Corona Got Creative with Electric Beach Art Basel Edition

Nobody does pool parties like the team from Corona's Electric Beach - the parties themselves have become a staple across the country. If you were in Miami last week for Art Basel, we hope you checked out EB at the Clevelander. To cater to the wide variety of party-goers that attended, Big Apple duo Solidisco kept things sunny and upbeat with a diverse blend of disco-inspired dance tunes and slightly more commercial hits.

Chuckie Serves Up Serious Bass With 'Bang!'

After years of success performing all over the world and delivering knockout hits like 'What Happens In Vegas' and 'Let the Bass Kick', Chuckie is at it again. One of the founding fathers of the Dirty Dutch sound has brought us a smash to close out the year appropriately titled ''Bang!'. It's a collaborative work with The Diamond Pistols and features vocals by Hyper Crush.

The track begins with a frantic high energy build up accompanied by Hyper Crush’s vocals. When the drop finally hits, you’re subjected to the high-adrenaline club-banging sound that Chuckie has made us fall in love with time and time again.

Tom Staar Goes On the Record with

Within the dance music community, the name Tom Staar has become almost synonymous with the idea of the big room sound. Over the years, the UK-based producer has continued to stand out among a wave of progressive house artists through his focus on groove and a more melodic style of music. He caught up with Joonbug before a show in Miami to talk about his sound and the dance music roots that many mainstream artists have forgotten.

You mention the term 'groove' in a lot in your interviews. Ironically, groove isn't something we no longer hear taking center stage in the progressive house scene right now. It was used to be a staple (think Chris Lake's 'Carry Me Away,' or Kaskade's entire Strobelight Seduction album) that disappeared in the early to mid 2000's.

Autograf Brings the Heat with a Remix of The Griswolds' 'Beware the Dog'

The tropics meet indie rock in Autograf’s new remix of The Griswolds “Beware the Dog," and it’s a match made in musical heaven. The indie rock group out of Australia are known for their self-described “tequila-inspired party pop," so it only seems appropriate that founds of the Future Tropical movement, a.k.a. Autograf, swooped in and remixed “Beware the Dog."

The remix brings together several ingenious elements, such as a steel-drum driven backbeat, while enhancing the original's bright guitar riffs with uplifting electronic distortions in order to recreate the Future Tropical sound the project is known for. In the breakdown, the addition of a flute element over subdued vocals creates a melody that makes you feel as though you are on a beach drinking a cold one, and not in the middle of chilly December, as the weather in most places suggests. The marriage of bubbly, driving rhythms and upbeat, infectious melodies ultimately creates a remix that is fun, welcoming and, most importantly, warming.

In the Booth with Adrian Lux

Swedish producer Adrian Lux has been making waves for quite some time in the electronic dance music arena. His hit 'Teenage Crime' established him as a darling of the mainstream EDM scene, but he's continued to show fans that his musical tastes and talents expand beyond the reach of any given genre. He caught up with Joonbug to give us the scoop on what he reads for inspiration, how he concocts the 'Adrian Lux sound', and his unexpected love for techno music.

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Corona's Electric Beach - Art Basel Edition

Corona's Electric Beach will bring together both audio and visual art during Art Basel week in Miami Beach. Followed by special guest Solidisco, Bro Bot Records label boss Junior Sanchez will curate the soundtrack behind the decks while legendary street artist Atomiko creates an artistic mural.

The party will take place at the pool of Miami's iconic Clevelander Hotel on December 6th and will run from 4pm to 8pm. The outdoor space has been the site of countless pool parties during WMC - it will be nice to see it full to bursting again in the winter. Oh, and the best part is entrance is free as long as you rsvp at Guests must be 21+ to party with valid ID.
Benny Benassi Lights Up LIV

Italian DJ and producer Benny Benassi has come a long way since the 2002 hit that put him on the map on a global scale. Across the span of over two decades, Benassi has proven himself talented within different circles of the electronic dance music community. From house to electro to progressive anthems, he is a great example of a producer who managed to adapt his sound over the years in the hopes of meeting audiences halfway – after all, isn’t that also one of the responsibilities of a good DJ?

This past Saturday, Benassi touched down at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach. Known for its ritzy décor, high bottle and cover prices and young, beautiful crowd, LIV has, in the past, been accused of being too commercial and posh for true music fans.

Benny Benassi to perform at LIV Miami this Saturday

When you're in a city like Miami, a parties beckon perpetually from every street corner. This weekend though, we have our eyes on one party in particular and it will be taking place at the ever-popular, always glamorous LIV nightclub. The headliner is Benny Benassi, and from what we've been hearing lately on his soundcloud, the legendary producer has way more up his sleeve than another remix of 'Satisfaction' (although we're hoping he plays classic at least once over the span of the night). The performance is the second to last stop on his North American Danceaholic Tour, so if you missed him this week on the Mad Decent boat party, this is your last chance to see him in the Magic City.

When: Saturday, November 15th, 11pm

Where: Liv Nightclub, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Fl

Autograf Breaks the Electronic Music Mold

In the electronic music community, musical identity is everything. It can determine your success, fanbase and most importantly, your reputation in the scene; fall into the wrong category, and it’s tough to get out. In rare cases, though, an artist or project comes along that does not quite fit the mold, but rather takes elements from various genres to create a unique trademark that is all their own. The creation of a fresh sound coupled with the introduction of a new project leads to that sense of hype that the electronic music arena thrives on.

A new project, Autograf, has emerged on the scene armed with both unparralled creativity and unmatched production skills. Self-proclaimed members of the new “future house” movement, Autograf strives to push the boundaries of electronic music by fusing together different, unexpected elements from a variety of genres. To put it simply, their music is something that can't be classified.

Above & Beyond Takes Miami

In the days leading up to their show at Mansion in Miami, we heard plenty of negativity regarding Above & Beyond's club sets. Some said their sets were purely commercial, while others claimed A&B just didn't "know how to perform anywhere other than a festival setting." Having never seen them live before, we were saddened to think that the group we had adored since early childhood could be anything less than spectacular.

We should have known better than to listen to the naysayers. It's Above & Beyond after all, and you can't produce music as perfect as 'Sun and Moon' or 'Alchemy' and then suck in real life. And besides, when your catalog is as beautiful and extensive as theirs is, why would you play anything that isn't original?