Why You Will Want to Celebrate at Bounce

In the hotly competitive NYC nightlife realm, Bounce has risen to the top – known for hosting religiously loyal locals and epic parties.  The hotspot between the Flatiron District and Chelsea is moments away from Madison Square Park and the famous Flatiron Building, but nightlife devotees will tell you it’s a world all its own.   

Famous for both brunch and its nightlife, Bounce hosts events that go well into the morning – giving the term “sports lounge,” a whole new meaning.  Dance amidst jet black columns and tufted leather banquets to the tune of a live DJ’s epic set list.  Quench your thirst at a long, impressively stocked bar where bartenders refill your cocktail of choice again and again.  The energy in this hotspot is infectious on any day of the week, so whether you’re there for a game or the twelve beers on draft – you’re destined to have a good time.  Bounce is beloved for its unpretentious vibes and luxury accents that get a nod from celebrities like Q-tip, Mario Lopez and Ne-Yo. 

Fetty Wap hosted Bounce’s epic event this past Halloween, and New York still isn’t done talking about it.  So get ready to bring your A-game when you walk through the doors of Bounce Downtown – this is New York City’s favorite place to party.

Location and Hours


55 W 21st St New York NY