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  • Registration Point VNYL 9PM - 11:30PM
  • Lower East Side Party Pass ticket holders must have their E-ticket scanned at the designated Registration Point to receive their Party Pass wristband
  • A Lower East Side Pass wristband is required for General Admission 
  • 1 Hour Vodka Open Bar 9pm - 10pm (open bar times and liquor type vary per venue)
  • Coat check may be provided and is the responsibility of the venue at an additional charge

*All Tickets Are Subject to Price Increases

Lower East Side Halloween Party Pass 10/31 Halloween Event Description

This Halloween, the Lower East Side Party Pass invites you to explore the sinful delights of the Devil’s Playground. The Lower East Side has rapidly transformed into the spotlight staple of Manhattan’s nightlife scene and is the infamous late night destination for trendsetters alike. The Lower East Side Party Pass permits ticketed guests to revel in the wide variety of culture that the Lower East Side has in its entirety to offer.

The party pass grants access to a selection of trendy venues that all emit their own unique vibrations and together embody the full package experience of everything LES is acclaimed to be. The Lower East Side stars in the limelight of NYC’s nightlife atmosphere because the popular downtown streets are crowded with highheeled socialites and often A-List celebrities. The scene of LES is interwoven with glitzy nightclubs in the midst of gritty dive bars spirited with an alternative edge. The party pass features a variety of exclusive amenities traited at the individual venues including a One-Hour Open Bar and Live DJ performances spinning a vast range of music genres. For an unmatched Halloween celebration, head to the spotlight of Manhattan’s nightlife at the Lower East Side and jet from lounge, to bar, to club or hang tight for hours on end at your most favored venue.

All Access Party Pass Registration Points:

VNYL (Registration ends 11:30 pm)

All Access Party Pass Venues:

- Rochelles | 205 Chrystie St | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

-The Late Late | 159 E Houston St | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

-Pinks | 242 E 10th St | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

-VNYL| 100 3rd Ave | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

-Tropical 128 | 128 Elizabeth St | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

REGISTRATION POINT: A Lower East Side Party Pass wristband is required for entry into the participating venues listed above. Arrive to Registration Venue as your starting point, receive your Lower East Side Party Pass wristband and you're on your way to an unforgettable night!

PLEASE NOTE: Lower East Side Party Passes are subject to venue capacity limits. If upon arrival at a particular location, the admission line is held and security states that it is temporarily full, you will need to wait until capacity reopens. Capacity may be deemed full if a large number of guests enter at one time. As the guests settle in, the security staff will reopen the admission lines, so please be patient. 

Music & Entertainment

  • Age Limit


Location and Hours

Lower East Side Halloween Party Pass 10/31


New York NY US 10002


  • Doors Open 9:00pm-4:00am