The Glenwood

There's a bar on the north side of town just right off the red line stop that’s a nice low key spot. It's a spot the locals know as The Glenwood.

The Glenwood gets its name from the avenue it's built on--an old brick road a relic from times long since past. The bar itself has an old brick facade, giving the impression that it maybe from the days of bootleggers.

The joint is divided into two rooms: the entrance is where you'll find the bar. The long hard wood alcohol trove runs along the right side of the room, along a wall painted as yellow as the sun. The other side of the room is painted a contrasting purple. It's a bit reminiscent of one of Bill Cosby's sweaters.

Lets Get Folked Up

Rogers Park
is nothing but not diverse-- especially for an area housing an extravagantly priced private university. And, quite frankly, the park has soul, which can be something or a rarity this day and age. At Rogers Park, however, there is certainly a number of very unique people and places that create a different sort of charm.

A little gem worth checking out on the far north end of Rogers Park is a little cafe called Royal Coffee. The first thing worth mentioning about this place is the huge outdoor seating area they have. Now, this is just an estimate, but there seems to be 15 tables in an enclosed outdoor space that can contend the nicest beer gardens of the city. Also worth mentioning is that it is BYOB, a policy they're even very liberal on.