Feeling Inspired: Roee and Yael Carmel Chat With Joonbug.com About the Evolution of the I Feel Experience

Founded and produced by Roee and Yael Carmel of Carmel Productions, the I Feel Experience was conceived with the notion to offer artistic New Yorker’s an outlet for expression, creativity, and dance-- a place where they could go to immerse themselves in a world free of judgment. For you see, for those that attend these gatherings, I Feel is not just a party—it’s an escape into a world filled with love, brotherhood, and above all, acceptance. I Feel applauds the individual, celebrates their unique gifts, and champions their artistic mind. I Feel is a community where we can at last truly feel free.Back in 2012, creative, uninhibited New Yorker’s seeking to join a community of like minded individuals came together at an intimate venue in the East Village each Friday to emerge themselves in a gathering of self-expression and dance. The beginning of what would soon evolve into one New York City’s most beloved underground parties, these Friday night celebrations were referred to as “I Feel Friday.”

A few months after the I Feel parties were created, Roee and Yael knew it was time to expand on their vision for I Feel, and thus was born the monthly themed parties we have all come to know and love.  Each month, the husband and wife team, along with Pony, their dear friend and residet I Feel DJ, brainstorm  to come up with the next highly anticipated theme. “Each event is a whole new journey every month and we always want to improve the experience and bring in new innovative concepts.” The team is always open to suggestions from their community members, so lovingly referred to as the I Feel Family. “October’s theme, Land of The Living Toys, was brought to us by our dear friend Rocketgirl who reflected the theme in her whimsical costume which she creates herself for each event. Sin City was the idea of our dear friend Katia, who motivated us to create a more sensual experience than usual. We are always open to collaborate with the community to identify the right theme to inspire its members, in order to bring out their strongest form of self-expression and creativity.“

Most recently, Joonbug.com had the good fortune of experiencing “I Feel…Fairytale Dream.” Held on Friday, January 30th, the I Feel party was their first New York City party of the New Year, and a welcomed escaped from the frigid cold. Our fourth I Feel experience, Fairytale Dream did not disappoint. As per usual, the room was filled with joyous partygoers decked out in their most creative fairytale ensembles, the music echoed the sounds of our imagination, and the decorative artistry, designed and built by lead art director Lv Free, allowed us to feel as though we had fully escaped into world of magic.

  Fairytale Dream followed what is one of Roee and Yael’s most favorite annual events—"I Feel... Playadise." An intimate event held in Mexico at the start of each New Year, Playadise is a long weekend event that allows those in the Feeler Family a fresh start filled with love and community. “The feedback we received was incredible. Playadise helped us understand the positive effect we have on people, and that I Feel transformed from being a party to an experience, which built a beautiful family, and together, we are on a mission to spread happiness, love, and self-expression.” And in this mission, they show no signs of slowing down. Aside from Playadise, all parties thus far have all been held in New York City, but as requests from cities all around the world come in, Roee and Yael certainly see bringing the I Feel Experience to cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Berlin, and Tel Aviv in the near future. “Where do we see it going? The sky is the limit, but we will constantly continue to focus on quality rather than quantity and there are many more surprises to come for our Feeler Family. We will definitely evolve and continually experiment, as long as it will not make us compromise our standards.” One such new experiment includes an I Feel summer escape, announced very recently. To be held the first weekend in June, "I Feel..Summer Escape" will allow Feelers to camp out in nature for an I Feel experience unlike any before. This has already ignited a very excited response from Feelers and promises to be the I Feel Experience of a lifetime. 

And now it is your chance to experience I Feel. This coming Friday, join Roee and Yael as they bring you “I Feel…Diamonds and Ice Fantasy.” To be held at a yet to be disclosed location in Brooklyn, this month’s party will allow partygoers an escape into a winter wonderland of dreams and fantasy, featuring the music of Atish, Heart Jacker, Tuckahoe, and of course, DJ Pony. Art Installations by Lv Fre will take your breath away, as 3D projection mapping visuals by Levitation Theory stun and amaze. Gabrielle Leblanc will lead the I Feel Better meditation tent, and Kirkworx & Friends will lend their talents to body painting. This is one winter wonder you do not want to miss out on, and tickets will sell out so purchase yours now.

There is no doubt in our mind that  Carmel Productions is on to great things, and we are so honored to be part of the I Feel Family.