Williamsburg's Starbucks is Now a Wine and Beer Bar too, Because Obviously

Hipsters, beware! Another Starbucks is coming to Brooklyn — and this one will leave an even bigger mark than the last.

Remember when Starbucks moved into Williamsburg and was met with adversity from the local residents? Well, all of that has died down, but the neighborhood’s second location is planning to appeal to customers in a whole new way. The company has officially confirmed that they are seeking out a liquor license for their N Seventh Street location, opening between Bedford Ave. and Berry St.

10 Things to Look Forward to at the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival

We have previously mentioned the upcoming Fourth Annual "Brooklyn Pour" Craft Beer Festival happening on September 27th, and as die-hard beer lovers, we could not be more excited. On the edge of our seat with anticipation, we've been stalking the event's page, eager to learn what to expect and prepare accordingly. Insomuch, we also want you to know such information as well, and so we present a list of our favorite beers that you'll be able to find and try at the festival. At the moment there are 39 breweries signed up (with more coming) for this day, so it will be easy enough to find your perfect brew! be easy enough to find your perfect brew!

Korean Grain Coffee is All the Rage

Let’s be honest, for most New Yorkers, the only proper way to start the day is with a good cup of overpriced coffee. A magic stimulant which gives us the energy to survive and function, caffeine is more than just an indulgence, it’s a necessity. This doesn’t mean, however, that the human race is content with enjoying coffee in its most simple forms; rather, we are constantly concocting new ways to enjoy the drink and all its attributes.

Welcome in misugaru, a Korean grain-coffee, a healthier choice that doesn’t leave you with a caffeine-headache — and it’s next big thing here in NYC!

Weekend Pick: No Middle Ground Tasting

There’s nothing we love to drink more than beer – except, maybe, coffee. Now what if those two could be united in some single, flawless beverage? Well, All About Beer Magazine, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and Counter Culture Coffee have worked together to make that dream a reality. This new beer, called No Middle Ground, has infused Counter Culture’s incredible coffee into an experimental IPA to create an amazing concoction like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

You can try out this limited edition beer completely free at a tasting this Friday. For two hours you can sip the unusual brew as well as sample hot and iced Counter Culture Coffee and light snacks. Attendees will also get a free trial of All About Beer Magazine, whose 35th anniversary is coming up soon this year.

Fried Chicken in Your Bloody Mary is Now a Thing

The meat-cocktails have finally crossed the line. Sobelman’s Pub ’N Grill (1900 W St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233) has added a $50 Bloody Mary to their menu, garnishing every order with cheese, sausage, mixed vegetables, shrimp, and, you guessed it, a whole fried chicken. Yes, an entire chicken, breaded, deep fried, and set on top of your cocktail right next to two skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheeseballs…

The NYC Rum-Down

National Rum Day is finally here, and you’re probably wondering how to celebrate this amazing boozy holiday in the city. Well, no worries here are all the spots you need to be on Saturday, August 16th.

1. Mother Ruin (18 Spring St.)-
Although they’re celebrating well in advance, Mother Ruin’s is hosting a Bloody Jerry bar on Tuesday, August 12th from 6pm-8pm. The bartenders will mix drinks featuring Sailor Jerry Rum, but you’ll be able to garnish random food concoctions to make your drink as tasty as ever!

Weekend Pick: Late Night Happy Hour at the Strip Joint

The new Philly spot the Strip Joint is best known for their delicious and absurdly affordable steaks, but they also have a hell of a happy hour.

Get here Saturday at 11pm for a night owl special, which features a $15 sangria carafe, $4 specialty cocktails including their Spicy Moscow Mule, and their craft beers and hand-selected wines for $3 apiece.

While you’re there, take the chance to check out their steak menu, which will get you a steak maison, New York strip, or even a filet mignon for less than a Jackson. It’s hard to top that for a late-night bar snack.

What: Late Night Happy Hour at the Strip Joint

When: Saturday, August 9th, 11pm

Where: The Strip Joint, 918 S 22nd St., Philadelphia, PA

Savor Spirits with SingL's New Tasting Tuesdays Line-Up

Trendy scotch lounge, SingL, is debuting a new line-up of cozy Tasting Tuesday classes, led by Master Sommelier Roger Dagorn. Each class is an hour long and accommodates up to 12 guests. Priced at $25 per person, you don’t want to miss out on such an incredible experience. Tasting glasses will be poured, lively discussions of spirits will commence, and a complimentary cocktail from the venue’s beverage list will surely delight the taste buds.

Weekend Pick: The Art of Craft Beer at Blackfinn Ameripub

Two hours of free beer samples?! Yes, this is real. No, you're not dreaming. Blackfinn Ameripub has been dedicated to providing delicious food and beverage products to their beloved customers for many years. One evening per month Blackfinn will feature a selected brewery to educate and entice beer aficionados from far and wide.

Hurry though! There are only 100 spots open for this event. RSVP does not guarantee admittance so arrive early and make sure you are dressed in your best craft beer outfit.

What: The Art of Craft Beer at Blackfinn Ameripub

When: Saturday, August 9th, 9:30pm

Where: Blackfinn Ameripub, 65 West Kinzie St., Chicago, IL

The Most Popular International Beers, Ranked

This Friday is International Beer Day, which combines two of our favorite things: learning about new cultures and drinking. In honor of this most sacred holiday, we gathered together some of the most popular lagers and ales from around the world, and then checked in with the beer geeks at to rank them from best to worst.

1. Of course the country with the best taste in beer is Germany. Beer and Germany go together like peanut butter and jelly, or that one Grease song where everyone just shouts random noises. Their fave is the Krombacher Pils.