Why You Will Want to Celebrate at Ainsworth Midtown

It’s impossible to live in New York City without hearing stories about parties and nightlife at the Ainsworth Midtown.  Whether it’s a Tuesday or Saturday, the Ainsworth is the hotspot known for delivering smoldering evenings.  Midtown’s trendiest cocktail spot fills with the buzz of social gatherings and servers delivering mouth-watering burgers as nightlife devotees fiend for the Ainsworth touch on thirst-quenching drinks.  Pick up a cocktail off of the long white marble counter – you’ll be hard pressed to find a lounge with a more impressive liquor selection.  
Designers have effortlessly fused together old world glamour with New York City chic, and as a result, the hotspot is as hip as it gets.  Mosaic flooring collides with solid wood that travels up Ainsworth’s walls in various directions.   Chandeliers dripping in crystal hang above tufted chocolate leather banquets and flatscreens litter the walls.  The dimly lit haunt carries a contagious energy that guarantees mingling with New York City’s hardcore revelers until morning.  

Location and Hours

Ainsworth Midtown

45 E 33rd St New York NY