Have Your Tea and Smoke It Too!

We live in a constantly rushed, high-paced society where we never turn off our phones and check emails the second we wake. Everyone could benefit from taking a second to breathe deeply, close our eyes, and go frolic in our happy place for a moment. Some achieve this with a glass of wine, others with a hot cup of tea, and now thanks to Raganella’s Botanical Solutions, some have taken to smoking their herbal teas.

Liz Neves, founder, has created an all-natural, ethical body care company specializing in “solutions for everyday issues” by using healing plants in over 30 plant-based products. By blending wholesome, recognizable ingredients in her Brooklyn kitchen, Liz wishes to return to the healing plant system that we evolved from that we’ve drifted from in our very busy world. Her first thought when creating a new blend is the solution for an ailment by using something from the plant world. For example, Yummy Tummy Tea Blend is a blend of ingredients known for centuries to heal an upset stomach, such as ginger, licorice, and chamomile.