Why You Will Want to Celebrate at Cure Lounge

Going out takes on a whole new meaning at Boston’s Cure Lounge.  The club that was named one of the 12 Best in Boston by Time Out and is packed every night it is open ( Wed- Fri).  It’s Victorian-meets-space-age décor somehow makes the all-encompassing experience of Cure seem entirely out of this world.
 Live DJs take the reins and deliver mind-blowing entertainment, spinning heart-pounding beats comprised of the year’s best Top 40, house, and hip hop music.  A massive LED light panel from above spins patterns that rain down on partygoers as they hit the dance floor.  Pick up a cocktail at the long white bar below dripping lights that spell out CURE.  Luxurious nooks with tufted leather banquets and bottle service are available for those that want to elevate their experience with VIP packages.  
Just off of Boston Common, Cure Lounge lives in an incognito location below the legendary Wilbur Theater and is no stranger to high profile events.  You’ve easily walked past its low-key entrance in the center of it all a dozen times, not knowing that the pulsing pavement above was due to a thriving nitery below.   It’s here that class meets entertainment, with a dichotomy of crown molding and multi-color lights.  Cure describes itself as the place where “Mozart would get wild in Boston”  – it’s a surprisingly accurate description.

Location and Hours

Cure Lounge

246 Tremont St Boston MA