Iggy Azalea Debuts 'Iggy SZN'

Iggy Azalea announces that Iggy season is in full swing on the new single 'Iggy SZN' from her latest project Reclassified. The Aussie rapper spits bragadocious rhymes aimed to discredit critics who question her credibility as a hip hop artist over a groovy clap, whistle and drum synthesized beat, produced by The Invisible Men.

Seemingly, the criticism that Iggy has garnered from veteran emcees, Rah Digga and Snoop Dogg regarding her misrepresentation of hip hop culture has struck a chord given that the incorporation of pop influenced production and hooks
heavily incorporated in her previous musical works are absent on the new cut.

OneRepublic Drops Off Visual To Arty's Remix Of 'I Lived'

DJ Arty has officially released the music video to his remix for OneRepublic's 'I Lived.' The visual showcases the height of the Russian DJ's international Up-All-Night Tour as he is seen working behind the scenes in one take and playing a set before a crowd of supportive fans, alongside the band on their Native Summer Tour in another. Check out the new project below and be sure to follow Arty as he continues touring worldwide. Purchase the tune here.

Erasure: The Violet Flame Review

Andy Bell & Vince Clarke of Erasure have always had a knack for writing soaring, danceable love songs with excellent hooks. From the anthem of “A Little Respect” to the ferocity of “Chains of Love” they’ve crafted special songs that have endured through the ages. On the Violet Flame we are being given all the trademark sounds that make Erasure themselves, but are missing the songs that gave that sound its meaning.

The group admitted in interviews that they’ve changed their approach to writing on this record. Instead of starting with a guitar they’ve started in the studio, producing a backing track & writing a song of top of it. Revealingly this may be the main flaw with the record, as they simply don’t sound very good at writing songs using this method yet. The collection ends up being cohesive to a fault. “Dead of Night”, “Reason” & even the single “Elevation” are all less successful versions of their previous work. There is a slight charm lyrically to “I Stayed A Little Late Tonight” however.

Crystal Castles Breaks Up

Ethan Kath and Alice Glass were the two essential ingredients in what made Crystal Castles the soul-shaking electronic, synthpunk band that rocked the music scene for a decade. However, earlier Wednesday morning, Alice Glass announced via her official twitter account that she would be leaving Crystal Castles.

Alice Glass cited professional and personal reasons for leaving the band. She tweeted, "my art and my self-expression in any form has always been an attempt towards sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others. For a multitude of reasons both professional and personal I no longer feel that this is possible within CC."

Live Review: Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed @ Bloomingdales Lexington's Pink Party

Bloomingdales Lexington was the place to be last week as hordes of shoppers and music lovers alike convened for the 2014 Pink Party promoting Breast Cancer Awareness! Elizabeth Hurley hosted, while former American Idol finalist, Paul McDonald, and Twilight star, Nikki Reed, brought the house down with a special acoustic performance, which was steadfastly embedded in a flurry of pink.
McDonald, who is currently working on his highly anticipated, kickstarter-funded solo album, teamed up with Reed for the occasion, and serenaded the audience with tracks from their July debut album, “I’m Not Falling.” After their intro by Hurley, Paul thanked the crowd for coming out, and explained how much it meant to him, as his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Nikki gently rubbed his shoulder before the pair dove into “Misery,” a heartbreaking tale about craving emptiness in order to understand how to really ‘feel.’ “So Jesus don’t take this emptiness away, because it’s the only way I know what’s real,” the pair harmonized, “thank God for the misery, and the five long years you weathered me…it took the feeling of losing everything to finally save me, so thank God for the misery…”
The crowd was stunned into silence with “The Best Part.” The lyrics were pure poetry: “Look into your soul eyes, prying, dying to know why I feel so whole. When you leave, the sun goes…so take my heart with you now, no need to say what I know…just be with me…” The audience was mesmerized as the pair closed their eyes and lost themselves in the music, crooning, “even if it all falls apart…love is the best part, love is the best part…” The track drew thunderous applause, and not just a few tears.
Reed brought the somber mood back up as she leaned into the mic and said coyly, “Now, as many of you may know, I was in a little vampire film a while ago…” The Twi-hards in the audience made themselves heard, their shrieks of support echoing through the store before she continued, “This next song was written for the ending credits of that movie…” They launched into “All I’ve Ever Needed,” before saying their goodbyes. Appreciative guests mingled and shopped afterwards... all things Pink.
A great big thank you to the stars who made this event possible!
Interview: Izzy Malik
Izzy Malik isn’t your typical teen. Most teens her age are caught up dating dramas, feuding with parents or even wrestling with decisions like whether to go short or long for prom. Not Izzy. Izzy, in many ways, views the world from an adult’s perspective. She is specifically concerned about Malala Yousufazi, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban because she was speaking out in favor of girl’s rights to get an education. Yousufazi survived, and continues on with her campaign today. Malik’s empathy may stem from her Pakistani roots; She moved here from Pakistan at the tender age of three, and has always felt passionately about women's rights. She released an album this past March that included a track dedicated to Yousufazi and her struggle. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Malik about her biggest inspirations, what sets her apart, and more... For our readers who might not know, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Of course. My name is Izzy Malik, I’m 19 years old and I’m a pop singer-songwriter and psychology major. Music is my life and has been ever since I was a little kid. Although I sing primarily pop, I listen to all genres and take inspiration from them. I’m also majorly into scary movies and fashion. Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Sooo many artists. I’d say mainly Elvis, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, One Direction (Harry Styles and Zayn Malik in particular), Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Beyonce, Britney Spears, The Ramones, and Joan Jett. You released your debut self-titled album this past March. What was your favorite part about recording? I’d say all the awesome people I got to work with. It was such an amazing experience to work with so many talented, like-minded people, especially my producer/big bro/co-songwriter Drew Lane and amazing voice coach Dave Stroud. They both helped me grow so much as a musician.
Your first single and music video, "Malala," is a tribute to Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban for wanting to get an education. Was that story what got you involved in women's rights, or have you always been interested? I’ve always believed in women’s rights, but I felt Malala and her story were my call to action. We moved from Pakistan when I was very young and things were starting to get bad, so I never had to experience what Malala did, but I heard stories similar to hers from my family members and friends who still live there. Malala and her cause are very close to my heart and her story speaks to me on a very personal level. In addition to your career, you're also going to college full-time. What's been the biggest challenge you've faced in balancing the two? In the beginning, time management was definitely my biggest problem. Between my music commitments, full-time class schedule, and part-time work at Merced Cancer Center, my plate was full. I tried my best to keep that balance, however, with my increasing commitments to my music, I have had to switch to online school, taking classes from UCLA and UC Berkeley. Education is extremely important to me and I am planning to maintain my GPA as well as get credits equivalent to a full-time student. In the future, I hope to attend Stanford Law School.
You recently performed your first gig, a charity concert for cancer patients, with IM5 and False Puppet. How was it? Any more performances or tours planned in the near future? The show was amazing! It was in my hometown so performing in front of my friends, classmates, and family was an awesome experience. The guys were super nice and we had a fun time. I will actually be going on tour this month with the super-talented and amazing Drake Bell (from Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh”), Jacob Latimore, and some other great artists. I’m super stoked, this is my first tour and I’ll be performing at ten different locations on the west coast, and it’ll be such an honor sharing the stage with one of my childhood heroes, Drake! What makes you different from all other musicians in your genre? I’d say the fact that I don’t limit myself to one genre. I like incorporating a lot of different influences into my music, whether it’s country, pop, reggae, hip-hop, or rock. In my opinion, music knows no boundaries and is to be enjoyed in every form. My next EP includes rap, ballads, pop, and country. Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans? Definitely! I love you guys, thank you so much for the support. You are literally the best!! And thank you so much to everyone at Joonbug, you guys are fab!
Why Ke$ha Is (Surprisingly) An Excellent Role Model

1. She's challenges socially established gender roles.

She talks about having casual sex, partying, and drinking. She openly sexualizes guys, something that male artists do to women on a daily basis, except when they do it, nobody even bats an eyelash. In fact, 'Blah Blah Blah' was actually made as a conscious effort to try and create a song where she talks about men the way they talk about girls. When it's a female talking about this kind of stuff, everybody is quick to label her as trashy or uncouth, but the exact same things are celebrated and joked about when they come from a man. Ke$ha says it best herself, “I’m a young, responsible woman who can work and party as hard as any man. So, if I want to talk about drinking and sex, I’m going to do it.”

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Jennifer Lopez Drops "Booty" Remix Featuring Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea show appreciation for their protruding derrières on J Lo's remake of her latest single,"Booty." However, their very own bodacious assets are not the only things that Jenny from the block and the Aussie emcee talks about embracing on the vibrant electro-dance track--they also urge other women to embrace their big booties as well.

"Booty" includes Pitbull on the original cut of J. Lo's eighth studio album, A.K.A, which was produced by Cory Rooney and Benny Medina. Don't forget to click on the box below to listen to this fiery club banger!

Ariana Grande Premieres Four More Songs From 'My Everything'

When Ariana Grande announced her star studded album lineup, fans everywhere rejoiced while some critics still remained unable to take the former Nickolodean star seriously as more than just a simple tween pop star. We won't lie, even after hearing two different songs, 'Problems,' 'Best Mistake,' and 'Break Free,' we were pleasantly surprised but by no means excessively impressed....until now.

Ariana Grande has just premiered an additional four songs from upcoming sophomore album, My Everything, and they are all incredibly well-done pieces of music that we will certainly be keeping on repeat for the next weeks to come. The four tracks all feature Grande's stunning vocals and showcase her versatility of style, proving to haters everywhere that she has certainly matured into a serious musician. From the sultry 'Love Me Harder,' featuring R&B singer The Weeknd, to the two beautiful ballads 'A Little Bit Of Your Heart,' and 'Why Try,' we have officially become obsessed with Ariana Grande. 'Be My Baby' is definitely our favorite so far, with Grande taking Cashmere Cat's slightly unconventional electronic style and giving it her catchy pop flair.

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Ariana Grande Demands More Love!

Ariana Grande continues to keep fans in high anticipation for the release of her upcoming sophomore album, My Everything, featuring smash singles "Problem," "Break Free," and "Best Mistake," her collaboration with G.O.O.D Music artist and rumored boyfriend, Big Sean. Just earlier today, the young songstress amazed fans once again with her powerful vocals with the release of another collaboration from the album titled, "Love Me Harder" with PBR&B artist, The Weeknd. The track, co-produced by The Weekend himself alongside Savan Kotecha and Max Martin, showcases a more romantic side to the "Often" singer, who is known for recording raunchy tracks that are more inclined to glorifying drug paraphernalia. However, "Love Me Harder" has a lighter sound with playful lyrics filled with flirty sexual innuendos, which deems the track to be a promising effort on the behalf of both artists. My Everything is now slated to be released on August 25th. Listen to "Love Me Harder" below.