘Blank Space’ from her new album ‘1989.’ Her performance incorporated moments from the song’s music video and she even lit a rose on fire. Later on in the show Swift received the first ever “Dick Clark Award for Excellence’ from Diana Ross.

On The Rise: New Singer Maggie Gabbard Brings a Fresh New Flavor to the Pop Music Scene

Maggie Gabbard, a singer/songwriter from Delaware, is set to take the pop music world by storm. Young, vivacious and eager to jump onto the scene, Maggie Gabbard is sure to be your new favorite. We had the chance to see her perform live at Pianos in the Lower East Side and we were nothing short of amazed.

The intimate concert showcased Maggie’s incredible singing talents that ranged from poppy vocals on tracks like “Champagne and Starz” to more soulful tunes like “The Reason is Here." It was a great night of non-stop talent and not to mention it was also her 20th birthday the night of the show, although it could be forgotten that she is a mere 20 years old when you notice how well she commands the stage and everyone in the room's attention.

Weekend Pick: Usher at TD Garden

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, the time of the year when you have the undying desire to see the Usher in concert. Well, lucky for you, he will be performing at the TD Garden this Thursday, November 13th. For those of you who are die-hard Usher fans, (which we assume is anybody with a pulse) then now is your chance to witness the live showcase filled with astronomical vocals and legendary dance moves. The experience is sure to be unique as the R&B artist will be accompanied by the soulful singer, August Alsina and the intense beats provided by DJ Cassidy.

Taylor Swift Meets Hot Boy in New Music Video, Proceeds to Lose Mind

After leaking earlier this morning due to a wee little screw on Yahoo’s part (the video was originally supposed to premiere Tuesday, November 11th on Good Morning America), Taylor Swift and her team decided to premiere the video today on Vevo instead, at about 12:15pm.

"Blank Space" is the second single off of Swifts blockbuster new album, and has received much praise for its wit, charm, and overall pop genius. Unlike Swift’s very many fairy tale love songs of previous albums, Blank Space, and 1989 as a whole, presents the singer in a new light: self-aware, cynical, and well, a bit nutty.

Interview: Paul McDonald

Ah, American Idol alums...such talent, but where do they go after the show? We suppose some sign with indie labels, some try to break-out on their own and some take some time to reflect and refine their sound. One alum in particular started flashing on the industry radar recently...2011’s, Paul McDonald. McDonald, the adorable, scruffy-faced, Alabama-native with the mega-watt smile, captured viewers hearts with his killer pipes and boyish charm. Fast-forward to 2014. McDonald is back and better than ever; wiser certainly, and complete with a matured, evolved sound which will be released on his new album via a Kickstarter campaign (which you can donate to HERE). McDonald recently released the music video for the LP’s first single, "Bright Lights," which illuminates the whirlwind surrounding his past couple of years. The track sees McDonald dipping his toes back into the proverbial pool of pop music, but tweaking it, to incorporate his passion for folk into the mix.