Tender Launches Lunch Menu: Review

Right on the edge of NYC’s bustling Theatre District, in the center of midtown Manhattan you will find the Sanctuary Hotel, a rather chic oasis. Inside the hotel is Tender, a sleek modern restaurant and lounge. The moment you enter the luxury boutique Hotel you are greeted by a welcoming staff and inviting decor. Beautiful turquoise banquettes line both sides of the lounge, with comfortable chairs and petite brass round tables. As you make your way through the beautiful lobby you’ll pass a polished brass and onyx-crafted bar with bright turquoise cushioned bar stools. Gleaming chandeliers, alternating wood paneled and original brick walls, a built in fireplace, and an illuminated runway with red ceiling tones all lead up to the spotless towering glass doors of Tender.

Sachi Bistro NYC: Making Asian Fusion in Murray Hill

Upon entry, Sachi looks like stereotypical version of a Western Thai restaurant. Granite elephant statues peek out from corners, nationalistically ambiguous art hangs on the wall, and beautiful stained woodwork is everywhere throughout the space. The dim lighting and slow paced dining room momentarily transports you far from Second Avenue, and you start to wonder if you have perhaps fallen down a rabbit hole and left the city. Then, an angry driver sits on their car horn for far too long, and you are brought back down to earth. You are in a simple yet elegant space in Murray Hill, perfect for either Date Night or Girls Night Out, and you are happy.

We started out with the Gunpowder Bramble, because regardless of the fact that its 70 degrees outside, it’s still fall, and fall is for bourbon. The Creme de Mure Blackberry Liquer pushes the cocktail a wee bit more to the sweet side than we would have liked, but the fresh lemon juice enhances the black tea infused in the Lapsang Souchong bourbon.

A Day Aboard the I LOVE NY Fun Bus

In an effort to make the delights of Long Island even closer to NYC, The Hampton Jitney has teamed up with I LOVE NY to bring both economical and fun day trips from our wonderful city. These trips include round trip transportation from New York City, lunch, and all the tastings at each winery/brewery/distillery for only $169 per person. If you’re looking to make a long weekend out if it, Hampton Jitney additionally has multiple departure/return options so I would recommend making several trips out there this season to explore all the bounty that the island has to offer.

We set off on the luxury motorcoach and immediately were offered snacks and beverages. The seats were comfortable and wi-fi was complementary allowing me to get some work done on the trip out. After a quick 90 minutes, we were already pulling up to our first stop: Jamesport Vineyards.

Somtum Dur Offers Authentic North Eastern Thai Cuisine in the Heart of the East Village

With each bite of the papaya salad, authentically called Somtum, we were truly immersed in the spicy, bold flavor.

We thought we knew what Thai food was; pad Thai, coconut soup—you get the point. The North East region of Thailand is a whole new world that we never knew, and absolutely love.

Somtum Dur has its roots in the restaurant business in Bangkok and recently moved in the NYC market specializing in this “farmer’s plate” of tastes. In this particular region, the plate would be filled with anything and everything from the rice patty and farm, but papaya salad is usually a staple. This usually includes dried shrimp, peanuts, garlic, cherry tomatoes, shredded green papaya, lime and fish sauce. And last but not least, the ingredient that makes it what it is, the chili. Never afraid of a little risk, we asked that the chili be loaded on, and it was worth it. However, those less partial to spice will be happy to know that the flavor is still strong without it. As a matter of fact, you could taste the freshness of the ingredients even more. Additionally, for the health conscious person in all of us, there is no oil added which makes for a much cleaner eating experience.

FIRST COURSE Tuna Avocado Tartare
By The Hudson Makes Its Debut

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and eat at the newest restaurant right next to the Hudson River, conveniently called By The Hudson (BTH), and are happy to report this new edition to the NYC food scene does not disapoint.

Right when you walk in, the ambiance proves perfect for all types of occasions. Whether looking for a date night, drinks, night out, you will find it at By The Hudson. We were lucky enough to sample several of their appetizers to get a feel of the type of food they offer.

Savor Scrumptious “Elevated Street Food” at Assembly Row

Somerville welcomes a new trendy venue to town, and it goes by the name of River Bar. This Assembly Row eatery and bar will open its doors to eager patrons in October…so get excited!

The space’s outstanding design is credited to Niemitz Design Group. River Bar’s intimate, chic and savvy interior is complemented with both a culinary bar and traditional bar. The tall glass, exposed steel structure and natural woods define the top-notch simplicity feel this restaurant presents to its guests. River Bar’s upbeat outdoor setting spotlights cozy fire pits and trees, with a grand overlook of the Mystic River. The restaurant’s aura truly encompasses its ‘urban-industrial’ origin, along with its superlative location on the Mystic River.

The Seed-To-Cup Crazy Is Worth All the Hype

Make way for a new trend which will forever change the way you drink your coffee. We know you've heard about “farm-to-table," but what about “seed-to-cup?" As coffeehouses begin to adopt this new philosophy, we can say good-bye to weak brews and hello to more robust, outstanding beverages.

“Seed-to-table” focuses on a company growing, picking, importing, roasting, and brewing all of their own beans, using only their personal resources from start to finish. If done right, all of this work translates into a more flavorful roast which helps the drinker experience the genuine flavor of an authentic coffee blend.

Why District Tap House is About to Become Your New Favorite Craft Beer Bar & Restaurant

When we first heard about the District Tap House's new cocktail program, we couldn't wait to have a taste. Little did we know that we would be walking into something far more amazing than that. And it's no wonder- with the dynamic head bartender Noble Harris who has worked at the likes ofDylan Prime Steak House in Tribeca and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s Grand Café heading up the list of cocktails for every pallet.

Lot 45 Debuts New Fall Food and Beverage Menus

As we walked up to Lot 45 on Troutman Street in Bushwick, we were overwhelmed with a sense of mystery—what would we encounter on the inside? The glowing Lot 45 sign was beaming outside, and we heard jazz music and the chattering of guests inside. The welcoming outdoor space was both enticing and homey, covered in old plush mismatched couches and beautiful oriental rugs. Djenna, the food truck that has taken a permanent residence inside Lot 45, was cranking out Algerian inspired appetizers that were being passed around by hosts. Some of the fare included Oysters and roasted veggies. After sampling the delicious bites we made our way to the bar.

Spiegel: The East Village's Own Taste Of The Mediterranean

The East Village’s latest addition, Spiegel (26 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009), puts its own twist on dining by creating a restaurant which is perfect for a quick bite at breakfast or dinner and a drink in the evening. In an open spot with attractive decor, guests will feel at home as soon as they sit down, but one glance at the menu reveals that the dining experience will bring them on a trip across the globe.

Serving up continental cuisine with a focus on Mediterranean, Israeli, and Moroccan influences, the dishes host familiar ingredients which are brought to life by unique seasonings and spices. Along these lines, the majority of the options are vegetable based, but regardless of what is ordered, guests will receive huge portions, so sharing is definitely recommended.