Delicious Debut: Angus Club Steak House




We’ve recently written about how, with new additions like Arco Cafe, the Midtown East culinary scene has been developing in interesting new ways. And, while the coffeehouse and tapas crowd welcome Arco, fans of the new American steakhouse also have reason to celebrate. Opened on January 27th, Angus Club Steak House is one of the newest of a number of new Midtown steakhouses, and has already started to bring formidable game to the table. A group of industry-star owners (including husband-and-wife team Tara Pizzi and Aldin Gacevic, as well as restaurant vet Zef Makaj ) have set out on a mission to, as Gacevic says, “tweak” the idea of the classic steakhouse, expanding on classic themes to bring the modern and the traditional together.”

This mission is evident as soon as you walk through the door. The multi-level building used to be a nightclub, and has been lent a swanky yet refined art deco look by a specialty designer. Reclaimed wood bars and oak wood floors meld seamlessly with beiges and browns under the low light of vintage chandeliers. This is definitely a well-crafted, high-end atmosphere that brings a level of trendy sophistication to the usual steak house decor.

Okay, so the place looks nice. But what about the food? The co-owners have worked from the start with Chef Edward Avduli (veteran of Benjamin Steakhouse, among others), who they hand-picked to help them create a menu that would bring their mission to life. As it turns out, they picked correctly: Chef Avduli’s menu stays true to classic steakhouse themes, but adds a distinct flavor and flair to very successful ends. Starters like the especially thick-cut, egg-brightened steak tartare, as well as the exceptional crab cake (made the perfect level of fluffy with Phillips crabmeat and topped with remoulade) exemplify that culinary philosophy. Entrees include seafood like Lobster (just tails or a 3 pounder, whole) and blackened yellowfin tuna with wasabi mayo, but, as per the restaurant’s name, what really shines are their steaks. USDA Prime Black Angus steaks are dry aged in-house for 30-35 days, and are offered in porterhouse, filet mignon, NY sirloin, and ribeye cuts. Our suggestion? Go with friends and splurge on the porterhouse for two (or three). To name yourself “Angus”, you’d better know what you’re doing with a steak, and it’s clear that Chef Avduli very much does. Served sizzling to your table, the Porterhouse is classically but perfectly prepared, made all the better by interesting sides like the creamless (though still tasty) creamed spinachsteakhouse mushrooms with truffle-infused olive oil and garlic, buttery, crispy angus home fries, and, if you really want to go wild, a crazy-decadent truffled mac n’ cheese. Served by an expertly professional and well-coordinated wait staff, the steaks and sides are absolutely top-notch, and earn the restaurant its name.

Another definite point of note about Angus Club is its wine program. Co-owner Margent Maslinka is the resident wine expert, and has hand-selected the impressive wine list to compliment the palate of the menu. Housed in a custom, climate-controlled wine cellar, Maslinka’s list is already around 1,000 bottles long and growing, and he’s often personally present on the floor to advise you on which wine would best suit your meal and your tastes.

For now, Angus Steak House is serving Lunch and Dinner, and will be expanding into a weekend Brunch program by the end of the month (which has definitely piqued our interest.) If you’re trying to have a really great steak in a nice, Midtown-adjacent atmosphere, definitely check this place out.