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  • Registration Point is Guastavinos (registration ends at 11:30pm)
  • Midtown Party Pass ticket holders must have their E-ticket scanned at the designated Registration Point to receive their Party Pass wristband
  • A MIdtown Party Pass wristband is required for General Admission entry to Guastavinos (event times vary per venue)
  • 1 Hour Vodka Open Bar 9pm - 10pm (open bar times and liquor type vary per venue)
  • Coat check may be provided and is the responsibility of the venue at an additional charge
  • *All Tickets Are Subject to Price Increases

    Midtown Party Pass 10/31 Halloween Event Description

    This Halloween, one party alone is not likely to satisfy New York City’s indecisive bon vivants or party-hopping habitués, making a Midtown Party Pass ticket an unbeatable offer. Granting you cover-free admission and exceptional amenities at the go-to Halloween parties located in Midtown, this special Halloween ticket package makes some of Manhattan’s finest nightlife yours for the taking. The Midtown Party Pass means that you’ll be able to celebrate Halloween in style by way of one-hour open bar (times vary per venue), exceptional venues with live DJs and plenty of action-packed indulgences you’ll remember forever.

    Midtown Party Pass Registration Point:

    Guastavino's (Registration ends 11:30 pm)

    Midtown Party Pass Venues:

    -Ainsworth Midtown| 45 E 33rd st |9:00pm- 4:00 am

    - Brother Jimmy's  | 181 Lexington Ave | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

    - Guastavino's | 409 E 59th Street | 9:00 pm - 4:00 am

    - Knickerbocker Rooftop | 6 Times Square | 9:00 pm- 4:00 am

    - Clinton Hall   | 90 Washington St | 11:00 pm- 4:00 am

    REGISTRATION POINTS: A Midtown Party Pass wristband is required for entry into the participating venues listed above. Purchase a Registration ticket as your starting point, receive your Midtown Party Pass wristband and you're on your way to an unforgettable night! Registration ends at 11:30pm.

    PLEASE NOTE: Midtown Passes are subject to venue capacity limits. If upon arrival at a particular location, the admission line is held and security states that it is temporarily full, you will need to wait until capacity reopens. Capacity may be deemed full if a large number of guests enter at one time. As the guests settle in, the security staff will reopen the admission lines, so please be patient.

    Music & Entertainment

    • Age Limit


    Location and Hours

    Midtown Party Pass 10/31


    2nd / 51st New York NY US 10022


    • Doors Open 9:00pm-4:00am