UPDATE: Choose Your Own (Hilarious) Adventure

DIE: Roll to Proceed is the show to see in NYC. Presented by Ashley C. Williams (aka the Human Centipede) and Mind the Art Entertainment, this comedy adventure allows the audience to choose the direction of the story. The audience will roll a die at pivotal moments in the show to determine the outcome. There are 72 different versions, guaranteeing that no two performances are the same!

This crazy cool show will run until October 19th every Friday at 10:30pm at The Red Room. The story follows George, who following an argument with his girlfriend Kate, decides to revoke his right to choose the paths his life will take. Instead of making decisions, he leaves his fate to dice. George and his roommate Rob then embark on a comical, strange, and totally unpredictable (you got that right!) journey. Their fate... Your hands... Roll the DIE

Author and star of the show, Joe Kurtz, brings the audience a, literally, laugh out loud comedy. Kurtz and fellow cast member Justin Anselmi perfectly complement one another with their back-and-forth comedic banter. Not only do they play best friends and roommates, but they give the impression that they are best friends in real life, as well. Perhaps it's the chemistry they exhibit during a wedding (sorry, can't tell ya whose...oh, and you might not even see that version anyways), but the actors are well cast and work well together. Robb Moreira as the oh-so-lovely Grizz is hilarious and plays a manly woman quite well...maybe cause, well, he is a man. And we can't leave out David Williams, who plays the amusingly awkward MC of the show, and who probably made me laugh the hardest.

Now if you are wondering what would have happened if you were to roll a 3 instead of a 5, no need to panic. The book is available for purchase (complete with die!) for $12 here or at the show.

$15 tickets to the show are available here...and we suggest you get some asap.