Maceo Plex Makes His Debut at Space Miami

It's not even Miami Music Week yet but Club Space has already secured a talent lineup that makes it feel like WMC has come early. This past Saturday, Miami-native (and deep house/techno god) Maceo Plex made his debut at the legendary venue in Downtown Miami and laid waste to the dance floor. During a set that took us well past dawn, the maestro explored a wide and varied musical spectrum. He started off with slower, more melodic techno, weaving a spell of sound over the audience.

It wasn't long before the Terrace room was full to capacity, and Maceo took the opportunity to dive deep into a darker and more aggressive beat-driven sound. Not quite deep house and not quite pure techno, his set tip-toed a line between dark and heavy, and soulful and ethereal. True to his style, though, the focus always came back to dazzline melodies and surging bass lines.

Kool G Rap & Brand Nubian at The Howard Theatre

Are you craving for good hip hop? Live? Then you've come to the right place for guidance. This Friday, the good people over at Hip Hop Livs & 93.9 WKYS presents Kool G Rap and Brand Nubian at The Howard Theatre.

As one of the main staples of golden age rap music, Kool G Rap is noted as the pioneer of Mafioso themed/hardcore hip hop and the multi-syllable rhyme scheme, which laid the blueprint for succeeding rappers including his protégé Nas, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Jay Z and, many more. The Queens native has even been credited by MTV as a "Godfather of hip-hop" that "paved the way for many emcees who would have not been heard of otherwise." G Rap isn't recognized as just a pioneer and superb lyricist, but also a great entertainer who captivated audiences with his compelling storytelling.

Listen to This Track from Damaged Goods

Hearing a Damaged Goods tune drop in a big room club is always an out-of-body experience - and if you call that an exaggeration, you've clearly never experienced that triplet bass on a major sound system first-hand. You wouldn't expect anything less from the artist - considered one of the most interesting and eccentric characters in nightlife - who's been tweaking the recipe for over half a decade and testing it out on some of the most competitive stages in the world.

He couldn't have started the year off with more of a bang. His recent remix of A-Trak's hit "Push" brings all the intensity and energy that Damaged Goods has become known for...and then it kicks it up a few notches. A collaboration with fellow Miami-producer Cosmo, the remix is loaded with hard-hitting bass lines inserted at all the right moments. Unexpectedly, the groove of the original is left intact, creating a unique and infectious fusion of funky and fierce. It's already earned praised from A-Trak, and has been receiving heavy play in big rooms around the country, but that's no big surprise with a track that came from Damaged Goods.

ES.P breathes new life into Underworld's "Born Slippy"

Ever since artists Matt Caseli and Terry Lex released their own rendition of Underworld's "Born Slippy" .Nuxx edit, it seems remixes of the classic can't seem to stop cropping up. One artist who has managed to set himself apart from the crowd, however, is Miami born-and-bred resident ES.P. In his rendition, the young talent offers fans a fresh new take on the dance floor favorite that manages to preserve the integrity of the original while still blending in a unique bass-meets-tropical twist.

ES.P's edit is soft, mellow and teasingly lush, incorporating earthy tribal percussion in the intro and gradually developing into an unexpected trap-inspired breakdown. His beat construction takes center stage in this tune, but is kept in check throughout by Underworld frontman Karl Hyde's haunting and ethereal vocals.

Miami Native Launches New Weekly at Haven

Music producer and visual artist Niko Javan will finally allow the people of Miami into the inner workings of his mind with a new weekly party hosted every Wednesday at Haven.

YOP is a term coined by Javan. He has stated that the acronym stands for “your own path,” and that’s exactly what his party, #Yoppin Wednesday, is all about.

Kryoman Takes On Yellow Claw's 'Legends'

While he may have gotten his start as an onstage performer that usually accompanied the headliners, Kryoman is certainly emerging as one of the electronic music scene’s artists to watch with his recent venture into the realm of music production. Unafraid of pushing the envelope and taking risks in the studio and onstage, his gutsy and intense remixes prove that he is a musical force to be reckoned with.

His latest remix of Yellow Claw’s 'Legends' completely raises the bar and sets a new standard for anyone who wants to try his or her hand at reworking this big room hit. Collaborating with Florida’s own Corporate Slackrs, this remix takes key elements from the original track such as its driving bassline and smooth reggae highlights and magnifies them tenfold to create an exploding club edit designed specifically for a dancefloor at peak hours. It's a remix of epic proportions, and it's bound to get you moving even if you're one of those who prefers lounging in your VIP booth.

Corona Got Creative with Electric Beach Art Basel Edition

Nobody does pool parties like the team from Corona's Electric Beach - the parties themselves have become a staple across the country. If you were in Miami last week for Art Basel, we hope you checked out EB at the Clevelander. To cater to the wide variety of party-goers that attended, Big Apple duo Solidisco kept things sunny and upbeat with a diverse blend of disco-inspired dance tunes and slightly more commercial hits.

Chuckie Serves Up Serious Bass With 'Bang!'

After years of success performing all over the world and delivering knockout hits like 'What Happens In Vegas' and 'Let the Bass Kick', Chuckie is at it again. One of the founding fathers of the Dirty Dutch sound has brought us a smash to close out the year appropriately titled ''Bang!'. It's a collaborative work with The Diamond Pistols and features vocals by Hyper Crush.

The track begins with a frantic high energy build up accompanied by Hyper Crush’s vocals. When the drop finally hits, you’re subjected to the high-adrenaline club-banging sound that Chuckie has made us fall in love with time and time again.

Tom Staar Goes On the Record with

Within the dance music community, the name Tom Staar has become almost synonymous with the idea of the big room sound. Over the years, the UK-based producer has continued to stand out among a wave of progressive house artists through his focus on groove and a more melodic style of music. He caught up with Joonbug before a show in Miami to talk about his sound and the dance music roots that many mainstream artists have forgotten.

You mention the term 'groove' in a lot in your interviews. Ironically, groove isn't something we no longer hear taking center stage in the progressive house scene right now. It was used to be a staple (think Chris Lake's 'Carry Me Away,' or Kaskade's entire Strobelight Seduction album) that disappeared in the early to mid 2000's.

Autograf Brings the Heat with a Remix of The Griswolds' 'Beware the Dog'

The tropics meet indie rock in Autograf’s new remix of The Griswolds “Beware the Dog," and it’s a match made in musical heaven. The indie rock group out of Australia are known for their self-described “tequila-inspired party pop," so it only seems appropriate that founds of the Future Tropical movement, a.k.a. Autograf, swooped in and remixed “Beware the Dog."

The remix brings together several ingenious elements, such as a steel-drum driven backbeat, while enhancing the original's bright guitar riffs with uplifting electronic distortions in order to recreate the Future Tropical sound the project is known for. In the breakdown, the addition of a flute element over subdued vocals creates a melody that makes you feel as though you are on a beach drinking a cold one, and not in the middle of chilly December, as the weather in most places suggests. The marriage of bubbly, driving rhythms and upbeat, infectious melodies ultimately creates a remix that is fun, welcoming and, most importantly, warming.