Somtum Dur Offers Authentic North Eastern Thai Cuisine in the Heart of the East Village


With each bite of the papaya salad, authentically called Somtum, we were truly immersed in the spicy, bold flavor.

We thought we knew what Thai food was; pad Thai, coconut soup—you get the point.  The North East region of Thailand is a whole new world that we never knew, and absolutely love. 

Somtum Dur has its roots in the restaurant business in Bangkok and recently moved in the NYC market specializing in this “farmer’s plate” of tastes.  In this particular region, the plate would be filled with anything and everything from the rice patty and farm, but papaya salad is usually a staple. This usually includes dried shrimp, peanuts, garlic, cherry tomatoes, shredded green papaya, lime and fish sauce.  And last but not least, the ingredient that makes it what it is, the chili.  Never afraid of a little risk, we asked that the chili be loaded on, and it was worth it. However, those less partial to spice will be happy to know that the flavor is still strong without it. As a matter of fact, you could taste the freshness of the ingredients even more.  Additionally, for the health conscious person in all of us, there is no oil added which makes for a much cleaner eating experience.

The owners of this Thailand transplant have also made the dining experience a very warm and welcoming one.  The lighting, tables, and overall environment is something that is very inviting. The hospitality of the staff is second to none! Not only was the entire staff very knowledgeable, they were also happy to answer all of our many questions—a definite plus.