Giving Your Life to Playing In a Band and Waiting to Be Repaid: The Swellers

Recently, punk rock dynamos The Swellers have decided to call it quits amidst a young and seemingly successful career. Starting the band in their basement in 2002, brothers Nick (vocals/guitar) and Jonathan (drums/vocals) were eager to make a name for themselves in the punk scene in one of the most unlikely of places – Flint,Michigan. Within years, they were mainstays of the Vans Warped Tour and began touring the US constantly.

Soon after, the group signed on to well-known label Fueled By Ramen, and played on several different nationwide tours, opening up for bands such as Paramore, Less Than Jake and Motion City Soundtrack.

Flip On the Tele - Fox to Showcase New Show based on Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo, best known as the frontman of influential rock band Weezer, is going to have a sitcom based on life air on Fox. As many are aware, the nerd-rocker attended Harvard for a year in 1996, then left to work with Weezer full-time, only to return and finish his degree almost a decade later.

Somewhat loosely-based on Cuomo’s experiences, the show is called DeTour and revolves around a mid-thirties rockstar who departs from the limelight to “find himself” and figure out what he missed while being famous.

Fox already struck a deal with the creators to pay them if the pilot doesn’t air, so it does seem as though this one is being fast-tracked. Maybe some Weezer songs work themselves into the soundtrack – one can only hope! Just no new stuff…

Sonic Highways - A Peek Into the New HBO Series by Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters

The biggest rock band in the United States is taking their act to new heights once again. Continuing to push the envelope, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have this time brought their story to HBO with a series about the making of their latest LP, Sonic Highways. The show – of the same name as the LP – is set to air October 17th at 11pm, and features appearances from Slash, Dolly Parton, LL Cool J, Macklemore, Willie Nelson and even President Obama.

The series dives deeper into the process of the album, and chronicles the sonically unique experience the band became a part of when recording in cities all across the country. Notes Grohl in the trailer below, "I really believe that the environment in which you write or record an album influences the musical results.”

Prawn's Kingfisher - Hook, Line and Sinker

Prawn is one of those bands that you’ve never heard of, but once you do know them, you’re shocked others don’t. The band falls into a rather “sneaky talented” category – often requiring several listens to really get a feel for their sound. Still, Prawn has been doing their best to stay out of the oft-stereotyped “emo” category of music while working their butts off to stay relevant in the process. However, they may, in fact, be here to stay with their newest LP Kingfisher.

The line “it’s the floor I’m reaching for” starts off the record – perhaps not the most uplifting message, but Prawn does not shy away from being straight-forward. Driving these songs are perhaps some of the most soaringly-catchy melodies Prawn has ever written. Though the lyrics can be downright depressing (“if the gods are fair then I am f*cked”), the trumpet lines and Explosions in the Sky-like guitar leads are enough to keep your foot-tapping throughout. The pacing of Kingfisher is tremendous, and by the time you hit the fourth track “Dialect Of…,” you’re completely submersed in the intricacies that Prawn is known for.

Callie Huber Releases Debut Music Video, 'Rabbit Hole'
Berklee College student Callie Huber has just released her debut music video, "Rabbit Hole!" “Rabbit Hole” follows her first ever Rabitt-produced single, "Dry," which had been released on SoundCloud previously, leaving us eagerly awaiting her next venture. "Rabbit Hole" does not disappoint. It opens in black and white, panning over a bustling cityscape. When the track reaches its climax, the video explodes with color (We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto). The music is sweet, with a folky vibe, and offers a cool ambiance for many a serene summer’s day. Check the video out below!
Interview: Jake Furia
Jake Furia is a player... Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! Jake is a player in the music scene, and has been for some time now. He began his career as the commanding frontman of the heavy metal act Deadly Blessed. Then, he switched things up by going electronic as one half of the DJ duo, DJ Enfuria. Most recently, Jake stripped down his sound in favor of going acoustic as the sensitive singer-songwriter type, and now has a newly released EP. I had the chance to speak with Jake about going solo, the Long Island music scene, and what comes next...
For our readers who may not know, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi there, my name is Jake Furia. I'm a solo artist from Long Island, NY and I try to play every kind of music that I love. I play as an acoustic artist, a full band act and as a DJ. As the former frontman of Deadly Blessed, what inspired you to explore a solo career? My band broke up, [laughs]. I was actually recording some acoustic songs that I'd written a few months before that and people just really started enjoying them. After we broke up I just went right into it so I didn't have to stop playing. What's been the biggest challenge transitioning from a band to going solo? What's been the biggest reward? I haven't really encountered any challenges, it's great actually. With the whole transition it occurred to me that I can literally play whatever I want, which was great because in the last two years I've discovered so many kinds of music that I love that I'm happy I'm not sticking to a specific genre. How has the Long Island music scene influenced your sound? Oh, so blatantly, [laughs]. Long Island for like the last 20 years has been one of the biggest hubs for successful pop-punk, hardcore and alternative rock artists. As a solo artist, and especially with my backing band, The Be-Yourselves, that's what we've grown into writing. Do you have a set songwriting process? Kind of, there's definitely one thing that I keep in mind when I'm writing that's really helped me out. Specifically when I'm writing lyrics I try remember to write down EXACTLY what I want to say. I don't like to write for structure or rhyme scheme so much as I like to make the lyrics fit. Personally, what has music done for you? The same thing as it's been doing since I heard Jimmy Page rip it on "Whole Lotta Love" when I was about 14. Stuff gives me passion. Everybody has that thing in life that makes them feel real or whole inside and for me it's music. When I'm playing or even just listening to music, I know I'm in my right place. What's next for you? Next, I'm working on putting out a whole bunch of music to promote stuff I've been working on. This October I'm putting out my first official music video which will be the first thing to feature my full band, and from there I'll be working on more new music with The Be-Yourselves. Also, I'll be debuting a new EDM duo I'm in with a producer named Evan Schwartzman called 'Shotgun Styles' with new music coming soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me!
Braid - Showing that Growing Up Isn't So Bad

So frequently in the music business we see bands “comeback” from the dead, joining together once again to re-live the glory days of time gone by. But all too often these reunions feel forced, out of place, and just plain boring. But Champaign, Illinois based band Braid proves that it doesn’t always have to be this way with their first LP in 16 years No Coast.

Started by guitarist Bob Nanna, Braid features Chris Broach on vocals and guitar, Todd Bell on bass and Damon Atkinson on drums. The band became a fixture in the Chicago rock scene in the 1990s and moved in similar circles as American Football, Jawbreaker and The Smoking Popes. The versatile four-piece established themselves with their gritty guitars, heart-wrenching melodies and self-deprecatingly honest lyrics. Releasing three albums in a four-year span, Braid embarked on tours with the likes of Less Than Jake and The Get Up Kids.

Live Review: Sultan Bathery at Don Pedro's

Sultan Bathery
; a town in Wayanad, Kerala, India. Sultan Bathery the band; four Italian guys who play psych/garage/punk-rock. Psych/garage/punk-rock; derivative forms of rock, which have African-American roots. Don Pedros; the Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn, where the derivative forms of rock with the African-American roots were played, by the Italian guys with the Indian band name, in the USA...and they psych/garage/punk-rocked it!
Sultan Bathery needed no introduction, blazing into the blues-infused "Mirror," with a heavy bass line not unlike those of The Black Keys. Trippy, echoed riffs accompanied pounding percussion as frontman Giovanni Ongaro wailed out in a daze, "Oh, I see you in a thousand shards sparkling as gold, oh I see you like a grain of sand dried in the you're free to be what you want, to be what you want...oh, the mirror is falling off the wall, falling off the wall..." "Satellite" got the crowd up and moving, the irresistibly infectious beat reminiscent of The Kinks engulfed the venue. A deceptively peppy-sounding tune, "Satellite" sadly deals with the death of a friend, and the lyrics are absolutely heart-wrenching. "My friend Mike has left his body and he won't be here for you, he doesn't know where he's going," Ongaro sang, "Mom and Dad, they can't stop crying, as he laughs from the top...he doesn't know where he's going..." The highlight of Sultan Bathery's set was the enticingly dramatic "Purple Moon." The crowd was completely mesmerized, as multicolored lights blinked, a fog machine blew smoke and the guys let loose, aggressively jamming on their instruments. The rhythmic lyrics were short and sweet, woven in-between transcendent, otherworldly instrumentals: "Purple Moon, are you calling me from above? Your dull sound looms in the dust of this empty room...Sleep and snore in your pane on the floor, a strange old tune makes me dream of purple moon..." Another stand-out was "On The Run," a tune that explored the subject of escapism with twisting, churning instrumentals, and a full-on guitar break down at it's conclusion. "Good To Me" threw a dash of rockabilly into the predominantly garage-rock mixture, continuing to wake up the crowd with a bouncy, danceable beat. Lastly, "Where The Lights Are" saw Sultan Bathery channel fellow rockers, The Dead Weather, with no-holds-barred percussion and a fuzzy guitar solo that just wouldn't quit. Shouts of "GRAZIE! GRAZIE!" were issued from Ongaro, as the band exited the stage to greet their fans before heading out. Internationally influenced; Sultan Bathery demonstrates the beauty of diversity. Well done, guys!
Sultan Bathery Announce US Tour Dates!

Sultan Bathery have just announced the dates for their US tour! The Italian psych-garage rockers have been busy touring Europe after the release of their stellar debut self-titled album on Slovenly Recordings.

Having been compared to greats like Acid Baby Jesus and The Black Lips, Sultan Bathery blends trippy, fuzzed-out instrumentals with surprisingly deep lyrics for a deliciously gritty, dance-worthy vibe. Sultan Bathery's bone-rattling beats will rock your soul and have you moving in no time. Tickets can be found here...see you there!

Weekend Pick: The Kooks at Paradise Rock Club

This Saturday, July 26th, enjoy the rocking sounds of The Kooks as they bring their undeniable talent to Boston. In Paradise Rock Club, located in the state’s busiest city, the band will be dominating the stage as the headline their very own tour across the east coast. Fans will have the opportunity to jam to their music while mingling with fellow fans.

The band will showcase their music at this Boston venue; it will not be a show you want to miss. Get there early, and be ready to rock out.

What: The Kooks at Paradise Rock Club

When: Saturday, July 26th

Where: Paradise Rock Club, 967 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA