NYC Restaurant Week 2014, A User's Manual

From Monday, July 21st to Friday, August 15th a grand total of 314 restaurants will offer NYC their best prix fixe menus at $25 for lunch or $38 for dinner. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down your search by selecting a few favorites, old and new, which are sure to give you a great dining experience worth remembering.

Returning Spots


NYC's Sexiest Hot Dogs

The age old saying goes, “Less is more,” but for one day, and one day only, we would like to challenge this. Wednesday, July 23rd marks National Hot Dog day and the perfect opportunity to enjoy the classic American treat in modern fashion. Eateries all over NYC are offering indulgent, savory takes on the old-time staple and all of them will leave your mouth watering. We’ve rounded up our top picks just for you, and with only a few days left till the big day, you better get to picking!

1. The Ditch Dog at Ditch Plains (29 Bedford St.)-

French Fries: Fully Loaded

Who actually hates french fries? No one that's who!

French fries are the ultimate, indulgent snack food. A good old classic, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tastes, and fun. And in more recent years, loaded fries are becoming a bigger staple in the food industry, as this model allows you to, quite literally, put anything on them. If you love fancy, unique fries as much as we do here at, then check out this list of some of the best and most unique loaded French fry concoctions!

1. S’mores Fries at Sticky’s Finger Joint (484 3rd Ave.)-
We’ve told you about Sticky’s Finger Joint’s newest location before, but this fun restaurant is taking their menu to a new level (as hard as that is) with their loaded fries. Their fries are already delicious and loaded, but they are now offering S’mores Fries. Sweet and savory goodness are meeting crispy perfection with this mixture. These fries are topped with a homemade marshmallow sauce, homemade chocolate sauce, tiny marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then nothing will.

Your NYC Dumpling Guide Book

Dumplings are growing in popularity in NYC, thanks to their tastiness and low price. Seriously, you can find them for only them $2 for 6. They can be found at many different types of restaurants: Chinese, Italian, and Russian; it all depends on the type of flavor and style you want. If you are living in NYC or visiting be sure to check out some of our favorite restaurants that are serving dumplings, and prepare to enter dumpling heaven!

1. Mimi Cheng’s (179 Second Ave)-
This new restaurant opened early July and found its home in the East Village. They offer three different types of dumplings (chicken & zucchini, pork & cabbage, egg, mushrooms, kale, & zucchini), and dessert dumplings, all served with Mimi’s Secret Sauce. The best part about Mimi Cheng’s is you can only get these delicious dumplings if you visit the store, in order to preserve freshness and to make sure you eat them immediately. Although it is relatively new, the home feel from their dumplings, will easily make it one of the top places in NYC in next few years.

Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

Although Bastille Day is a French holiday, many people around the world, including Americans, choose to celebrate it as well. Of course it's a meaningful occasion on which to think about democracy and liberty, but it also means another excuse for lots of delicious food and drinks! So while you’re looking for some Bastille related activities this weekend, check out these six places we think you’ll enjoy.

1. Maille Mustard Mobile
From July 11th-13th Maille is hosting free tastings of a French essential- authentic Dijon Mustard! The unique part about this little pop up is the fact it is a “mustard bar-on-wheels” in the city. The Maille Mustard Mobile (MMM as it’s known) serves up complimentary tastings of five mustards and cornichons all from their truck. All visitors will have an opportunity to compose their own palette of Dijon flavors, compare tastes, and choose their favorites. You can visit the MMM on any of the days below, so make sure stop by:

10 Reasons/Restaurants to Leave Manhattan For

Everyone knows that Manhattan is the mecca for all things food related. Anything you can think or dream of you can undoubtedly find it in right here within the city. However, when you’re in the mood for something exploration, and want to try your hand at tasting something that can’t be found in Manhattan, then you will want to check out our 10 picks on the other side of the city walls. Or bridges and tunnels, rather.

1. Mother Kelly's (490 Chestnut St., Cedarhurst)-

National Creative Ice Cream Day

If there was any day you were feeling adventurous and decided you are not going to eat standard ice cream flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), then tomorrow, July 1st is the day to get out of your comfort zone and celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! Thankfully this fun day lands perfectly in the middle of summer. No matter where you live there make sure to try a new creative ice cream flavor on July 1st, and if you need help searching for a good flavor check out some of our favorites and most creative flavors below.

DIY 4th of July Cocktails

Everyone knows that July 4th is a day for celebrating, and on this special American holiday, it is important to celebrate in the best possible way. Obviously, that way involves an excessive amount of fun and creative 4th of July cocktails. As you begin planning your parties for July 4th, be sure to check out and try your hand at several of these fun and tasty drinks; that will be sure to make your 4th of July party a complete smash!

1. Baron in the USA! (Featured at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in NYC)

FIFA Roundup: Where To Watch The World Cup

Heads up futbol fans, your favorite time of year is almost here! Without a doubt, the FIFA World Cup is easily the single biggest sporting competition in the world, and this year, it'll be played Brazil while being watched by billons everywhere else. For those of you who cannot make the trip to support your favorite team in person, and need to watch the games somewhere that takes them as seriously as you do, we've tracked down the five best bars in New York City where you can eat, drink, laugh, cry, sing, and cheer along with your fellow soccer hooligans!

1. Jones Wood Foundry (401 E. 76th Street)-

NYC's Newest Summer Cocktails

Summer flavors are back on the scene, and restaurants all across New York are working hard to incorporate key ingredients into as many dishes as possible. Stepping away from the kitchen and into the bar, some restaurants have even created specialty cocktails which highlight the bright flavors of our favorite seasonal produce. From the most basic ingredients to other unexpected twists, any foodie who loves a good drink is sure to enjoy these five spots for seasonal cocktails.