The Snooki and Deena Show

The legend of the Jersey Shore cast just keeps on growing.  Wednesday night I was able to attend the YRB Magazine party over at District 36 in midtown west.  The party was to celebrate the magazines recent cover which included Snooki, Deena, and Sammi. (JWow too cool???)

If you were able to snag a wrist band at the door, vodka drinks were on the house all night.  What would a Jersey Shore party be without plenty of alcohol.  To say that the bartenders were being generous that night would be an understatement.  I think my drinks were 9/10th's vodka and 1/10th whatever else they felt like adding to it.  Adding to the nights festivities was the $30 tattoo parlor special happening in the downstairs area of the club.  Two chairs were set up with artists, ready to factor into what most likely was a huge morning regret for whatever drunkard wandered down there and decided on a whim to get some ink.  I myself had to be talked out of getting one by the end of the night, so a special thank you to that sober friend.  Without her I would have most likely woken up with Snooki written across my chest.  Spinning at the club was DJ Brian (I prefer a more compelling name for my DJs), Roxy Cottontail, and DJ Toro (like that!). 

Deena and Snooks showed up pretty close to their estimated arrival time, unheard of for celebrities, even reality star ones.  Sammi turns out was sick and could not attend.  It is currently unconfirmed if that meant she is crying in bed about Ronni still. The MTV cash generators who did make it out, were whisked away to the private upstairs that club goers needed an even more special wristband to have access.  Thankfully I found myself with this bracelet and headed up there to catch a glimpse of reality show royalty.  Upstairs was a paparazzi circus.  It was difficult to even get close to the girls as there was a swarm of cameras, both press related and fan related surrounding the girls like a bunker.  I think the CIA had an easier time getting to Bin Laden than they would have had fighting through this crowd. 

By the end of the night, I had drank my fair share of free cocktails, danced my pants off, saw the increasingly more attractive Snooki, and enjoyed free cupcakes courtesy of the CupCakeStop, who were able to plaster the girls' image seamlessly on the cupcakes.  Watching Deena eat a cupcake with her own face on it was a priceless moment.  And most importantly I had avoided getting the dreaded yet hilarious drunken tattoo. Just another Wednesday night living in NYC.