Step Back in Time at Speakeasy Dollhouse

If you've always wondered what is was like during Prohibition, now is your chance to find out. Throw back some moonshine, cozy up to gangsters, ogle at burlesque dancers and solve a murder. Artist and author Cynthia Von Buhler is the woman behind Speakeasy Dollhouse. Cynthia's Italian immigrant grandfather, Frank Spano, owned a speakeasy and was killed in Manhattan in 1935. The shooter was caught but the case was inexplicably dismissed, leaving the murder a complete mystery.

Cynthia brings this real-life crime to life as an immersive theater event that takes place the first weekend of each month. Each month's show explores a different motive behind the murder, from possible affairs to the Mafia. Prior to the show, guests will receive e-mails featuring actual news articles, court documents and autopsy reports, along with a secret password that will garner them entrance to the show. Make sure to come dressed in the proper attire...1930s-style.


Each guest is assigned a role or task that they will need to complete during the course of the show (just hope you don't have to flirt with Dutch Schultz). Audience members can wander through the speakeasy, through the alleyway, indulge in cannolis at the bakery, stop in for a trim at the barber shop and even meander through the morgue. The audience does more than watch—they interact with the characters of the show, learning what they can, passing notes, and eavesdrop on private conversations. Guest performers have included Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Edgar Oliver, Nino Giaimo, and more. The show constantly evolves, making it a show you could see over and over again without getting bored.

Speakeasy Dollhouse was originally intended to last only one night, but with such success, it has been extended through June and shows the first Saturday and Monday of each month. Tickets start at just $30 and can be purchased here. Don't miss your chance to see this truly unique show, because unlike other shows in the city, this one won't have you itching to get out of your seat. Von Buhler does an amazing job recreating the glamorous '30s lifestyle, paying attention to the smallest details, and making it seem authentic. Trust us, you'll be glad you took the time to check out this must-see show...besides, who would pass up the opportunity to dress up?