There is nothing that is more intriguing than a strategic, controversial, and beautiful work of art. And what makes a piece even more appealing is the ability to feel what the artist felt at that moment, with every stroke and every detail. Some may reflect a happy place, while others express their darkest moments. The goal behind #SELLOUT is to embrace the not so tradinonal way of promoting art and yourself, in general. It is also a show about the intersection of fine art and commercial design. Joonbug had the chance to meet a couple of artists and get a scoop on the inside story  of some of the most incredible pieces that has ever hit the Willamsburg neighborhood.

Upon entering the #SELLOUT VIP Grand Opening last week, we felt an auro of good vibes as we joined a massively attractive  crowd. Badass artists stood proudly by there pieces as we got a chance to chat with them and score an insiders look on the work they have displayed for the show. These artist were focused on creating art without the desire to sell. #SELLOUT'S are the new black. Now that the event is over, it is safe to say we would like to introduce you to the future of art.



Meet James Rivas the Graphic Designer for Worst of All Design. Worst of All Design is the firm responsible behind the creations of #SELLOUT. He found a median where design and art meet and has created out-standing art that is eye candy. He believes  in breaking the traditional perspectives by incorporating art into design. This handsome and very talented Yonkers native displayed a very interesting piece to us during the show. As we approached his space we were a bit confused as to what was being presented; mounted on a wall was a book. But this was not just an oridanry book. First off, this was a hand made book - strategically assembled with fine material. Inside of the book was a story- a story of love/hate. This book did not include any written words, just images of James' hand, a one of a kind piece that is titled "Gestures." This spread book contained two differnt sides of hand images made by transferred ink. As the story was told to us- we invisioned this book as something like a "flip-book". No words- just images stating a story. Each page in "Gestures" had a  reciprocal relationship guiding us through the good, the bad and the ugly that occur in a relationship. Our attention was grabbed by the way James presented this interactive art piece. His hand gesture tells a story of the levels to many many relationships. beggining with the "honeymoon" faze where everything is excting and flips into the more emotional side of when people want to break away. At the end of it all, comes the left hand that is holding something up. We knew right away that this was the ending to the story, a part where the heart is being held up in agony and defeat. "Gestures is part of a series that sheds light on the vulgar and usually unspoken emotions that people tend to run away from. My goal is to bring positivity to those who need help with personal faults, past mistakes, and flaws." We want to thank you Mr. Rivas for shining the light on a topic that is barely ever spoken  on. We believe you have taken the everyday thoughts of those whom are in a relationship and laid it out in black and white. Afterall, a true artist looks at every aspect of how different art may be, and you have accomplished that.

When asked why is he a #SELLOUT, he said,  "An individual promoting themselves nontraditionally is automatically considered a #SELLOUT. With an art background and an artisanal aesthetic, my goal is to break traditional perspectives by incorporating art into Design. Jeff Koons and Ron English are my favorite sellouts because they've collaborated with some of the most mainstream celebrities without sacrificing their originality. F**k the haters and keep it one hundred."


If you want to meet a hipster with a cause then this is your guy. CAIN  is a socialite/actor/party boy. Sounds like the ideal job, but Chisum lives his story through his alter-ego CAIN NEVAEH. This character that he has created sheds the light on how blinded society is by media. He has participated in studies that prove this statement. His artwork takes you into a world that sheds light  celebrity addiction; the aspiration of being rich, flawless and perfect in a very "un-perfect" world. Cain resembles a rich and famous man that is in the spotlight. The ladies love him, he parties like a rockstar, drinks like a fish. He does it all with no regret and suffers no consequences. We viewed it as a spoof documentation of the rich and famous that refelects worship over fame and fortune.

When asked why is he a #SELLOUT; #SELLOUT is about the evolution of art in a society with information overload. It is doing whatever it takes to be noticed, earn a cult following and produce in order to become a success as a working artist. #SELLOUT is no longer negative, it's about the survival of the stories we tell as artists and insuring the legacy of our idea."



This NYC-based self-taught artist is truly amazing in his work. He taught himself to oil paint but before his journey into the art world he was graffitti artist. He has a past of creating graffiti art on the streets of Dallas, Houston. He is proclaimed to have many "ups" through-out the city which is always a statement to stand proud by for a graff artist. As the years gone by, Rodrigo found a way to incorporate his gift in graffiti and his self-taught skill in oil painting into one way of expression. Now he has an artistic brand of Urban Art. Rodrigo is notorious for re-creating existant photographs with oil paint. His work is very vivid and original, an abstract delight to those looking at it. He may be neuroscientist by trade, but he is upmost an amazing artist by passion. Leave it to Rodrigo to paint you the perfect picture, literally and figuretively.

When asked why is he a #SELLOUT artist;
"Given my interest in graffiti, Sellout, to me, means a transmission of what makes that movement a critical era of art history, one which is currently creating ripples in the art world and the mainstream. I am confident that the antiestablishment and counterculture attitude that was the foundation of artwork in the streets, is on the verge of mainstream acceptance as a valid, innovative, and highly valued form of "art." As such, I want to take my place with the other fine artists who champion graffiti and street art as an art category that must be acknowledged."




 So what do you get when you conjoin child hood memories and cartoons with adulthood? A contradiction between two worlds. Nicasio's  paintings tell a story, or reveal a memory. There is a ghetto/ratcheness aspect to his work ex: his cartoony piece  (Just Got My Hair Did).  His work is relatable to sex in many ways. Nicasio believes that you are the judge of your own work, so don't ever hesitate to express the way you really feel. He's a bad ass artist that does whatever he wants, no questions asked. If you don't like it, don't look. His work resembles a subliminal message, that create a message he wants to unveal from his past, his thoughts, and his visions.

 When asked why is he a #SELLOUT artist; #SELLOUT means a group of artist moving forward in an un-conventional way, to showcase them selves while not dismissing the idea that struggle is the enemy we all have to encounter. I'm interested in connecting with new people/artists and promoting myself rather than waiting on someone else's opinion.




Mike Wolf is a NYC painter and graphic designer. He explores the darker side of the human race. The subjects in his work often unveil characters from his past. He uses spray paint and oil on a wood canvas to reveal the hidden feelings of his subjects. There are many unseen truths that Wolf brings to the light. His work automatically triggered BANKSY in our head, because this is what BANKSY would do. Wolf's favoirte BANKSY piece is The Brooklyn Heart. We know that Wolf likes to get into depth and trigger his inner emotions through his work, its evident to see! We would like to see some spontenous work, such as some BANKSY moves in the near future from Wolf, we are sure that would keep the nitty gritty NYC in a frenzy.


When asked why is he a #SELLOUT artist; #SELLOUT sums up a growing awareness amongst artists that our creativity and craft has value. I'm interested in doing this show because I strongly believe in the message it represents.  I'm also proud to be associated with the other artists that are involved





Meet Miss J. Van Such! - the perfect last name for such a impressive textile print designer. Her display at the show was one of a kind.  J. Van Such is a luxury scarf collection cosisting of 4 categories:Disarray, Assemblage , Vivid and Hyper Real. . She has an extreme focus of a gifted modern twist. All of her designs are created by her, FOR US! We love how VanSuch just blended in the old with the new. Her collec The quality of her classic hand skills with the new age digital printing procedures. Coming straight out of BROOKLYN and her work is printed on all natural fibers such as a smooth silk that feels uh-mazing against your skin, wool to keep you a bit more cozy in the brrrr-ick NYC, or cashmere if you're feeling fancy. These are all limited edition prints- so get the clickin' and get yourself a scarf. Julie's work has sold at Henri Bendel, Judith and Charles, and several boutiques.

When asked why she is a #SELLOUT artist; "...because I think it is a topic that deserves some confronting. It is an outdated term. We live in an age where work/lifestyle totally crossed over into each other. I do not believe that you can really be a "sellout" if everyone is "selling out" to a certain degree. It should not still be considered an insult. What is being a pure artist anymore these days? Can anyone really survive as an artist without ever selling work?"


We had the pleasure of meeting this eco-friendly crafty artist. She has used the sounds of NYC to create all of her work. The soundwaves are digitial but the 3d modeling is all her. We have never seen this be done, so strategically and accuratley. All Erica needs is a proof of a sound and she can create a masterpiece from that one component. Preety cool huh? This is really a way to shine prespective on all things that are invisible. If it is the sound of a loud train, or the simmer of cooking...Erica can bring that sound into life. She works in NYC and harvests as well. Made from NYC with LOVE. Check out her piece The Grind  that she had displayed at #SELLOUT. It represents the sounds of NYC in three dimensional form.

When asked why is she a #SELLOUT artist; I think many artists nowadays are coming to a fork in the road where you either go down the path of making art for creative fulfillment, or art intended to be desired and sold. The latter path is often associated with negative connotations, such as the idea of “selling out”. However, selling work and pleasing clients is a crucial part of being an artist. An artist’s ability to create something that visually and physiologically speaks to the viewers should not be undervalued.

A big thank you to Steve Wasterval and his team for bringing this #SELLOUT show to Willy B. These master pieces will linger in our minds forever and we hope to attend more art shows in the future. The man and his team are geniouses indeed !