Comedian Naomi Ekperigin Will be Welcoming in Her 'Year of More' at AMC 34th Street on NYE

Hailing from the big apple is the hilarious Naomi Ekperigin. We give her mad props for not letting anything (or anyone) get in her way from her true happiness. Growing up in Harlem and attending a private Upper East Side school has helped shape her life and career. She has become an expert at being able to make fun of any awkward or embarrassing situation, which everyone can relate to. We are so excited for Naomi to perform at our upcoming Best NYE Comedy Festival at AMC 34th Street. We had the pleasure of getting to know Naomi a little better and got to ask her a few questions about herself and what she has in store for our NYE party this year! See below:

We know you attended a private school on the Upper East Side, how did you like (or not) that?

I don't think high school is anyone's favorite time so I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I don't miss high school one bit! The good thing about making the trek from Harlem to Park Avenue back in the day is that now I'm comfortable in any situation, with any group of people, which definitely serves me well on stage.

We also know that you are one of the few African American comedians to be very open about race and dating. Do you make jokes about yourself in these types of ways?

For me, comedy is catharsis--making jokes about bad dates, relationship challenges, and the inherent awkwardness of getting to know someone helps me to process and makes some of the pain and embarrassment worth it!

Is there anything that could intimidate you or are you up for anything?

I'm pretty much up for anything--within reason.

We’ve heard you perform in random places. What was the most random place you have ever performed? What is your favorite place to perform? Colleges, small stand-up gatherings, etc.?

Most random place I've ever performed was at an event for New York Nudists group. It may be good for one's nerves to imagine the audience naked, but when they actually are, it's a whole 'nother situation!

What is your favorite topic to discuss while performing?

I love talking about dating and relationships because everyone can relate.

How did it feel when you were listed as one of "7 Reasons Why SNL Should Hire a Black Woman" and one of "8 Black Comediennes Who are Ready for SNL" by Essence Magazine. Is that when you felt your career took a turn for the best?

It's funny, because being on those lists was flattering but didn't really change anything career-wise. What it did do is teach me not to get caught up in hype (no matter how big or small).

What can we expect from you at our NYE party?

I'm going to make sure to bring tons of energy that'll carry the crowd into the New Year! I'll warm up the crowd and keep our top-notch show moving, so each one of the comics can bring their A-game.

Do you have any big plans for yourself or your career for 2015?

2015 is the "year of more." More road gigs, performing in bigger venues, and more tv work. I want folks who come to the NYE show to be sitting at home a few months later, flipping channels, and stop on a show and say, "Hey, wasn't that the chick who hosted the New Year's Eve show went to?"