Scream for October's Scariest Releases

As Halloween approaches each year, a slick string of seriously terrifying horror flicks make their debut. After all, what better way is there to celebrate the spookiest time of the year than with a good ole fashioned scary movie? This year's offerings are full of creepy dolls, classic stories re-imagined, and classic board games, all of which are guaranteed to have you shaking in your seat. Think you're up to challenge? Well, here are this month's scariest new releases, perfect for watching through your fingers in terror.

1. Annabelle: As Chuckie proved long ago, there are few things more terrifying than a killer doll. This month's Annabelle is based on a true case investigated by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the film the doll, Annabelle, terrorizes a man and his expectant wife after becoming possessed by an evil entity. While the thought of a killer doll is scary enough, the fact that the real doll is locked away in the Warrens' Occult Museum in Connecticut is ever more terrifying, Catch this flick in theaters now, and maybe take a trip to see the real Annabelle - at your own risk.

Wilmer Valderrama Launches New Family-Friendly Animated Series

Wilmer Valderrama has partnered with Northgate Gonzalez Market and Los Altos Ranch Market to promote his new animated series, Muertoons. The first of its kind, the innovative promotion campaign is a scripted animated program that harnesses the marketing strength and widespread viewership of a large supermarket chain.

For a three-week period, which runs from Oct. 15 through Nov. 4, shoppers who purchase items from participating brands from either of the aforementioned markets will have the chance to earn exclusive codes on their receipts. In turn, these will unlock two episodes of the animated series, which can be viewed both on mobile or home devices.

Happy National Boss's Day

No need to panic. We know Boss's Day is tomorrow, and our guide to identifying the type of boss you have based on some of the famous bosses we have all come to know and love (or hate) will not only help you understand them, but figure out exactly what he/she needs. These famous bosses come in all shapes and sizes, just like your gift will! Is your boss more like a Leslie Knope or a Miranda Priestly? It could be the difference between a promotion and banishment to eating lunch in a bathroom stall for the rest of the year. Once you match your boss up you'll never be worried about another Boss's Day again.

Dear White People Review: See This Film

There is a need for Dear White People. This need has little to do with the film itself, or its first-time director Justin Simien, but rather the gaping abscess that is the modern, intellectual, mainstream black cinema. Dear White People attempts to shoulder this massive burden all by itself, telling as many stories as it can within its two-hour runtime, and it occasionally buckles under that weight. But when the film is finally able to bring its many narratives into focus, it has a sharp eye for the way systematic oppression can destroy the soul.

Dear White People is the story of four black students enrolled in an almost exclusively white Ivy League school, and their attempts to navigate being upper class, highly educated, and still facing the miasma of racism that envelops their university. The fulcrum of the film is Tessa Thompson as Sam White, a tiny, beautiful firecracker that sets her complacent environment on fire with her radio show, ‘Dear White People.’ Thompson is a relative newcomer who brings a deft mix of anger and humor to the role, and it tremendously fun to watch her physical and sharp comic sensibility.

'Nas: Time is Illmatic' Makes its Debut

Legendary rapper, Nasir Jones, also known as Nas, will be treating select theaters to a one night only showing of a new film titled, Nas: Time is Illmatic. The iconic hip-hop star chronicles the beginning of his lifelong musical journey in a three-dimensional documentary focusing on the creation of the Illmatic project.

Legendary rapper, Nasir Jones, known to most as Nas, will be treating select theaters to a one night only showing of his new documentary film, Nas: Time is Illmatic. The iconic hip-hop star chronicles the beginning of his lifelong musical journey in this three-dimensional film focusing on the creation of the Illmatic project.

Top Five Frighteningly Fun Halloween Movies

October is upon us, and it’s time to obsessively watch Halloween movies. Of course there are the standard horror flicks--the Halloween films, anything form the Saw catalogue, and at least one outing with Freddy Krueger. But what about the films on the other end of the Halloween film spectrum? You know the ones that supplement their frights with jokes and songs. Here’s a list of the five best Halloween films for those who like to embrace the lighter side of Halloween – and are sick of peeing their pants during scary movies

  1. Hocus Pocus: You can mock this film for being beloved by every “basic fall girl” but don’t pretend you haven’t already watched it five times on Lifetime this year. Hocus Pocus has it all: witches, funny gags, a black cat, and some seriously scary mythology. That zombie Billy Butcherson was no joke. The box office bomb has ascended to cult status in the last 20+ years and remains mandatory viewing for anyone Halloween-obsessed.

  2. Halloweentown: Yes, this is a Disney Channel Original Movie – but was there anything cooler as a kid than watching Marnie Cromwell discover her witchy roots? Not likely. This movie was made for kids but it’s great for a bit of escapism at any age. Go on, just imagine the cool life you could have in Halloweentown. And admit it - every time you lose a sock you wonder if it's at Gort's house.

  3. Scary Movie: This one is definitely not a kid’s film. The ultimate in horror movie spoof films, Scary Movie mocks several ‘90s movies and TV shows from Scream to I Know What You Did Last Summer to Dawson’s Creek. This film dissects the horror genre and puts it back together into something vaguely recognizable and completely hilarious.

  4. Dracula: Dead and Loving It: No list about Halloween films is complete without the original vampire himself – Dracula. This is another spoof of the horror genre, this time tackling the classic mythology of the familiar vamp. The film is uproarious in its mocking of its predecessors – spoofing a number of movies that centered on Dracula throughout the years. A must see for horror movie die-hards and newbies alike.

  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas: The premier animated Halloween experience. The Nightmare Before Christmas centers on Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, who has become bored with Halloween. He soon becomes enamored with Christmas after stumbling upon Christmastown and attempts to put on his own version of the yuletide holiday. This is the perfect film for those who love Halloween but deep down are already fantasizing about putting up their Christmas tree.
Prepare Yourself: Twilight Is Back

Twihards rejoice - your beloved vampire saga is back. That's right Twlight fans, the series is being revived next year in the form of five short films. The twist? They're all going to air on Facebook.

Lionsgate and Twilight creator, Stephanie Meyer, announced plans to select five aspiring female directors to direct each of the short films. The short film series, named "The Storytellers - New Creative Voices of 'The Twilight Saga'," will be financed by Lionsgate and its production partners.

Moving Up In the World: Deena Cortese Takes Off For Her Couple's Therapy Debut at the Empire Hotel Rooftop

For all you reality TV buffs, this is for you. The spirited Deena Cortese of Vh1’s Jersey Shore debuted her newest endeavor and did so the only way she knows how: with a star-studded party. Streams of reality stars arrived at the Empire Hotel rooftop in support of Deena’s added appearance on the fifth season of Couple’s Therapy. Big names, like Mikey P from Dating Naked, Erica Mena from Love and Hip Hop, and Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom dropped by with words of wisdom for their host, and the latest scoop on their next moves.

Katie Holmes to Make Directorial Debut

Katie Holmes is taking a seat in the director’s chair for her latest film project. The actress will be making her directorial debut for an adaptation of the Annie Weatherwax novel All We Had.

The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone will be writing the adaptation of the book for the big screen which is about a mother-daughter relationship as they deal with living in poverty. Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal will be producing the film alongside Holmes who will also be starring in it as well.

The actress released a statement about her directorial debut, “I am very excited and honored to be collaborating with Jane and Josh on this project and so look forward to bringing Annie's incredible characters to screen.”

Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader Take on Dramatic Roles in 'The Skeleton Twins'

Saturday Night Live alums Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star in The Skeleton Twins as twins who become estranged after their father’s death but end up reconnecting as adults after life changing events bring them together.

Even though they are living two different lives on opposite ends of the country, Maggie (Wiig) gets a call that her brother Milo (Hader) had tried to commit suicide after trying to cope with a recent break up with his boyfriend. Coincidentally, as Maggie is talking on the phone with the hospital she is holding a bunch of pills in her hand about to commit suicide as well. After getting the news, Maggie goes to be with Milo even though he wants to nothing to do with her once she arrives.