The NFL Fan's Guide to NYC Bars

New York might be the city of dreams, but it's also a city of transplants.  Millions of New Yorkers tune into NFL games on any given Sunday, but only a fraction of them are watching the Giants and Jets.  Instead, the city turns into a football-crazed version of the United Nations: fans don their hometown jerseys, travel in packs, and grab pints at local bars dedicated to particular teams.  If you haven't found your gridiron gang yet, look no further: Joonbug has assembled a guide to help any fan find his (or her!) home away from home.


Baltimore Ravens:

Wharf Bar & Brill (587 Third Avenue at 38th Street).  Football being a winter sport, it's easy to forget that the sun exists on game day.  Luckily, the retractable roof over the Whaf's patio ensures you can get your vitamin D fix in addition to your 30-cent wings.


Buffalo Bills:

McFadden's & Calico Jack's (800 Second Avenue at 42nd Street).  While the New York City Buffalo Bills Backers (or the NYCBBB, as they're known by regulars) were at the Meadowlands last week for their game with the Giants, the bar will be crowded every Sunday through...the playoffs, perhaps?  Anyone that likes all-you-can-drink specials (Bud/Bud Light, plus all the wings you can eat for $25) hope the Bills' magical run continues.


Carolina Panthers:

Brother Jimmy's BBQ (1485 Second Avenue at 77th Street).  It makes sense that Carolina fans would flock to this finger-lickin' joint.  It has some of the best pulled pork in the city, and counts Duke and UNC alums among its owners.  


Cincinnati Bengals:

Phebe's (359 Bowery at E. 4th Street).  The official "Who Dey" headquarters for the last 6 years, Phebe's offers a homey vibe to Bengals fans.  It features an extensive bar menu to complement the $3 Bud/Bud Light drafts on Sundays.


Chicago Bears:

Gael Pub (1465 Third Avenue at 83rd Street). With all the Chicago natives who flock to New York, it's surprising they choose to pack themselves into this cozy watering hole.  To accommodate its fans craning to see Devon Hester's every move, the bar has mounted 7 TV's and a projector screen.


Cleveland Browns:

Blondies (212 W. 79th Street at Broadway).  With over 40 high-def screens, Blondies is one of the biggest sports bars in the city.  And considering it's home to the fans of Ohio State, which boasts the largest alumni association in the country, it better be.  That's just fine for Browns supporters, who keep the Buckeye State vibes flowing through the weekend.


Dallas Cowboys:

Stone Creek (140 E. 27th Street at Lexington). When you think of the Cowboys, you think of mussels served with white wine in a trendy Murray Hill bar, right?  Neither do we.  But for some reason, Cowboys fans have made Stone Creek their home on Sunday afternoons (along with the all-you-can-eat moules deal).  As America's most hated team, perhaps no pubs would take them in.


Detroit Lions:

Mercury Bar East (493 Third Avenue at 33rd Street).  This Michigan State-supporting bar is as close to Lions fans have gotten to a fan base in New York.  Though the way they're playing this season, fans might start congregating en masse soon.


Denver Broncos:

Butterfield 8 (5 East 38th Street at 5th Avenue).  Though it's not as exclusively Broncos-focused as Tebowing fans would like, everyone can agree that the $25 deal for unlimited wings and Bud is pretty sweet.


Green Bay Packers:















Kettle of Fish (59 Christopher Street at 7th Avenue).  As one of the NFL's smallest markets, one doesn't see a lot of Packers fans on the streets.  That's because they're all at Kettle of Fish, chowing down on one of the best game day deals in the city.  As long as you're there on time (they routinely run out of room), feast on complimentary crackers, cheese, and sausage and watch the NFL's last unbeaten team take the field.


Houston Texans:

Idle Hands (25 Avenue B at 3rd Street). A relative newcomer to the sports scene, this Alphabet City saloon is better known for its dozens of bourbons.  Considering the Texans are the only NFL team to have never tasted the postseason, it only makes sense that its fans need something a bit stronger than beer.


Indianapolis Colts:

Keats (842 Second Avenue at 45th Street). When rival Colts bar Ship of Fools shut down, Keats seized the opportunity.  Now there's an enormous projector screen, game sound, and free shots every time the Colts score.  Only two potential hiccups -- you have to be wearing Colts gear...and the Colts have to score without Peyton.


Kansas City Chiefs:

Village Pour House (65 Third Avenue at 11th Street). The East Village location of the popular chain sees dozens of Chiefs fans each week, though when the place gets packed they're often forced to mingle.  If the Chiefs ever land a Sunday night game, fans can take advantage of half-priced drinks.


Miami Dolphins:

Third and Long (523 Third Avenue at 35th Street).  Miami's "Dolfans" should get props just for showing up this season.  If you're one of the kind of person who likes to watch car crashes, head on over to catch a game.  The official New York fan club often holds events, including meet-and-greets with former players.


Minnesota Vikings & New Orleans Saints:

Bar None (98 Third Avenue at 12th Street). No one can say who claimed Bar None first, but one thing is certain --Saints and Vikings fans have wrested control of the bar from the clutches of its NYU populace, which calls the dive home 6 nights a week.  On Sundays though, you can head to the back to chant "Who Dat?" at the projector screen, or hang near the door to catch the Vikes.


New England Patriots:

Professor Thom's (219 Second Avenue at 13th Street).  Now that baseball season is over, Pats fans can drink away the pain and watch the three time Super Bowl champs do what they do best.  It's more than a sports bar, though -- stay afterward for a "Walking Dead" viewing parties with "Reverse Happy Hour" drink specials.


New York Giants & New York Jets:

Why are you reading this.  Go to a bar.  Any bar.


Oakland Raiders:

The Watering Hole (106 E. 19th Street at Irving Place).  What's better than going to a Raiders bar on the West coast?  Going to one where gunshots probably won't be ringing out by halftime.  The Watering Hole offers a happy medium to Raiders fans -- lots of silver and black, little violence.  Unless you're wearing your Broncos jersey.

Philadelphia Eagles:

Wogies (39 Greenwich Avenue at Charles Street). If you come to this bar on game day, be prepared for three things.  First, be ready for beer -- $3 Yuenglings all day, every day make it a Pennsylvanian's dream.  Second, be ready with your cheesesteak order -- they're flying out of the kitchen all day long, and you don't  want a server to pass you by.  Lastly, be ready to sing -- the Eagles' fight song can get raucous.


Pittsburgh Steelers:

Angels and Kings (500 E. 11th Street at Avenue A). While Blondies also plays host to Pittsburgh fans, the real party is at this mish-mashed bar, which caters to the sleek indie rock crowd on weeknights before transforming into a sports bar.  But with "Iron City" drink specials and a complimentary "Gong Shot" after Steelers' wins, everyone seems to get along.


San Diego Chargers:

Brother Jimmy's BBQ (1485 Second Avenue at 77th Street). Yes, we know the Panthers fans are already there.  For whatever reason, Chargers fans began encroaching a few seasons ago, and the two factions have been co-habitating ever since.  It might have something to do with star QB Philip Rivers, who hails from NC State.


San Francisco 49ers:

Finnerty's (221 Second Avenue at 13th Street). While some fans have to split bars with other teams, or tolerate televisions with other sports than football on Sundays (was that waterskiing last week?), ex-San Franciscans needn't worry.  Finnerty's is easily the most die-hard Niners bar outside Pacific Standard Time.  The only way the place could get more intense would be by offering kegs right at the table...oh wait, they do.


St. Louis Rams:

Dewey's Flatiron (210 5th Avenue at 26th Street). Now that the Cards are world champs, football season can finally begin at the St. Louis fan haven.  With $10 Bud Light pitchers, it might be a good idea to bring a group...or not.


Seattle Seahawks:

Carlow East (1254 Lexington Avenue at 85th Street). An old-school Upper East Side gem, Carlow East boasts $3 Sam Adams along with its classic architecture.  Seahawks fans gather every Sunday to beg the TV for a win, and beg the bartender for free food -- sometimes, albeit rarely, they get their wish.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Stillwater Bar (78-80 E. 4th Street). More than a Bucs bar, it's built around Oklahoma State.  But on Sundays, Bucs fans have been showing up in small crowds over the last few years.  In addition to beer, Stillwater also serves up some tasty buffalo wings.


Washington Redskins:

Red Sky, the appropriately-named Redskins bar on 29th Street, had been the place to go for years...until its website unexpectedly shut down and its doors were shuttered a couple Sundays ago.  Skins fans, it's time to find a new spot.

The Losers: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans.  Sorry guys, there are no fan congregations that we could find.  So let us know if you find anything!  Or better yet, start your own sports bar.  Then you can watch whatever the hell you want.