NYC's Hottest Hotels for Nightlife

Looking to visit New York City in the future? Or, maybe you’re a local who needs to socialize without the hassle that a club can bring. Over the past few years, hotels have stepped onto the nightlife scene in a big way, upgrading their lounges and entertainment to feature signature drinks and popular DJs who spin the latest music for your entertainment. Just as popular as your neighborhood bar, but with a bit more class, hotel events have become just as packed as local spots, and whether you’re a guest or a walk-in, you know that you’ll have a good time and receive some excellent service.

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month, everyone!

The month of April, already admired for its warmer temperatures and promising showers, also plays host to a very notable month long holiday—National Grilled Cheese Month. And whether you’re a fan of white American, brie, or even the traditional cheddar, you’ll be amazed by the many ways restaurants across NYC are dishing out in order to provide customers with the best grilled cheese sandwiches possible. Here are our top restaurants which are serving up grilled cheese spin-offs for you to visit and enjoy this month:

Winter 2013/ 14 Restaurant Roundup

Winter 2014 was a brutal one. Luckily we had these magnificent new spots to warm our souls and delight our tastebuds.

Top 5 Restaurant Openings

1. Narcissa (21 Cooper Sq., corner of 5th St. and Bowery) - Where Californian flavors meet roasting, rotisserie, and slow cooking. Narcissa is located within The Standard and features local, organic produce from Andre Balazs’ Hudson Vallery farm, Locusts on Hudson, and is run by Chef John Fraser, owner of Dovetail on the Upper West Side. The menu itself focuses heavily on American-style cuisine, meaning that all of the ingredients are familiar, well-known, and much-loved. The factor which makes this restaurant stand out is the usage of slow cooking techniques and layering ingredients which creates new forms of depth and body in the resulting flavors of the final dishes. Meal options provide a heavy emphasis on seafood, but with alternative choices available, as well; and, as stated above, all are prepared with local, farm-fresh ingredients which truly help you to take a bite into what our local food-community has to offer.

The Top 5 Best Cures For A Beer Hangover

Holy hangover, Batman! Let’s set the scene for the morning after your much-awaited St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl: you arise, basking in the glory that was yesterday, but sadly realize you do not have all day to reflect and recover. It is Tuesday, and you must report to your duties as a coherent citizen of the world. You’ve enjoyed more than your fair share of Guiness (or any other delicious beverage of your choice) and corned beef, stayed out late, and now, with your head pounding, you are praying for any form of sweet relief which could possibly come your way. Somehow, someway, you need to settle your stomach in hopes of settling your head and body, as well.

NYC Beer Week 2014: Go Craft Beer Bars!

Something exciting is brewing in New York this week, and it’s playing to the tune of beer enthusiasts everywhere! That’s right, the 6th Annual NYC Beer Week is hitting the city once again, and events are already in full swing! Even though Beer Week has been running since February 21st, this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to find your new favorite spot for a hoppy IPA or a bold stout. In fact, you have until March 2nd to enjoy all that New York has to offer - from Manhattan to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, and even Westchester and New Jersey!

Best Café’s to Try in the Heart of Boston

There’s something about sitting in a coffee shop, listening to frantic fingers, and chatter of an intimate setting, that catches peoples intrigue. Coffee shops have become a stable in communities, a place to reflect, to get away, and to become inspired. Boston keeps the art of the café alive as we see it thriving in a city that pumps history in its veins. Here’s a list of some café’s that have consistently consumed the masses in the Boston neighborhoods.

Boston Common Coffee

Hearty and Healthy

Discard the notion that salads should be restricted to the boring bowels--they are adventurous and feature all sorts of ingredients. Searching far and wide, we present to you a couple of places in New York that specialize in the art of salad making.

Lansdowne Road NYC
Gourmet for Less!

New York is an expensive place to eat a gourmet meal, as it may range in price from $50 to one $100. Let’s face it no one wants to spend a fortune. Here are places in the city which may offer you a taste of finer things but that will not break the bank.

Dear Bushwick
National Fondue Day!!!

Happy National fondue day!!!

Fondue, which comes from the French word fondre, is a European dish of melted cheese or chocolate in a communal pot the (caquelon) where different items, ranging from fruit to crusty breads, are used as a vehicle to dip and savor. We've rounded up a few of NYC's finest fondue spots!

Taureau NYC
National Carrot Cake Day!

Happy national carrot cake day to you all!

The carrot cake is marred with controversy--although it is a treat beloved by many, some run for the hills at the mention of it. After all it does sound a bit odd--carrots and cake? Who would have ever thought to join the two. But alas, they have been joined for eternity, and today we celebrate the infamous goodness.

Lloyd's Carrot Cake