Live Review: Hollow & Akimbo @ Pianos

Michigan-bred experimental dream pop band, Hollow & Akimbo roused an expectant crowd recently at Pianos in NYC. In a whirlwind stop to the Big Apple, they came (Jonathan Visger, Brian Konicek, and Mike Higgens), played, and they CONQUERED.

Hollow & Akimbo mounted the stage as their audience fell silent. Suddenly, the crowd was plunged into darkness as a spectacular light show illuminated the venue, transforming the intimate gathering into a stadium vibe. “This is our first trip to New York ever,” Visger admitted to a chorus of hoots and hollers.

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Weekend Picks: Lilly Allen At The Electric Factory

Fiesty pop diva, Lily Allen, brings her most recent tour to the Electric Factory this Friday. The English songstress known for controversial songs like, "F--- You" and "It's Hard Out Here," will treat concert goers to a performance of past hits, as well as new cuts from her third studio album, Sheezus, released in May to positive reception. Although the new LP showcases Allen's growth as a songwriter, her soulful vocals and brash, bold lyrics has not wavered. Tickets are now on sale! Check out additional tour dates here.

Death By Audio - A Brooklyn Landmark Says Goodbye

The DIY Brooklyn music venue, Death By Audio has recently announced it is closely its doors November 22nd, 2014. A longtime staple of the Brooklyn music scene, the venue was started seven years ago by Edan Wilber and Matt Conboy and has held over 1000 acts every year since including the Dirty Projectors, Thee Oh Sees and Future Islands.

Wilber and Conboy recently wrote a letter to their supportive fan base which seemed to implicate rising costs in the Williamsburg area leading to a more expensive, and likely unaffordable lease.

Neverender - Coheed and Cambria Still One of the Biggest Names In Rock and Roll

From their raw debut "Second Stage Turbine Blade" to 2013's blistering "Afterman: Ascension/Descension" double-album, Coheed and Cambria are still keeping fans engaged nearly 20 years lated. In an industry where we see bands form and fall apart within the span of a few hours, it's nice to to be able to think of a group that is still going strong despite all the cliched band drama (drugs, creative differences, armed robbery, blah blah blah).

Weekend Pick: The Pretty Reckless at Theater Of Living Arts

Good news, alt-rock band, The Pretty Reckless promotes their debut album Going To Hell with their "Going To Hell" nationwide and international tour starting this Saturday. The bad news is, only a limited amount of tickets remain for the Philadelphia performance that the rowdy "Messed Up World" quartet will deliver front stage and center at the Theatre of Living Arts. Don't worry, you can still purchase tickets now at Keep in mind that you can always catch TPR on their next tour just in case you are unable to drive out to the nearest show that will be held in New York at the Best Buy Theater on November 8th.

Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter

Ambitious. Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter” is a curious rock musical, currently playing at the Minetta Lane Theater in Greenwich Village. Revolution is written by Icelandic brothers Ivar Pall Jonsson and Gunnlaugur Jonsson, and it attempts to cover multiple major themes, with humor that appears to fall somewhat flat on a largely American audience. The cast however, is top rate. The storyline portrays the human body (specifically Ragnar Agnarsson the furniture painter’s) as the universe, with the population highlighted in this play, residing in the elbow. God is referred to as Bob, because when the good people of Elbowville travel to Ragnar’s eye sockets, they behold visions of Robert Redford (Agnarsson’s favorite actor). The Prosperity Machine, the central component here, is an invention of Peter’s (the very talented, Marrick Smith) and addresses human nature and greed, by issuing easy loans reminiscent of the 2008 economic crash. These loans of course, cannot be sustained, so they ultimately lead to the town’s financial demise, and the revolution. Sex is covered as well, merely referred to as “the sexy thing,” and the theme of family, both adopted (in the form of a lovingly swaddled virus), and biological (Peter’s wife Brynja, played by Karli Dinardo, is pregnant throughout), is center front. Finally, tragically, death, as a suicide, brings this story full circle. It overwhelms! ...and we mustn't forget the lobsters! The people of Elbowville are fishermen...of lobsters from Ragnar’s lymphatic system. Lobster dialog and lobster costumes repeatedly materialize in this play. Looking further into lobster symbolism, we found that Surrealist, Salvador Dali, saw the claws of the lobster as representing danger. The Surrealist Art Movement during World War II viewed the lobster as a symbol of the dangers of war. Well, the show IS about a revolution.. The town of Elbowville is’t all seafood and sunshine - it is a city in turmoil, rife with corruption fueled by greedy mayor (The Producers' Cady Huffman), and the morally deficient Peter (Marrick Smith). Together they manage to financially run the town into the ground, all while Peter steals the love of his brother Stein (Brad Nacht), by putting his personal desires above the bond of a brother; family. Revolution in the Elbow’s set and effects are outstanding. The in-house band that accompanied the show’s musical numbers, the Revolution Cell Orchestra, rocked, with stadium quality acoustics. The acting was on point, but predictably so with this star-studded cast. Cady Huffman, specifically, was brilliant. The talent was apparent for all to see and hear, but the show was a lesson in excess, and proof that more times than not, less is indeed more. An overabundance of metaphors, loose connections and quirky symbolism, made it apparent that the script could have benefitted from some significant editing, but judge for yourself; it’s ripe for interpretation, and the tickets conveniently can be found here!
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Announce New Album & Release New Track, “Cellophane”
Wacky Australian psych-rock masters King Gizard & the Lizard Wizard have done it again! The self-described band of “completely fried theremin wielding psychopaths,” notorious for releasing four full-length albums in the past two years alone, have announced a new album, appropriately titled, “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz,” via Thee Oh Sees’ frontman John Dwyer’s label, Castle Face Records. The album may not be out until November 11th, but not to worry, because King Giz didn’t leave us hanging - they’ve released the record’s first single, “Cellophane,” and it’s one hell of a trip! Littered with the band’s signature fuzzed-out instrumentals paired with an infectiously dance-worthy beat. Frontman Stu Mackenzie wails with reckless abandon above the reverb, providing the perfect hazy accompaniment. Check out the insane track below, and while you're at it, take a look at the remaining KG&TLW US tour dates before the release!
Topshelf Records - On Top For a Reason

In 2005, a small handful gathered in the small town of Peabody, MA that marked what would be the first of several meetings for independent record label Topshelf Records. Now known by many as one of the most diverse labels in the country, Topshelf is a label that continues to do things differently in a music industry where most of the big name companies are beginning to fall by the wayside. Truly heralded as a “labor of love” by label heads Seth Decoteau and Kevin Duquette, the company is continuously fighting for its own existence and turning heads in the process.

Check out The Future Laureates TONIGHT at Pianos!
Are you a fan of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and hellogoodbye? Well, today's your lucky day; Chicago-based rockers, The Future Laureates are coming to Pianos in NYC! After six years of extensive touring and wildly successful performances at SXSW and Summerfest, TFL is ready to invade NYC with their own signature blend of classic rock, pop, folk, and soul while preparing for the release of their new EP, due out next month. Come check ‘em out at Pianos TONIGHT and catch their new jams!
Giving Your Life to Playing In a Band and Waiting to Be Repaid: The Swellers

Recently, punk rock dynamos The Swellers have decided to call it quits amidst a young and seemingly successful career. Starting the band in their basement in 2002, brothers Nick (vocals/guitar) and Jonathan (drums/vocals) were eager to make a name for themselves in the punk scene in one of the most unlikely of places – Flint,Michigan. Within years, they were mainstays of the Vans Warped Tour and began touring the US constantly.

Soon after, the group signed on to well-known label Fueled By Ramen, and played on several different nationwide tours, opening up for bands such as Paramore, Less Than Jake and Motion City Soundtrack.