Weekend Pick: OctoberFest at the Samuel Adams Brewery

Boston beer buffs are often caught boasting about their hometown’s iconic brewery -- the famous producer of Sam Adams, one of the country’s most recognized lagers. The beginning of Autumn not only marks the release of the seasonal Octoberfest variety, but is also time to celebrate the annual OctoberFest event hosted by the Boston Beer Company. A $30 entrance ticket to one of the three two-and-a-half hour time slots covers beer tastings, access to food vendors (where festival-goers can grab German grub from distributors such as Karl’s Sausages, Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe, and Boston Pretzel), fun activities (show off your skills at the stein hoisting competition!), live Bavarian music (brass bands ftw!), and a 16 oz. stein to perpetuate the post-party fall festivities. RSVP here.

What: OctoberFest at the Samuel Adams Brewery

When: Saturday, September 20th, 11am

Where: Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, 30 Germania St., Boston, MA

Weekend Pick: 2014 Chicago Fall Beer Festival at Union Station

Want to have your brew and drink it too? What a question! Of course we do! Discover new domestic and international beers with Drink Eat Play, and celebrate the start of the Fall season with some bubbly beverages for you and your friends to enjoy. Eager beavers can begin as early as 1pm (the event is held in two sessions; the first runs from 1pm-4pm), whereas strict adherents to the “not before 5” rule can start sipping from 6pm (the second session will end at 9pm). Tickets include 30 tasting vouchers, so the decision is yours: are you going to dive right in with an ambitious “power (half) hour,” or savor every sample like a beer snob seasoned aficionado?

What: 2014 Chicago Fall Beer Festival at Union Station

When: Saturday, September 13th, 1pm

Where: Chicago Union Station, 500 W Jackson Blvd. #100, Chicago, IL

LIQS: Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Shot Hybrid

Calling all Massachusetts dwellers gearing up for a party weekend…today is seriously your lucky day. LIQS Cocktail Shot is the world’s first prime ‘ready-to-go Cocktail Shot’ brand, and it’s making an epic debut in Massachusetts this month!

After two years of improving the flavor profiles and inventing the drink’s creative packaging, Founders Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer first launched LIQS Cocktail Shots in Florida. The brand is now breaking into its second market, Massachusetts, and will be extending to Texas in the near future.

Weekend Pick: German Day Festival

Get a taste of Deutschland at Chicago’s annual German Day Festival. Kicking off with the Steuben Parade on Saturday, the festival will take over Lincoln Plaza for the weekend, filling it to the brim with people decked out in their traditional German best, dancing to German tunes, snacking on German foods, and most importantly of all, imbibing plenty of German beer.

It’s a little bit silly but a lot of fun, especially after a few steins of lager. You also get to keep your commemorative mug to better celebrate German culture all year round.

What: German Day Festival

When: Sunday, September 7th, 12pm

Where: Lincoln Plaza, Chicago, IL

Weekend Pick: The Windy City Wine Festival

If you're still wondering how to spend your Friday, why not use the evening to sip on fine wine and dine on some of Chicago's best restaurants' most iconic dishes?

You can find all of that at the Windy City Wine Festival. More than forty different vineyards will be offering a total of over 300 wines, so there will be plenty to taste and explore whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or this is your first step away from Franzia.

You’ll be able to fortify your night of wine with eighteen different food vendors, offering everything from cupcakes, pastries, sushi and barbeque.

A Social Media Community for Wine? We Like the Sound of That

Bottlenotes is an online forum created for the soul purpose of uniting wine and beer enthusiasts with experts, events, products, and community. They are the leading wine related interactive social media platform out there, and their e-newsletter, the Daily Sip, has an enormous following for a fledgling organization.

The Daily Sip features content on all things wine related, and directs readers to specific regions and varietals, as well as the tastemakers, influencers, and prominent business owners in the wine industry.

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Grab a 5 Cent Cocktail

Got a nickel? Great. This Wednesday (as in tomorrow), head on over to BFB at 55 Gansevoort St. and use that nickel wisely. That's correct--just 5 little cents buys you your first cocktail at Owl's Hour at the Pub, and when you're done with that one, enjoy $8 specials to follow. This is the very last Owl's Hour, brought to you by Owl's Brew, of the season and you do not want to miss it. After all, when will you ever get the chance to enjoy a 5 cent cocktail in Manhattan ever ever again? Exactly.

Don't forget to RSVP to

Weekend Pick: 5th Annual Mass Brewers Festival at World Trade Center

Kick off Labor Day Weekend with a different kind of event at the 5th Annual Mass Brewers Fest. Who doesn’t like an event that involves endless booze?

With over 100 different beers and over 30 breweries in the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, you are guaranteed to have a great time and leave extremely drunk! This event offers craft beer lovers to sample a few local favorites and check out beer created exclusively for the festival.

Williamsburg's Starbucks is Now a Wine and Beer Bar too, Because Obviously

Hipsters, beware! Another Starbucks is coming to Brooklyn — and this one will leave an even bigger mark than the last.

Remember when Starbucks moved into Williamsburg and was met with adversity from the local residents? Well, all of that has died down, but the neighborhood’s second location is planning to appeal to customers in a whole new way. The company has officially confirmed that they are seeking out a liquor license for their N Seventh Street location, opening between Bedford Ave. and Berry St.

10 Things to Look Forward to at the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival

As die-hard beer lovers, we could not be more excited about the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival happening on September 27th. Insomuch, we've been stalking the event's page, eager to learn what to expect and prepare accordingly. And as it is our jobs, we also wanted to share this information, and so we present a list of our favorite beers that you'll be able to find and try at the festival. At the moment there are 39 breweries signed up (with more coming) for this day, so it will be easy enough to find your perfect brew!