Why You Will Want to Celebrate at Let's Roam

Having trouble thinking of something to do tonight or for an upcoming special event or party?  How about the ultimate adult scavenger hunt brought to you by Joonbug and Let's Roam - the #1 scavenger hunt app that delivers an interactive adventure in an instant? Once you purchase this adventure, you can choose from any of Let's Roam 350+ locations in the world.  If you've got an epic crew on board of over 10 people, Let's Roam will create an totally customized quest completely tailored to you and your friends.  Whether it's a date night or your sister's entire bridal party, you can pick the hunt that works for you and get to scavenging ASAP. Secure access to your customized hunt through Joonbug and - day or night - ready yourself for an epic adventure.

Location and Hours

Let's Roam

New York NY