Eat a Cookie Because It's National Cookie Day

With Thanksgiving being but a faint memory, the hectic holiday rush has begun and we are already in need of some guiltless indulgence. Good thing it’s National Cookie Day! Take some time to re-charge and explore some of New York City’s best cookie offerings. These five bake shops and patisseries make it easy to celebrate this sugary sweet day.

1. Levain Bakery(167 West 74th St.)

The Ultimate Sweet Tooth Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season here and we can smell the fresh pine, gingerbread lattes, and comforting aroma of a cracking wood burning fireplace. We have reached that day dreaming state of mind where all we want to do is put our projects and work on hold, go home and snuggle up with a cup of tea, our favorite fleece pajamas and a cheesy hallmark holiday movie. One of the only things about the holiday season that tends to stress us out more than anything, is holiday gift shopping. Well, you no longer need to worry because we have created the ultimate sweet tooth guide to holiday gift ideas that we guarantee your friends and family will adore.

Food Network Creates Dessert Scented Candles Perfect for Holiday Gifting

Not sure what to get that foodie friend of yours this holiday season? How about a realistically scented candle from the Food Network?

The Langley Candle Empire Company joined Food Network in launching a line of delicious candle creations with scents inspired by desserts and flavors from various cooking shows on the network. These candles will turn any room in your home into a test-kitchen sure to impress the Barefoot Contessa or Bobby Flay!

Have some Salted Caramel Popcorn or Rustic Pear Tart burning for those holiday gatherings and ring in the New Year with some Berry Pomegranate Spritzer. Wake up on a cold (and most likely snowy) winter morning with the scent of Sunday Morning Pancakes or invite friends over for a Southern Peach Cobbler-scented brunch date. These are only a sample of the various fragrances available in melts, glass containers, and ceramic crocks that are food-safe and can be washed and reused in your own kitchen.

The Sweetest Treats in Halloween Town

Everyone knows that Halloween is always a great excuse to stuff your face with sweets. Since you’re a little too old to do the whole trick-or-treating thing, check out these great NYC locations offering fun Halloween treats that everyone will enjoy!

1. Francois Payard (116 W Houston St.)-
The pastry chef just released his 2014 Halloween creations and they definitely don’t disappoint. Stop by any of his store and try the following: Pumpkin Spice Macarons ($21.00 per 7 piece box), Jack-o-Lantern & Ghost Lollipops, Jack-o-Lantern Bouchee Tablets (Milk chocolate caramel ganache covered in a dark chocolate shell)Fleur de sel Tablet (White chocolate and pumpkin seed tablet with fleur de sel), Skulls & Jack-o-Lantern (Hollow chocolate case and filled with 4 chocolates), and Jack-o-Lantern Cake (Pumpkin spice pound cake layered with 5 spice bavarois & pumpkin crème brulee).

Fall's Sweetest Eats for National Dessert Day

1. Tender- (130 W 47th St.)

Found in Midtown NYC, The Sanctuary Hotel’s Tender Restaurant is the home for the legendary Tender Banana Split. The delectable desert is the perfect fall treat for those who have starved themselves in an effort to obtain the perfect swimsuit-ready abs. The martini glass filled to the rim with strawberry, banana chocolate chip and dark chocolate gelato from il laboratorio del gelato, candied walnuts, caramelized bananas, a red velvet cupcake, house-made strawberry and chocolate sauce, a chocolate brownie, vanilla whipped cream topped with rainbow sprinkles, 24 karat gold leaf, and a sparkler because it just wouldn’t be complete without an eccentric, non-edible topping. To wash it down, the desert is served with a 187 ml bottle of Voga Prosecco to share between you and the other contenders in conquering this massive, cavity-inducing treat.

S'mores in the City

S’mores are hard to make living in the city, especially since it’s not like you can go to a summer camp or easily make a bonfire somewhere. So for all you New Yorkers struggling to celebrate National S’Mores Day on Sunday, August 10th, check out this list of places where you can find s’more flavored food!

1. Sticky’s Finger Joint- S’more French Fries This is one of Sticky’s newest creations, but you get two amazing things- s’mores and French fries together. The French fries are topped with Valrhona cocoa powder, roasted marshmallows, and crumbled graham crackers, and then have delicious s’more French fries.

Root Beer Floating

In honor of a dessert that everyone loved during childhood (and still a favorite today), get ready to celebrate national root beer float day on Wednesday, August 6th! Although the best way to truly celebrate is by gorging yourself on a nice big root beer float, but here are several other ways to celebrate this special day with a unique touch!

1. Root Beer Float Cookies-
This doesn’t have root beer in it, but the cookie itself tastes like root beer, and the white chocolate chips add a hint of ice cream flavor. All around it’s a pretty good root beer float creation!

FIRST COURSE Chocolate Pistachio Dome with Almond and Pistachio Nougatine
A Chocolate Journey With Norman Love

What do you get when you mix one of the most esteemed cruise lines with an internationally acclaimed master chocolatier? A delectable experience that can only be described as “Chocolate Journeys.”

Princess Cruises, home of the infamous Pacific Princess from the “The Love Boat,” kicked off their newest chocolate-inspired project with a soiree that could be described as “chocoholic’s heaven.” Guests mingled in Gary’s Loft Penthouse, which was adorned with all white furniture and backdrops of the ocean in order to offer a true chocolate experience on the seas.

Make Any Occasion a Sweet Cupcasion

What better reason to venture out of the city than for gourmet cupcakes? Located in the quaint and charming downtown Milford, CT, Sweet Cupcasions is the perfect place to satisfy your sugary indulgences with a unique, beautifully decorated treat.

Joonbug visited this chic cupcake boutique over the weekend and completely fell in love. When craving a top-notch cupcake, Sweet Cupcasions has every foodie and cupcake connoisseur sinfully covered. Claiming fame from winning a divine victory on the Food Network's notorious show, "Cupcake Wars," this cupcakery never fails to delight and impress. From the trendy interior design of the shop and pretty cupcake pedestals lining the tables, to the fancy cupcakes and cakes, Sweet Cupcasions offers the best of the best to guests.

Beat the Heat this Swim Week with Sorbet

Satisfy your sugar fix without sabotaging your bikini body. Just in time for Swim Week, Yogen Früz has released three scintillating summer flavors. At just 110 calories per serving, these mouthwatering mocktails are the perfect escape from Miami’s summer swelter.

The Mojito Sorbet is a refreshing medley of mint and lime that instantly cools your taste buds. The Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet is a tropical tart perfect for stacking high with fresh fruit toppings. If you get caught in one of Florida’s infamous rainstorms, the Pina Colada Frozen Yogurt is a comforting creamy infusion of shredded coconut and pineapple.