All the Women (In Clothes) and Men (In This Town) in the (power)House Put Your Hands Up!

While Manhattan fashionistas were buzzing about the latest runway shows to kick-off this week, a quiet bookstore in DUMBO filled with a crowd sartorially-savvy readers, who, like their counterparts across the East River, were also chatting excitedly about new releases -- only the ones in question were not couture collections, but literary collections of style-related essays, interviews, drawings, and photographs.

On Monday, September 8th, The powerHouse Arena hosted an atypical inauguration (as far as book launches are concerned) for Women In Clothes, a trendy tome compiled by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton: a clothing swap. While the authors discussed the content of the book and recalled anecdotes involving the various encounters they had with their contributors and with each another, visitors were encouraged to peruse racks which held a varied assortment of clothing, each with its own story and unique history. In fact, donors were asked to write a short blurb about their contribution on a little label that was then attached to the garment before it was deemed officially "up for grabs." The anthology is in no way a "style guide," as it does not attempt to give readers advice. Instead, it offers a more journalistic angle to the question of how women dress. The image-strewn volume contains the reflections of an impressive 639 interviewees, including big-names like Tavi Gevinson, Emily Gould, Zosia Mamet, and Emily Stokes, who share a glimpse into what's lurking in their literal and figurative closets. We recommend taking a look at the survey the participants were asked to complete, or browsing responses by author, in order to get a better feel of the subject matter.

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Break the Rules with NYFW Street Style

Get some serious style inspiration from the risk taking ensembles that we've spotted this past week. Break every rule with these fashionistas. Sometimes the best looks come from defying trends and twisting them to fit your own style.

Rule to Break #1:

Never wear denim on denim. Irene Kim, flawlessly combines two different washed denim pieces together for one cohesive look.

Rule to Break #2:

Wearing tailored button downs with midi skirts. This fashion week attendee takes a regular button down, ties it at the midriff and throws a few eye catching decals on for a fresh take on the classic silhouette.

Street Style Spotlight

A new feature of Glam-Damn-It is hot and fresh off the Manhattan sidewalks! doesn't just know about what's bumping in the party venues, but right in the middle of the busy streets of New York City, too. We hope it brings you a nice weekday fashion inspiration.

We catch up with stylish sidewalk strutters and get the low-down on their style. So perk up New York, is looking at you for fashion cues.

The Best Looks from Coachella 2014!

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are PLL Coachella chic as they rock their short shorts, black motorcycle ankle boots and crop tops with lace detailing and subtle prints. This look was so epic this Coachella season because it was an effortless combination of girly meets rugged. And Ashley topped off her outfit with a flannel shirt wrapped around her waist - fashionable yet convenient for the lower desert temperatures!

SXSW 2014: Festival Fashions

The 21st annual SXSW festival returned to Austin, Texas for its 5 day festival. As always, SXSW was full with music, movies, art, fashion and free booze. Sounds like a good party, huh? With festivals, you can always count on seeing styles that you wouldn’t really see at awards shows. People get to let their hair down and be themselves. It’s always interesting to see people’s personal style. While you won’t see any cocktail dresses or suits and ties, you’ll be impressed with these laid back style looks. We wanted to get inspired by Austin’s western street style and some celebrity looks down South Congress Street while SXSW took place. From different singular prints to colorful colors and lots of in between, these Austin street styles were worth talking about.

Street-Style Trends at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 was a spectacle of runway shows, hot soiress, and celebrity sightings about town. One thing is for certain -- style took center stage as some attended the runway shows at Lincoln Center while others dressed to thrill and posed outside Lincoln Center. Whether the crowds were there to attend a fashion show or mingle with the press - Joonbug was there to capture all of the action. Celebrity photographer Christopher Logan, who has worked with some of the hottest celebrities, including Jessica White, Kris Humphries, and Gabrielle Anwar joined Joonbug as we scouted the hottest Fashion Week trends! Sometimes, a great pair of notice-me shoes is all you need!

NYFW Spring/ Summer 2014: Street Shots Day 6

Caught red-handed at Lincoln Center...

Photos by Kaitlin Rebesco

NYFW Spring/Summer: Day Two Street Style

Joonbug was in the middle of the action again today to provide you with street style shots of the fashion crazed. View the slideshow below!

Photos by Kaitlin Rebesco

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Street Chic of the Week

Our favorite fashion bloggers and street style photographers have our back when it comes to letting us know what’s up next when it comes to trends. It is their (very awesome) job to show us what the fashionable people of the world are wearing on the streets. That way we can take the ideas home and copy the crap out of them!

See our top three choices for this week in fashion:

Peplum Tops

Judging by the blogs this week, the peplum trend isn’t going anywhere. Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere displayed this look with an adorable pink peplum top from H&M. We also saw the trend on Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, as well as Delmy from Fashion Bananas. Try it yourself with this sleeveless version by Anthropologie.