New Weekend Brunch Option at Bustan

If there is one thing New Yorkers love it is definitely weekend brunch. With so many brunch restaurants to choose from it is important to check out one with a lot of options and decently priced menu. Thankfully, the recently opened Bustan situated in the UWS offers both for guests.

On Saturday, April 26th they will launch their brunch menu to coincide with the opening of their umbrella and olive tree festooned garden. Brunch at Bustan will be offered Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm, and will feature a pan-Mediterranean flavor with 51 choices all priced within $4.95-$16.50, and basically...that is what you call a great deal!

City Lunch Club Changes the New York Lunch Scene

If you are part of the 40% of Americans who do not take lunch breaks (how do you survive?), then you will want to check out City Lunch Club, a new service that allows New Yorkers to eat at different restaurants without leaving their desks!

Officially launched on April 22nd, City Lunch Club has over 40 restaurants as clients including: Nicoletta, Kutsher's TriBeCa, Bocca, Kokum, Amber, Taqueria Diana, and many more!

Braven Brewing Company: "Bold And Crafty"

Though Bushwick had an astonishing 14 breweries in a 14-block area by 1890, on a stretch known as "Brewers' Row," the last remaining brewery shut down in 1976. The neighborhood was once known as the "brewing capital of the Northeast," primarily providing beer to the city of New York. After a long and sober wait, Braven Brewing Company is out to return Bushwick to its former brewing glory with beer dubbed simply "bold and crafty".

Friends Marshall S. Thompson and Eric Feldman founded Braven Brewing last year after four years of home-brewing together. The two launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund equipment for the microbrewery. They chose the Kickstarter approach for its "all-or-nothing" fundraising style, and clearly, they chose right. Word traveled fast via parties, friends, and local media, fully funding the campaign way before the Kickstarter deadline.

Brazilia Café Opens in the Village

With the opening of Brazilia Café , grab-and-go dining just got classy.

Brazilia Café aims to be a unique beast, a combination café, juice bar, and to-go food spot where everything is made impeccably with seasonal ingredients and top-notch java.

The coffee is sure to be impressive, as Brazilia actually owns and controls their own coffee plantation, and their gelato is also promising as man in charge of their gelato menu used to run an Ice Cream University and will be rotating the gelato menu daily.

East & West Delightfully Mixes and Matches Cultures and Cuisine

East & West, the newest dining addition to hit Yotel New York, is a blend of concepts that is not as overt as it is implicit, and not as gaudy as it is complimentary.

Located on the fourth floor of Yotel, an array of tastes and textures can be found on the deceptively explorative menu created by Executive Chef Bradley Day.

There are both shareable appetizers and large entrees which can be mixed and matched with ease. East & West offers cross-continental combinations, such as Swine Candy (spiced & candied smithfield bacon, $6) along with Bánh mì & Sweet Potato Fries (8-hour pork belly, spicy napa salad, pickled carrots, pâté & miso mayo, $15). The swine candy, both sharp and flavorful, was served over fried leeks in a stemless wine glass. The generous slabs of bacon were too stiff to be cut with a knife, so we turned to breaking them into manageable halves using my hands. We may have taken the "candy" part too literally, but, hey, one can never be disappointed when bacon lives up to its name.

The Ainsworth Park's New Menu Continues to Impress

The idea of an upscale, food and cocktail-oriented sports bar seems like a contradiction of terms, yet the Ainsworth Park makes it feel obvious. With an eclectic mix of top 40, dance, and retro music piping through the room, flatscreens lining the wall behind the bar, and a menu of elevated pub food, the Ainsworth feels like nowhere else: the stylish gastropub cross-pollinated with the after-work hangout bar. The careful balancing act is also applied to the décor, which has made overtures to sophistication in its chandeliers dotting the room, hipster trendiness with its exposed brick walls, and sports bar cheesiness with decorative pillars lined with fake grass.

Chalk Point Kitchen Brings in Guests Via Twitter

Have you ever heard of a NYC restaurant that doesn’t have a website or even a way to preview the menu beforehand?

Enter Chalk Point Kitchen, a new Soho restaurant from Executive Chef Joe Isidori and restaurateur Matt Levine. Isidori, from the late Carroll Gardens spot, Arthur on Smith, has described the new restaurant's menu as having a strong focus on “organic vegetables, seafood, and local produce.” Too bad that is the only information you’ll get about the menu--that is, unless you check it out in person. And as Beyonce learned with the massive success of her surprise album last December, people love a well-kept secret.

Au Za'atar Offers French Lebanses Fusion to the East Village

Au Za’atar is a unique French Lebanese restaurant on the corner of Avenue A and 13th Street in the East Village. The fusion of these two countries’ delicious cuisines was enough to peak our interest, and their extensive menu really sealed the deal. A true family-run restaurant on a busy East Village street, we opted for outdoor seating to enjoy people watching and the great weather, but the inside was divine too. Covered in wood, with romantic lighting and a sizable bar, in the colder months we would certainly enjoy dining indoors. We would also recommend this spot for large parties, as there is space to push tables together, and this would truly be the best way to experience all the appetizers on Au Za’atars menu.

Become Aquianted with the Channing Daughters' Nuanced Flavors
Delicous Debut: Savoury

Reincarnation may not be limited to people and animals; it seems that the late West Village Indian restaurant and bar, Surya, has come to new life in the Upper West Side as Savoury. Chef and owner Lala Sharma (New Dehli's Bukhara, Mughlai, New York’s Surya, and Swagat) opened the doors to Savory at the beginning of April, offering delicately balanced sauces and well-planned ingredient preparation.

Portions are filling and prices affordable with entrees from $16-19. In a neighborhood offering a good amount of vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Savoury includes vegetarian, vegan, and carnivorous options.