8 Hangover Cures for Your St. Patrick’s Day Raging

Get a little shamrocked last night? You may feel like tossing your clovers the next morning, and you need something to help put you out of your misery. Reach for the hair of the dog if you dare, but research says it won’t do much other than give you a worse hangover later. Greasy food is also a common hangover myth, and while it may ease your symptoms temporarily, it won’t undo the damage. To help you with your St. Patrick's Day post-party blues, check out these hangover cures and myths to get your system back on track. So you're primed for more raging. Of course.


1. Eat Before Drinking

While most people swear by fatty protein and carbs the next morning, it’s better to eat a high protein meal before drinking to help your body metabolize the alcohol. Consuming sugar while drinking may also help the alcohol to process more quickly.


2. Sleep

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Overconsumption of alcohol interrupts your sleep, often forcing you awake once the alcohol has metabolized. This leaves you feeling depleted. Try replenishing with fluids, taking a pain reliever, and going back to sleep, or at least taking a nap later. Getting plenty of rest is one of the best hangover cures.


3. Fluids

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While Alka-Seltzer may be a tried and true for some, pure water and sports drinks containing electrolytes are the way to go. Most hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration, so hydrating slowly and consistently will help relieve the headache and nausea.


4. Pain Relievers


Anti-inflammatory pain relievers like Ibuprofen are the best remedy for a hangover headache, along with plenty of water, although time is the only real cure for the withdrawal that’s contributing to your symptoms.


5. Ginger

Ginger quells an upset stomach and nausea for those mornings when you can’t even fathom food. Try ginger ale or ginger tea—you can make your own by pouring hot water over fresh ginger slices and letting it steep.


6. Virgin Mary


A Bloody Mary may seem appealing, but will probably just mess your body up more. Go for a virgin instead—tomato juice will help replenish vitamin c, which isn’t absorbed when you drink alcohol. Saying the rosary is optional. 


7. B-Complex Vitamins

Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid help support the nervous system, which is thrown out of whack after a night of boozing. Eat foods rich in B-complex vitamins, like eggs, potatoes, dairy, and leafy greens.


8. Soup

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Ditch the cheeseburger and dive into a steaming hot bowl of soup, like ramen or Vietnamese pho. The broth is full of nutrients, and sipping it slowly will give your body the steady dose it needs to recover. When you’re nice and full, climb back into bed and sleep it off.


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