Andaz 5th Avenue Hosts Stellar Weekend Mixology Class

Andaz 5th Avenue hosted the second installment of their monthly mixology class that centers around Broadway musicals. This month’s theme was Cinderella and featured a “Royal Slipper” cocktail. The classes that run for about 90 minutes take place in the Bar Downstairs of Andaz 5th Avenue.

Led by Andaz’s highly trained mixologists, Shane McGowan and Sean Diener, the class started off with a little history behind famous cocktails like the Tom Collins and the Clover Club, named after pre-prohibition men’s club in Philadelphia. As we got our history lesson we sipped the drinks as well as sampling different types of Vermouth. We then learned a few tricks of the trade including the use of citric acid, how to make your own syrups, the importance of water content, ice cube size and more. After finishing a few cocktails we took a break to do some mixing of our own.With a little help from Shane and Sean, we made perfect whiskey sours combining bitters, egg whites, lemon juice, sugar and Bourbon. While our shaking skills could use some fine-tuning, the drinks came out perfectly.

New York's Second Annual Champagne Week

If there were ever a beverage to celebrate, it should rightfully be the one we drink most often at celebratory moments. If you couldn’t have guessed from the preceding sentence, we are talking about champagne. November 3rd through November 7th marks New York City’s second annual Champagne Week, which highlights the best of the bubbly for your tasting and partying pleasure. There will be exclusive tastings, cocktail competitions, parties, and more, held all over the city to showcase and highlight the diversity and deliciousness of the world's classiest beverage.

Second Glass: Night of the Bubbles at Webster Hall

You may remember that we covered Second Glass' Wine Riot event last month (and also that we had a ridiculous amount of fun). Well Second Glass is back and hosting another fabulous event on November 8th! We have been anticipating the Night of the Bubbles since we left Wine Riot. With Webster Hall as the backdrop for a tasting including over 100 kinds of champagne, photo booths, food trucks, tattoo stands, and champagne courses, it is a party not to be missed.

You Will Completely 'Fall' In Love With These Cocktail Menus

With fall officially here in NYC, this means some of your favorite restaurants will be changing out some of their popular summer items for the new season. Specifically, the most important part of any meal, cocktails, are getting makeovers for this fall. Be sure to check out these new fall cocktail menus at some of our favorite spots.

1. Experimental Cocktail Club (191 Chrystie St.)-
ECC is the first opening in America for the Experimental Group, who have locations throughout Europe. So you can definitely expect a European fall twist with many of their drinks. Their new fall cocktail menu has fall-like drinks, large punches, and vintage cocktails. Guests will be able to try the Brazilian Magic Punch (Yaguara Cachaca, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Pineapple, Verjus, Agave Syrup, Black and White Peppers, Chilean Peppers, Nutmeg, Cocoa Beans, Vanilla, Rose Buds) or Midnight Snack (Bulleit Bourbon, Bittermen’s New Orleans Coffee, Tawny Port, Orgeat Syrup, Whole Egg, Butter Cookie), and many more!

It's Thursday And Free Vodka is Happening

Alas, you have almost made it to the weekend. It is Thursday at last and the excitement is real. So real in fact that 1200 Miles is celebrating with one of their Spirited Happy Hours tonight, where guests can enjoy complimentary cocktails featuring Snow Leopard Vodka.

Tonight’s event is part of the Modern Mediterranean restaurant’s effort to introduce guests to many different libations throughout the fall, including both cocktails and appetizers.

Snow Leopard Vodka donates 15% of its profits to snow leopard conservation profits in an effort to help prevent extinction. The vodka is made in Poland at one of the finest vodka distilleries in the world and is the first luxury vodka made from the rare spelt grain, which has a distinct nutty fresh taste and is distilled six times with natural spring water.

Five Pumpkin Ales to Try This Fall

Amber Foliage, crisp air, the smell of warm cider on a lazy Sunday morning can only mean one thing : Fall. As we enter the season filled with all the the pumpkin best, we must not forget the most important one, pumpkin ale. While microbreweries and craft beers seem to be increasingly dominating the beer market in the past few years, pumpkin ales have held their ground as far back as colonial America. Today’s pumpkin ales tend to be made with a combination of spices including ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice in a time consuming process. They usually are available from September through November, which is why we should take advantage while we can.

Nine Halloween Cocktails to Die For

’Tis the season to be scary! What a better way is there to get into the Halloween spirit than with some holiday themed drinks? Not a pro behind the bar? That’s ok—we’re not judging. In fact, we’re here to help. We’ve traveled the world to find the best Halloween themed cocktails, and so thoughtfully provided you with the trusted recipes for each. Whether you prefer vodka, rum, tequila, or whisky, you’ll find the perfect holiday drink in our roundup. Easy to make, fun to drink, and tasty enough to make Dracula swoon, these cocktails add a festive element to any Halloween party or pregame festivity. We’re sure that after just one sip, you’ll be under their spell of wonder.

The Perfect Fall Wines

Many wines can be enjoyed year round, but certain wines pair best with fall food and are more comforting in the colder seasons, like a strong cabernet rather than a light rosé in the summer.

As the weather gets cooler we look for our food and drink to comfort us. Pumpkin pies, soups and casseroles tend to pair well with robust red wines. Many wine experts recommend pinot noirs and burgundys to compliment many heavier dishes that we cook in the fall.

Just as we change our wardrobe to welcome the autumn months let’s not forget to switch up our wine selection to compliment the season.

Bar-Hopping For A Cause: It's Cocktails For Comfort

Get ready for a boozy adventure which also supports a great cause. Starting on October 10th, eight bars throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens will be featuring specialty cocktails created to support Chemo Comfort — an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for chemo patients. Running until October 19, this ten-day event will be known as Cocktails for Comfort.

It's Time To Drink Vodka Because Recipes

1. Sea Breeze

1 1/2 fluid ounces vodka
4 fluid ounces cranberry juice
1 fluid ounce grapefruit juice
1 1/2 cups ice cubes
1 lime wedge

Combine all ingredients and stir. Add ice and garnish with a lime.