Which of These 5 New Year's Kisses Will You Get This Year?
From the Saturnalian Festival of the Ancient Romans to Medieval masquerade balls, the New Year’s kiss is a longstanding tradition rooted in hopes of love and prosperity for the year ahead. Whether you’re locking lips with your one true love or locking eyes with a mysterious stranger at the fateful stroke of midnight, you don’t want to be left without this storied seal on the year. If you decide to carry on the tradition this New Year’s, whether you’re single or committed, it will probably be one of these classic smooches.


5 Types of New Year's Eve Kisses

1. The Couple's Kiss

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re spending the night with that special someone. Lucky you! Singles will look on enviously as you lock each other into that symbolic moment of hope and promise.


2. The Friendship Kiss

You tried to get a New Year’s date with that one coworker, that person you met online, and even your downstairs neighbor, but to no avail. Now it’s almost midnight and your best friend whom you could never date but everyone else thinks you should is standing right next to you…here goes nothing!

3. The Handsome Stranger

You’ve been surveying the room for hours, and your eyes keep landing on that one very intriguing stranger. And it looks like they’re alone. Do you introduce yourself at 11? Or tap them on the shoulder at midnight and give them an offer they can’t refuse?


4. The Sympathy Kiss

Similar to the friendship kiss, the sympathy kiss occurs when you find yourself next to someone far more desperate for a kiss than you, but you’d rather start off the year by making someone else’s night than wallowing in your own misfortune.


5. The Proposal

This is a big one. You’ve been together for awhile, so this New Year’s Eve is brimming with expectations. If your partner gets down on one knee at the countdown, a ceremonial kiss seals your promise to each other and launches you into your new life together. A romantic couple’s champagne package makes popping the question that much sweeter.