Jimmy Fallon Learns He Blew His Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to promote her new film Paddington and dropped a bombshell - Fallon blew a chance to date the famous actress!

Fallon was recounting the one time they had met before, when Kidman had met Fallon at his apartment to talk about a potential film role. The one thing he didn't know about the meeting - Kidman liked Fallon, but his nervous behavior cost him a date. His reluctance to say more than a few words and the fact that he popped in a video game led Kidman to believe he wasn't interested - and was possibly gay!

Stephen Colbert Is Joined By Celebrity Friends for Final Episode

After 1, 447 episodes and 9 glorious years on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert bid adieu to the Colbert Nation with a perfectly epic sendoff.

Taking a cue from Chelsea Handler’s memorable swan song earlier this year, Colbert enlisted the help of some famous friend to join him in song. Jon Stewart, Big Bird, James Franco, Elijah Wood, and Randy Newman were a few among many who took to the stage to sing “We’ll Meet Again,” with the host.

The Midseason TV Shows You Need to Watch

The fall may be the most popular time for networks to debut their new shows, but the premieres aren't over. This year’s slate of new midseason shows is especially strong, including glimpses into the hip-hop world and a highly anticipated spin-off. Here are the five midseason shows that you need to be watching this winter.

Better Call Saul (AMC): No new midseason show is a highly anticipated as this Breaking Bad spinoff, which includes one of the shows fan-favorite characters: sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). The show will follow Goodman and his law firm six years before Walter White came and disrupted his life. The show will debut on Sunday, February 8th with a second episode premiering the next night in the shows regular timeslot, Mondays at 10pm. Check out the latest teaser below.

Another Round of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Just when you thought Jimmy Kimmel's segment couldn't get any funnier, haters and their celebs deliver! Well, the fun is in the mean tweets, right? When Kimmel first started out this segment over two years ago, little did anyone know that these tweets would actually have some quality burns. This time 'round "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" include Ty Burrell, Britney Spears, Chloe Moretz and the hunky hunky Chris Pratt! The icing on the top has to be REM's "Everybody Hurts" playing in the background!

[PS: Hey Gerard Butler, the nearest burn hospital is around the corner!]

One on One With Love and Hip Hop's Yesi Ortiz recently had the opportunity to sit down with “The Voice of Los Angeles,” Yesi Ortiz. As she was still trying to process the drama and insanity that occurred at the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Reunion from the day before, we were happy to speak with her and get her take on the incidents on the show as well as off camera.

The radio personality recently joined the Love and Hip Hop series when they began their newest season in Hollywood, California. Already a popular name in California, a venture in televsion seemed a natural fit. “A lot of people know my voice and I just felt like this was a really good opportunity for them to know my face. You know? It’s Love and Hip Hop. I love love and I love hip hop… this is a good platform for me.” Fans of previous seasons, we were curious as to whether or not she anticipated any negative repercussions from appearing on the show. Reality TV can often harm a promising career if not done correctly. “I was worried, but I made sure to let people know that I was not that one, and that was not what I wanted to do.”

Miranda Lambert Wins Big At the 2014 CMA's

The 2014 CMA’s were held November 5th in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena with Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood returning as hosts for the seventh year in a row. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest moments from the show and the full list of winners.

The Monologue:

Paisley and Underwood were not afraid to speak their minds during the opening monologue talking about everything from Ebola to President Barack Obama. They also poked fun at how Taylor Swift has gone from singing country to music to pop. The hosts told the crowd that they are suffering from Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder, to which Paisley responded, “President Obama does not care about Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder.”

Leslie Jones Named SNL's Newest Cast Member

After making a big impression during her few appearances on the show, Leslie Jones has been promoted from writer to featured player on Saturday Night Live. Starting on October 25th's Jim Carrey hosted episode Jones will be vying for screen time with her new cast mates.

Jones was hired last January as a writer at SNL after losing out on being a not-ready-for-primetime player to Sasheer Zamata. But she struck such a chord with Lorne Michaels that he brought her on as a writer.

She did make a few onscreen appearances, though, exposing audiences to her hilarity. Her first appearance involved her joking about slavery and caused quite a controversy with many saying it was a stereotypical and tasteless bit of humor. Others defended her, though, and look at her now - a shiny new cast member ready to make us laugh.

Check out Jones's guide to the benefits of being single from the September 27th season premiere.

The CW Gives 'The Flash' and 'Jane the Virgin' Full Season Pickups

The CW is showing a whole lot of confidence in its two newest shows, The Flash and Jane the Virgin, by giving them both full-season pickups.

The CW President, Mark Pedowitz, said of his decision in a statement, "Over the past three seasons, we have made it our mission to grow and to broaden out our audience, and to keep raising the bar with the quality and impact of our new shows, and 'The Flash' and 'Jane' have both exceeded our expectations on all counts."

Both shows have only aired two episodes so far but they've made quite the impression. Small-screen superhero endeavor The Flash is The CW's highest rated premier since The Vampire Diaries in 2009. Telanovela-esque Jane the Virgin, about a young woman who is accidentally inseminated by her doctor, isn't very far behind - it's given the network its highest Monday night ratings in two years. It's no wonder The CW is holding on to it's new big hits for as long as it can.

Happy National Boss's Day

No need to panic. We know Boss's Day is tomorrow, and our guide to identifying the type of boss you have based on some of the famous bosses we have all come to know and love (or hate) will not only help you understand them, but figure out exactly what he/she needs. These famous bosses come in all shapes and sizes, just like your gift will! Is your boss more like a Leslie Knope or a Miranda Priestly? It could be the difference between a promotion and banishment to eating lunch in a bathroom stall for the rest of the year. Once you match your boss up you'll never be worried about another Boss's Day again.

Jane the Virgin is Your New Favorite Show

The CW's newest show may be its craziest gamble in years - and it seems that gamble is paying off. Jane the Virgin, based on a Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, tells the story of 24-year-old virginal Jane who finds herself living her own telenovela when she is accidentally artificially inseminated. Crazy? Yes. Worth watching? Totally.

Jane has the distinct honor of having perhaps the most peculiar premise of any of the new fall shows. Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) is a hard-working, religious young adult who has been staunchly abstinent her entire life, choosing to wait until marriage to finally have sex. This fact alone feels far-fetched by 2014 standards, but it’s by far the tamest aspect of the show.