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The music is bumping. You're entranced by shades of saturated flashing lights. Then, you lock eyes across the crowd. Your heart races. The person comes closer; they go to speak. But, the music is too loud! You can't hear them... DON'T lose hope, the conversation isn't ruined! Simply, take off the headphones! At Silent Disco, you never need to fear about missing out on a good conversation due to noise excess. Guess wear headphones that tune into 3 different music stations played by 3 different DJs, but from the outside the event appears totally silent. Located in DuPont Circle, this Friday on 09/17 there will be a Silent Disco party on the rooftop of the Embassy Row Hotel. The night offers horizon views, optional music, and welcomed conversing. It will be both exciting and enchanting. As you switch between DJ styles, your headphones will alternate colors accordingly so your peers are able to see which station you are tuning into. This makes it even easier to link up with someone on the same page as you. Tickets are available for $15 online; see the link below. Feel free and a enjoy a night out of colorful strobe lights, electronic beats, aerial views of the city, and all beside the option of romantic silence. 

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