Halloween Bar Crawl Gallery Place Washington D.C.
October 28th, 2017
Doors Open at 2pm - 8pm


Night of the Crawling Dead Registration 2-8PM @ Lucky Strike

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Creep and crawl over to D.C.’s Halloween Bar Crawl of the season! Prepare yourself for a day of screams because the bar tour Night of the Crawling Dead is finally here. D.C. will be crawling with zombies and ghouls all day long dying for Halloween drinks. Get ready for a day of both tricks and treats as costumed bar crawlers prowl the city streets visiting countless bars. Night of the Crawling Dead will feature exclusive drink specials all day long for ticket buyers alone. Enjoy $3 Miller Lite, $4 Redd's Apple Ale, and $5 Mixed Drinks! Vampires may need to wait for the sun to set, but we sure don’t! For a full day of boos, booze, and brews, register as early as 2pm and latest 6pm at a TBA location. D.C.'s Night of The Crawling Dead is the ultimate Halloween Barcrawls.com event. Come to life under the moonlight and celebrate Halloween like never before at the bar tour of the year!     All attendees must have a Lindy ticket to recieve a wristband. Show